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RECAPS – MARCH 22 - 26

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke gave Hope advice about love, forgiveness, and relationships. Liam leaned on Bill as he attempted to work through his guilt. Hope made a decision about the future of her marriage. Thomas proved himself trustworthy to Ridge. Liam turned to his Wyatt for brotherly advice. Flo received a unique and special gift. Shauna extended her gratitude to Brooke in spite of the history that they share. A romantic and unexpected proposal of marriage was made.

THIS WEEK: The truce between Shauna and Brooke is overblown. Ridge and Thorne bond.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Allie came clean with Lucas. Sami made a confession to Rafe. Rex had surprising news for Kate and Roman. Sarah battled Kristen for her freedom. Abigail tried to enlist Gabi’s services once again. Roman made a play for Kate. Claire gave Gwen the cold shoulder. Lani tried to tell Paulina the truth. Ciara was thrilled when Theo stopped by for a visit. Ben encouraged Jake to be proactive about Ciara. Lani and Eli prepared for the christening of the twins. Valerie had disappointing news for Paulina. Ben tried to get through to Ciara. Eli and Lani celebrated the christening of their twins with their family. Paulina had a surprise for Eli and Lani. Claire and Tripp had drinks with Chanel, who’s new in town. Paulina struggled with family drama. Nicole grew suspicious of Ava.

THIS WEEK: Sami found herself stuck in a trap of her own making. Ava asked Rafe for a favor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina hoped to speak with Phyllis. Carly defended her actions. Valentin blamed Jax. Olivia rushed to the hospital. Ned was skeptical. Carly urged Jax to go after Nina. Ava offered to help. Laura was surprised by Cameron’s determination. Trina apologized to Curtis. Finn stopped by to see Liz. Carly was her own worst enemy. Nina had a change of heart. Brook Lynn and Lucas rallied around Maxie. Anna mourned her personal losses. Portia and Curtis bonded over their life experiences. Nina had a decision to make. Michael and Sasha attempted to bridge their distance. Carly called Diane. Jason and Taggert reunited. Anna helped get to the bottom of what happened to Dante. TJ asked Curtis about Jordan. Finn reached out to Anna. Obrecht was skeptical.

THIS WEEK: Carly brought Jason up to speed on her meeting with Cyrus. Laura’s faith in Martin was shaken.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The Young and the Restless was preempted for March Madness on Monday, March 22. On Tuesday, marital problems aside, Sharon won’t leave Rey’s side when he is hospitalized. Meanwhile, Elena and Nate are forced to put their past troubles aside to treat Rey. Jack knows that Kyle is keeping a secret and presses him for answers, but Kyle is reluctant to admit that he fathered a child. Phyllis tries to give Faith the benefit of her wisdom from previous experiences. Nikki thinks that Victoria needs some good loving in her life and tries to put her on that path. As Sharon tries to juggle her obligations to Rey with her feelings for Adam, Nick steps up to tell her that she has to get things under control.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea is about to have her lies catch up with her. Abby listens to Devon’s tale of woe.

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