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RECAPS – 7/2 – 7/6

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – In Chicago, Blair, Cristian and Rex press a jittery Sarah for answers but are unable to get much info out of her. The guys talk Blair into going home to Llanview while they agree to stay behind so they can keep focused on Sarah. David’s proposition leaves a charmed Viki stunned. Unbeknownst to Marty, Miles is keeping Todd drugged and hidden away in storage room of her apartment building. Miles shows his truly creepy side when he tells a knocked out Todd that he can only blame himself for the mess he’s in. Marty and Cole wonder what’s up when Miles acts weird after Cole mentions that he’s heading to the storage room to find a box.

THIS WEEK: Viki is worried how Jessica will handle the pressure. Talia is there to support a grateful Antonio.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Adam hits the tables in Zach’s casino to both win some of his money back and also to dig for info about Zach’s part in JR’s kidnapping. JR refuses to confirm to Tad that he staged his own kidnapping but is left with food for thought when Tad suggests he make up with Adam so they can team up against Zach. Adam’s words affect JR, who admits he orchestrated his own kidnapping. The confession shocks Adam, but what rattles him even more is that JR tries to make amends with his father so they can join forces to destroy Zach. Unfortunately for JR, Adam is too hurt by his son’s duplicity and, instead, walks away from him.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee and Annie try to work together. JR convinces Adam to team up against Zach.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jason and Amelia drive to Maureen’s place, where they find and rescue baby Jake from the emotionally distraught woman. Jason is shocked to learn Sam witnessed the kidnapping and did nothing. Jason returns the baby to an emotional Liz, who holds Jake in her arms as Jason holds Cam up to see his brother just as Lucky arrives home. Lucky shocks Liz and Jason by having Jason arrested for violating the terms of his bail. After an emotional goodbye from Carly, Jason is transferred to Pentonville. Sam goes to Liz’s to find Jason, learns he’s been arrested again and rushes to the PCPD, only to learn that she’s too late, as Jason has already been transferred.

THIS WEEK: Liz slips up to a suspicious Carly about Jake. Ric finds out Logan was dishonorably discharged from army.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Phyllis brings a photo album to Nick at the hospital in hopes of jogging his memory, but Nick still can’t recall the last two years. Nick later tells Victor that he can’t understand how he let his marriage to Sharon disintegrate. Relentless, Phyllis visits Nick again the following day. While she is there, Nick tells her that he can’t move back in with her and pretend he has feelings he doesn’t have. After trying to both call and instant message Jana to no avail, Kevin begins to worry that he may never find her again. Later, when Kevin and Colleen are out driving, Kevin pulls off to the side of the road. Colleen gets out of the car. Instead of faking a car accident like he had planned, Kevin deliberately crashes his car into a tree. After watching the crash occur, Colleen calls 911. Through pain, Kevin asks her to take a picture of the wreck, and of his face, with her cell phone.

THIS WEEK: At a strip club, undercover officers arrest underage patrons – including Daniel. Amber returns to Cane and they end up making love in Amber’s car.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Brooke tries to use R.J. to convince Ridge to spend the night, but he refuses. Stephanie tries to convince Ashley that Ridge is a good man. He returns to Ashley saying that things are over with Brooke. Stephanie goes over to Brooke’s house to tell Brooke that Ridge is with Ashley now and will never come back to her, which Brooke refuses to believe. Constantine agrees to help lay down tracks for Rick and Phoebe’s song, but Rick doesn’t believe Constantine will actually go through with it. Rick senses Constantine is in love with Phoebe. Brooke and Ashley continue to fight over Ridge. Ridge tells Ashley he is uncomfortable with the fact that there is another woman in Rick’s life besides Phoebe.

THIS WEEK: Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that his relationship with Brooke is over. Carl tells Bridget that Dr. Mills is retiring and does not want any more Marone baby scandal.

GUIDING LIGHT – Ashlee thinks Alan has come to send her to a real prison. She’s thankful when he tells her that he’s come to set her free. Ava thinks that if Coop frees Ashlee, he is giving her false hope that they could be together. Later, Daisy tells Coop that Ashlee’s in love with him. Coop surprises Ashlee with a welcome home party. Rafe isn’t pleased Nat’s going out on a date with Remy and thinks she can do better, just as Gus comes by. Rafe takes in the dynamic as Gus tells Natalia that she deserves better. Just as Ashlee is about to talk to Coop, she overhears him making plans for dinner with Ava. Daisy and Rafe sneak kisses while Gus and Harley are outside. Showing off a little for Rafe, Alan tells Daisy he pulled a few strings and got Ashlee released from juvie.

THIS WEEK: Harley tells Gus that she caught Daisy and Rafe kissing. Reva offers to destroy the evidence for Cassie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS – Brad wonders if Carly’s glamour is aimed at him or at Jack, and Carly counters asking why Brad really invited her to the party. Jack warns Carly about Brad, which pleases her, as Katie reams Brad out for brining Carly. Katie makes it clear to Carly that Jack is with her. Seeing how close Jack and Katie are, Carly tells Brad she’ll go out with him again. Jack says he won’t let Carly or Brad ruin what he and Katie have together. Carly tells Brad they can use each other to get what they want. Katie tells Jack that Carly is plotting to get him back. Jack tells Katie he won’t be susceptible to Carly’s tricks. Later, Katie tells Carly she knows what she’s up to and declares Carly and Brad a joke. Jack invites Katie skinny-dipping, as Lily tries to discourage Carly from pursuing her plan, but Carly resolves to outsmart Katie.

THIS WEEK: Craig gets Meg to come back to the house, and is surprised to find Barbara waiting for her. Meg throws her locket into the water.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – EJ informs Stefano that he is the father of Sami’s twins. When Tony and EJ argue, an upset Stefano collapses. Dr. Rolf says Stefano has taken a turn for the worse and needs the stem cells from Sami’s unborn twins ASAP. Sami and Lucas make love in the safe house and are nearly caught when the cops burst in! After learning Roman and Anna slept together, Hope quizzes Roman about his feelings for Anna. He admits his ex-wife drives him crazy, but he is attracted to her.Chelsea and Nick meet Jett and his fiancée, Danielle, at the Cheatin’ Heart. Chelsea is shocked when she overhears Danielle on her cell phone, telling someone she loves them and can’t wait to see them.

THIS WEEK: Marlena confronts Belle about her feelings for Philip. Philip gets a mysterious phone call, where he hears a baby’s cry over the line.

PASSIONS – With the truth out about his deal with Kay, Julian threatens to have Spike recant his story and have Miguel thrown back in jail! When Sheridan threatens to call the cops, the blackmailer pulls out a vial of poison saying he/she would rather kill himself/herself than go to prison. Rebecca is intrigued by her daughter’s new mystery man. Theresa races through the Crane Grounds fearing for her life but is relieved when she sees Pilar. Ethan finds the blackmailer hiding at the cottage, wants to turn him/her over to the police and they struggle over a knife. Ivy admits the truth, that Fox faked his illness.

THIS WEEK: Ethan threatens to kill the blackmailer with his bare hands if he harms Theresa! Kay can’t make up her mind.

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