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RECAPS – FEB. 8 - 12

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope put Liam on the spot about Steffy’s unborn baby. Steffy became emotional as Finn expressed the many ways she’s bettered his life. Eager to regain trust, Thomas held himself accountable to Ridge and Brooke. Hope made a difficult decision about her future with Liam. Liam desperately tried to save his marriage to Hope. Steffy, Finn, Hope, and Liam learned the identity of Steffy’s baby daddy. Emotions ran high as, separately, Finn and Liam grappled with what comes next. Dr. Bridget Forrester returned to visit her mother, Brooke. Carter demanded answers from Zoe and Zende.

THIS WEEK: Zoe and Zende evade the questions. Katie and Paris get a makeover.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jack conveyed the truth to Gwen. Jake had an offer for Kate. Old wounds were reopened when Kate and Laura crossed paths. Rejected by Jake, Gabi turned to Xander. Philip gave his letter of resignation to Victor. Kristen summoned Susan to the prison and asked for a favor. Chloe volunteered to help Brady as he recovers. Fueled by anger, Xander made a shocking announcement. Laura and Gwen faced off. Lani and Eli tried to find a way out of their predicament. Ivan came clean with Vivian. A desperate Gwen pled for Jack’s help. Chad was thrilled when Abigail agreed to move back home. It’s Valentine’s Day in Salem. Steve surprised Kayla with a wedding. Jake and Kate learned Vivian’s alive. Lani and Eli finally brought their twins home. Ben and Ciara shared a dream in which they’re Romeo and Juliet. Ciara attempted to connect with Ben.

THIS WEEK: Charlie threatened Ava. Kate hoped to use Jake to thwart Vivian’s scheme.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina pled her case. Ava offered a bit of insight. Valentin questioned Peter. Britt had a change of heart. Carly and Joss visited Morgan’s grave. Jax urged Joss to live life to the fullest. Nina had second thoughts. Olivia felt out of place. Sam, Molly and Kristina discussed Alexis. Lenny proved an unlikely ally. Olivia expressed her anger. Sam and Jason had a bittersweet cross. Joss was happy to see Trina. Nina made a promise. Alexis came clean. Carly met with Diane. Sam and Dante made a connection. Nina was furious. Portia worried about Cyrus’ influence over Britt. Lesley took a stand. Nina turned to Jordan for help.

THIS WEEK: Valentin saw an opportunity for a second chance. Cyrus threatened Brando.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor is after Billy again, when the shooting doesn’t put him behind bars. Kyle is concerned when something that happened in his previous life threatens to destroy his current lifestyle. He finally decides to come clean with Summer before she learns about this from someone else. Devon and Amanda have an eventful evening together, but Devon is not being completely honest with her. Nate gets a taste of his own medicine when Elena levels with him. Rey comes to believe that there is something a little too suspicious about Sharon’s decision to become more involved in Chelsea’s treatment. How much is Sharon’s help tied to her connection to Adam, he wanted to know.

THIS WEEK: Amanda softens her heart. Rey and Adam face off.

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