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RECAPS – DEC. 28 — JAN. 1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke extended an olive branch and invited Thomas to move in with her and Ridge to recuperate. Having overheard Zoe tell Paris to leave LA, Zende stepped up and asked her to stay. Zoe’s adverse reaction to his good news about Paris threw Carter off guard. Liam began to unravel under the enormous guilt of having betrayed Hope. Hope demanded to know what Steffy and Liam are hiding. Zoe and Carter had their first argument when Zoe insisted that he rescind the job offer made to Paris. Zoe warned Paris not to move in on her life and demanded that she leave town immediately.

THIS WEEK: Finn professed his love. Steffy must cover her worry and guilt as.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve and John teamed up to uncover the truth. Claire caught Charlie during an inopportune moment. Kate and Will had a tense run-in with Tripp. Lucas confessed to Allie and Marlena. Sarah made another attempt to get the goods on Philip. Abigail shared a stunning revelation with Jennifer. Xander gave Jack relationship advice. Chloe attended the DiMera New Year’s Eve party with an ex. Gwen’s schemes came to a head. Philip was jealous when he learned Chloe’s Brady’s date. Jennifer arrived to the party… and found Jack with Kate. Jake came clean with Abigail. Will and Sonny found a way to connect on New Year’s Eve. Anna and Abigail found incriminating evidence in Gwen’s bedroom. Gwen lured Chad into her trap. Jake and Kate had a falling out. Chloe discovered Philip’s secret. Jack and Jennifer reconciled! Kate confided in Jennifer about Jake. Eli and Lani revealed the names of their twins.

THIS WEEK: Abigail searched for a missing Chad. Anna shared her suspicions about Gwen with Jack.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Britt chose sides. Carly knew more than she let on. Maxie and Peter decided on a name for their child. Obrecht’s contempt intensified. Terry and Cam had a heart-to-heart. Carly received a surprise visitor. Brando’s loyalty was tested. Jackie comforted an old friend. Willow ran into Chase at a charity event. Finn was remorseful. Carly put a plan in motion. Finn relayed his concern over Alexis’ drinking. Ned was called away to help a friend. Olivia’s relationship with Tracy took a positive turn. Anna and Jackie had a frank discussion. Sonny received an unexpected gift. Michael reached out to Brook Lynn. Ava spent time with Avery.

THIS WEEK: Nina felt hopeful. Ned offered to help Alexis.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis bullies Kevin for information. Sharon defends Rey against all odds. Rey’s been through a lot this year both personally and professionally so when the opportunity presents itself, Sharon is there to stand by her man. Victoria pulls a fast one Phyllis when she tries to secretly sell the hotel. Nick argues with her about it, but she stands her ground. Faith is being pushed around by Jordan, but Mariah comes to her rescue. Sally talks about what previously happened to her in Genoa City and what is motivating her now, but can she trust that person? Nate is losing his grip on his career and his love-life. A surprise wedding attendee disrupts Sharon and Rey’s big day. Abby turns her attention to Arturo. Devin and Amanda are tempted to get personal on the stroke of midnight. This week, Y&R will rerun an episode that previously aired December 30, 2019.

THIS WEEK: Nikki and Victor toast the New Year together. Phyllis fights back.

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