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RECAPS – FEB. 1 - 5

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Busted by Ridge, Zoe informed Carter that she’s ready to set an immediate wedding date. Brooke was furious when Hope confided that Steffy might be pregnant with Liam’s child. Ridge informed a shocked Carter of Zoe’s ultimate betrayal. Steffy and Finn took a paternity test. Brooke confronted Steffy, furious for what she has put Brooke through. Zoe fervently attempted to save her relationship with Carter. Off the heels of her conversation with Carter, Zoe hurled accusations. Steffy confessed to Ridge about her night with Liam and her pregnancy. Paris gave as good as she got when Zoe presented her with a document to sign. Ridge attentively listened when Finn revealed his intentions with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Ridge gives Finn some unsolicited advice. Steffy is worried.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jack and Gwen received their DNA results. Laura paid Jennifer a visit — and revealed a stunning secret. Nicole got upsetting news regarding Eric. Tony gave Jake advice about Gabi’s proposal. Laura explained to Jennifer and Abigail the truth about Gwen’s story. Gwen lashed out at Jack. Eli and Lani lured Dr. Raynor into a trap. Rafe comforted Nicole. Ivan presented Vivian with Eli and Lani’s twins. Dr. Raynor gave Eli and Lani a key piece of information. Jack was stunned by Laura’s revelation. Chad covered for Abigail. Eli and Lani put the pieces together. Susan Banks provided answers for Ben and Claire. Ciara fought to get home to Ben. At the hospital, Brady woke to find Chloe at his bedside. Brady and Kristen argued about Chloe. Philip kissed Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Ciara made a run for it. Lani and Eli confronted Ivan!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina reflected on a missed opportunity. Valentin snapped at Carly. Finn pushed Britt for information. Obrecht made a desperate plea. Nikolas went to Laura for advice. Franco looked to Kevin for help. Anna attempted to put the pieces together. Sam harbored an obligation to Dante. Jordan gave Alexis guidance. Maxie was sympathetic to Liz’s situation. Maxie paid Dante a visit. Laura confronted Carly. Cyrus turned the heat up on Brando. Curtis gained strength from his peers. Portia encouraged Trina. Maxie visited Nathan’s grave. Anna updated Valentin on her investigation. Finn, Chase and Gregory tried to connect. Jax tried to assure Carly that Nina’s her ally. Jackie and Scott reunited and caught up. Chase told Willow he misses her. Sonny questioned who he is. Jax defended Carly.

THIS WEEK: Anna continued to piece together information on Peter. Britt laid into Peter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor can’t hold his tongue any longer. He doesn’t like the way Victoria is behaving at Newman Enterprises and tells her to cut it out or else. Adam’s future at Victor’s company is up in the air. Gloria appeals to Lauren to forgive and forget. She wants an opportunity to prove herself at the company. Can Lauren forget about all the problems Gloria caused her in the past. Billy talks the talk when it comes to professing his love for Lily, but it’s clear that he has Victoria on his mind. Faith has just about had it with Nikki’s meddling and tells her to back off. She doesn’t need her help. Victoria does her best to shake off feelings for Billy by remembering that the past with him wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

THIS WEEK: Abby and Mariah have a meeting of the minds. Amanda relies on Lily for advice.

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