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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas had an emotional reaction when he learned what Liam witnessed. Carter put Zoe on blast after Paris decided her future. Steffy switched tactics with Liam to keep him from divulging their secret to Hope. Liam and Steffy made a life-changing decision about the future of their family. Thomas made a heartfelt apology to Hope for causing tension in her marriage to Liam. Upset that Zoe was the reason why she’s leaving, Zende chased after Paris. Hope became anxious when Liam stalled after revealing he has news to share. Steffy was torn about divulging the truth when Finn opened up about his desire for their future.

THIS WEEK: Steffy is still feeling conflicted. Liam and Hope faced a seemingly impossible challenge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jack confronted Gwen about her lies. Chad realized he made a huge mistake. Allie was twigged by an interaction with Charlie. Charlie revealed his horrific plans for Ava. A furious Abigail ripped into Gwen. Steve and John uncovered startling information. Allie confided in Marlena during a therapy session. Roman blasted Tripp. John and Steve put the pieces together. Charlie told Claire he wants to make love to her. Ben shared his grief with Marlena. Tripp told Allie about Steve’s theory. Rafe made a stunning discovery in Charlie’s apartment. Marlena and Ben frantically searched for Claire. Eli and Lani gave Valerie disappointing news. Kayla was thrown to learn Ava has another son. Chloe pressured Philip to let her help him. Kristen confronted Brady with a picture of him kissing Chloe on New Year’s Eve.

THIS WEEK: Eli and Lani realized their twins are missing! Xander got what he needs to nail Philip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Cyrus confronted Jason. Laura dug deeper into Martin’s relationship with his brother. Jax was surprised by Nina’s advice. Portia took Jordan to task. Alexis crossed with Ava. Laura was incredulous. Jax pressed Carly for information. Jason paid Sam a visit. Anna was shocked to hear about Franco’s treatments. Valentin made a plea to Nina. Anna questioned Dante about his time with the WSB. Jordan refused to help Cyrus. Valentin made Martin a promise. Laura got news about Ryan that threw her for a loop. Ava received word regarding Julian. Jordan asked Jason to come to the PCPD. Sasha comforted Michael. Portia encouraged Taggert to fight. Cyrus honed in on the root of his problems. Peter snapped at Sam. Jason met with Brando. Sam and Dante bonded. Chase sought out Finn for advice.

THIS WEEK: Tracy nearly blew Ned’s secret. Alexis spoke to Jordan about her legal troubles.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam is stunned by something he learns about Chelsea. Going to Sharon and Rey’s wedding has given Nick and Phyllis. They wonder how feasible it would be to consider marriage. Considering their track record, it could be a very bad idea. The vacation is over for Victor as he returns from London to deal with a pressing problem. Sally gets emotional support from an unlikely source – Jack. Chelsea is keeping a stiff upper lip when she faces a grim medical emergency. Victoria and Phyllis lock horns and it is becoming nightmare for Nick who is caught in the middle. Adam is furious with Billy, saying he is the reason that Chelsea is having a medical crisis. Kyle is moving forward, but Billy is right there to stop his momentum and progress.

THIS WEEK: Amanda is put on notice. The chemistry between Elena and Nate is clear.

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