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RECAPS – JAN. 18 - 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt interrupted Bill mid-workout to introduce him to a beautiful stranger. Separately, Finn and Hope refused to accept any excuses from Liam and Steffy. Liam begged for Hope’s forgiveness after his ultimate betrayal with Steffy. Flo hinted to an intrigued Summer that she has dirt on Sally Spectra. Finn put Steffy on the spot when he asked her who she’d prefer to be the father of her child. Thomas comforted Hope after overhearing her heartbreaking conversation with Liam. Wyatt called out Liam for having slept with Steffy while married to Hope. Zoe’s not so subtle attempts with Zende caused Ridge to pick up on a vibe between the two. Zoe was beside herself when she discovered that she missed a text that could have changed the course of her life.

THIS WEEK: Eager to determine who the father of her baby is, Steffy, asked for a paternity test.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Tripp and Charlie had a major confrontation. Nicole proposed a way for Allie to strengthen her case against Charlie. Sarah feared Xander has put Philip’s life at risk. Chloe offered to give Philip shelter. Chad took another hit thanks to Gwen. Abigail made a difficult decision. Jake received a surprise visitor… Gabi! Eli questioned Xander about the twins’ kidnapping. Anna gave Jack a warning. Gwen dropped a huge bombshell. Chad grilled Rolf for information about Gwen. Gabi made her intentions clear to Jake. Gwen recounted her shocking story to Jack and Jennifer. Chad told Abigail what he learned from Rolf. Kate found Jake and Gabi in a compromising position.

THIS WEEK: Charlie tried to convince Claire to believe in him. Allie sought advice from Ben.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Britt got another perspective on Peter. Liz confronted Franco. Dante and Maxie had an emotional conversation. Alexis was accusatory. Anna looked for answers. Joss comforted Carly. Jax was apprehensive. Alexis tried to make amends. Liz was furious with Jason. Franco looked to Scott for help. Nina was wise to Valentin’s machinations. Carly enlisted help. Ava was determined to make peace. Willow made an important decision. Maxie attempted to diffuse a potentially bad situation. Bobbie attempted to distract Ava. Michael considered next steps. Finn looked to Jackie for answers. Anna and Jordan took a moment to bond. Portia helped Curtis. Willow offered Sasha her support. Peter published a disconcerting article. Liz had a heart to heart with an old friend.

THIS WEEK: Jax and Nina resisted Valentin’s bait. Nikolas was contemplative.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor is facing stiff opposition from his family as he continues to defend Adam and comes to his aid. Abby is pushing things with Chance, insisting that their life together won’t be complete without having a baby as soon as possible. Sharon is out of options and is forced to reach out to Nikki when Faith’s drinking gets out of control. Nikki hopes that her own personal experience with alcoholism will resonate with Faith. Billy tells Lily to be careful around Nate, he’s bad news. Victor comes to the rescue again, but this time it’s for Abby. Chelsea is recovering from a stroke, but becoming agitated when Adam turns to Sharon for comfort and support. Victoria is struggling and Nikki is only too happy to help her daughter.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea’s recovery hits a bump in the road. Faith has another setback.

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