Whitesburg KY



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie went to bat for Flo with the Logan sisters. Finn recognized a familiar face in an unfamiliar place. Dollar Bill seized an opportunity for a second chance with Katie. The Logan sisters came full circle in completing their family. Flo received an unexpected gift from Brooke, Katie, and Donna. Zoe attempted to fix what’s broken between her and Carter. Zoe put her plan in motion to get her man back. Zende took Paris outside of the office for some fun and romance. Paris began to fall deeper for Zende when he surprised her with a “getaway.” Zoe went big in arranging a romantic scene in which to prove her love to Carter.

THIS WEEK: Carter is confused by Zoe. Paris is under Zende’s spell.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jackée Harry debuted as Paulina Price! Chloe questioned “Susan’s” behavior. Lani became suspicious of “Kristen.” Abigail pressed Gabi to join forces with her against Gwen. Abigail and Jack had a heated argument about Gwen. Kristen used Philip to her advantage. Chloe advised Sarah not to marry Xander. Lani introduced Abe and Eli to her Aunt Paulina. Abigail and Gabi kidnapped Gwen! Jack informed Chad about his fight with Abigail. Steve and Kayla had an awkward encounter with Bonnie and Justin. Sarah discovered Xander in a compromising position. Sami tried to persuade Belle to represent her. John feared that he might have gone too far. Ben sought help from Marlena. Evan played mind games with Ciara. Abigail demanded Gwen admit to killing Laura. Kate and Jake got a win over Philip and Gabi.

THIS WEEK: Evan informed Ciara of his deadly plans for Ben. Clyde had stunning news for Ben.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Anna and Valentin had a plan. Dante paid Peter a visit. Maxie received a surprising message. Jackie and Gregory came to a realization. Franco’s tumor continued to complicate things. Dante thwarted Valentin’s plan. Peter was undeterred. Maxie was anxious to begin her new life with Peter. Jordan began her investigation. Lucy was interrupted. Finn got support from Chase. Nina vented to Ava about Carly. Peter confronted Anna. Michael offered an olive branch. Lucy was surprised. Valentin told Peter that he cares about him. Anna was apologetic. Jackie was insightful. Jax lamented that he couldn’t get through to Nina. Franco made a discovery. Mac intervened. Anna admitted her mistakes to Robert. Dante wondered what Sam would do next.

THIS WEEK: Franco gained new insights. Carly found Nina’s behavior intrusive.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby and Chance are having trouble communicating. Victor and Ashley team up to talk some sense into their daughter when she goes full throttle with a plan that could change her life dramatically. Kyle gets caught in a lie by Summer. Adam is in danger of having his love connection with Sharon exposed to Chloe. Victor can’t stay out of the action for long and he decides to reconstruct his successful business without any regard to what it might mean to the Abbott family. Chelsea’s mental health is worsening as she pines away for her old life – happy with Adam and out of her wheelchair. Sally and Jack set out to prove that May December relationships do work. Victor has to tell Billy something he definitely doesn’t want to hear. Lily has a heart to heart with Victoria to explain herself.

THIS WEEK: Victoria doesn’t react well. Chelsea plots revenge.

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