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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope received miraculous news f rom an unexpected source. In a magical and romantic moment, Steffy found her happily ever after. Steffy was swept up in how her life instantly changed for the better. Hope shared life-changing news with Liam. Ridge and Brooke gleaned an in-depth understanding of Thomas’ heroic act. Liam was forced to answer Hope’s difficult question about his feelings. Steffy made a significant gesture to prove her love to Finn. Liam pressed for a second chance, but Hope remained unsure of their future.

THIS WEEK: Finn reacts to Steffy’s overt overture. Hope mulls over Liam’s plea.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sarah feared how far Kristen would go to keep her quiet. Xander grew concerned when he realized Sarah’s MIA. Anxious Ben waited with Marlena for word on Ciara. Claire caught up with Theo. Ciara reunited with her loved ones. Sami confessed the truth to Lucas. Ben had a setback. Allie behaved guilty around Claire. Gabi clashed with Ava. Rafe pursued another murder suspect. Jake dreamed about Gabi. Ben’s reunion with Ciara didn’t go as planned. Kristen revealed her dastardly plans to Sarah. Chloe and Brady encouraged Rex to fight for Sarah. Ciara lashed out at Claire. Xander frantically searched for his bride-tobe. Xander got a major shock on his wedding day. Jack was stunned when Gwen revealed that Abigail abducted her.

THIS WEEK: Chad warned Abigail her anger at Gwen had gotten out of hand. Jake confronted Gabi about her motives for moving back into the mansion.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Peter denied any wrongdoing. Sam looked to help Maxie. Alexis reflected on a lost love. Valentin met with Michael to discuss the future of ELQ. Jackie apologized to Gregory. Alexis made a hard decision. Kristina lashed out. Maxie was determined to do what’s best for her child. Michael got an unexpected surprise. Sasha paid Brando a visit. Liz was somber. Nina was apologetic. Laura had her doubts. Curtis congratulated TJ. Dante met Sam at Kelly’s. Carly was defiant. Brando questioned Gladys. Jax tried to reconnect with Nina. Britt refused Valentin’s help. Olivia offered a little advice of her own. Sam intervened. Elizabeth and Carly had words. Valentin was in shock.

THIS WEEK: Peter made an unlikely ally. Phyllis was stunned by a surprise visitor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki interferes with Victoria’s business matters when she tries to put Adam in his place. Adam, however, isn’t about to be intimidated. Chelsea makes a mess of her communications with Adam and it causes him to take another look at things. Victoria and Billy are at odds over an important business arrangement. Jack isn’t making any friends because of his fling with Sally, and even helping Billy and Lily out with a cash flow issues doesn’t help. Devon is making himself miserable trying to juggle his feelings for two women — Elena and Amanda. Rey and Sharon are trying to sort things out by going to couples’ therapy, but Rey can’t be prepared to hear that Sharon has feelings for Adam. On Friday, March 19, Young & Restless will be preempted for CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Basketball.

THIS WEEK: Honesty might not be the best policy for Sharon. Jack gets mixed signals from Sally.

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