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RECAPS – FEB. 22 - 26

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope admitted to Liam that the results of Steffy’s paternity test has her questioning everything. Finn made his feelings known and his intentions clear to Steffy. Steffy delivered a powerful speech to Finn and Hope about her feelings for Liam. Bill and Liam leaned on one another about their relationships with Katie and Hope. Finn laid down the law to Liam with a new set of boundaries for Steffy. Thomas became concerned for Steffy and Hope over their current situation. Knowing that Hope had borne the brunt of the heartache, Steffy offered an apology. Thomas decided to help Hope and Steffy in an unusual way. Wyatt asked Katie for a favor on behalf of an unknowing Flo. Steffy intervened when Finn and Liam competed for her favor.

THIS WEEK: Katie is put on the spot. Hope is having a hard time.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Vivian made a deal with Kristen. Chloe revealed to Brady that Philip kissed her. Tripp helped Allie, who’s having a tough time with Henry. Claire lured Charlie into a trap. Charlie flipped out on Claire! Kristen struggled to pull off her plan to keep Chloe away from Brady. Philip made a decision about hiring Gabi. Sarah had surprising news for Xander. John threatened Charlie. Claire was alarmed by Allie’s confession. Tripp told Steve that he wants to help Allie with baby Henry. Nicole and Rafe brought Ava home from the hospital. Ciara and Ben had a shared dream. Marlena grilled John about his disappearing act. Evan went against his father’s wishes. Rafe made a shocking discovery. Rafe brought in a murder suspect. Ben and Claire sought help from Susan again. Susan panicked when Lani came to visit “Kristen” in prison.

THIS WEEK: Eli delivered disturbing news to Ava and Tripp. Rafe is still reeling from the news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jackie pled with Finn. Anna confided in Valentin. Maxie and Nina talked about Nathan. Jordan and Curtis had an awkward encounter. Cyrus received infuriating information. Anna and Valentin had a plan. Dante paid Peter a visit. Obrecht had a message for Maxie. Jackie and Gregory came to a realization. Franco’s tumor continued to complicate things. Dante stumbled upon a crime in progress. Peter was delayed. Maxie was anxious to begin her new life with Peter. Jordan and Chase got to work. Lucy was interrupted. Finn got support from Chase. Nina vented to Ava about Carly. Peter confronted Anna. Michael offered an olive branch. Lucy was surprised. Valentin told Peter that he cares about him. Anna was apologetic. Jackie was insightful.

THIS WEEK: Jax lamented that he couldn’t get through to Nina. Franco made a discovery.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kyle tries his best to cover up a haunting secret from his past life. Kyle yearns to see his toddler son separated from him and a secret to everyone else. Devon is put in a very awkward position when all eyes are on him to become a donor for Abby. That’s how dire Abby’s circumstances are. Victor is becoming more intrigued with the idea of wielding his influence and power in the industry he once mastered. But he isn’t as clever as he thinks he is and he has to backtrack quickly. Sally won’t give up the notion of finding out more about Jack’s past. Rey is through playing games. He insists Sharon level with him and do it now. Chelsea is upset by how close Amanda is to Adam. Sally has a heart to heart talk with Jack, but she could be just trying to put one over on him. Amanda can’t deny how she feels about Adam which is sure to destroy her marriage.

THIS WEEK: Adam lies to evade exposure. Victor takes another chance.

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