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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Former BFFs Quinn and Shauna made a decision that affects their future. Ridge questioned Brooke’s sincerity in her recent gift to Flo. Thomas stepped up for Hope during a difficult conversation with Douglas. Ridge was dismayed by Brooke’s refusal to admit that Thomas has changed for the better. Brooke doubled down when Thomas pled his case. Paris offered friendship, and great advice, to a heartbroken Hope. Hope was stunned by Flo’s surprise and shocking request. Brooke sought Liam’s help in ensuring that Hope remains safe.

THIS WEEK: Zoe found an unexpected ally in Quinn. Liam made a romantic gesture towards Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Susan informed Kristen that she’s tired of playing her game. Chloe attempted to confess her feelings to Brady. Gabi inadvertently put Philip in harm’s way. A drunken Xander attacked Roman. Jake and Kate found Gabi and Philip in a compromising position. Kristen pled with Vivian to help her out of a jam. Ben implored Marlena to help restore Ciara’s memory. Ciara took comfort in Theo’s company. Marlena made an offer to Ciara. Theo ran into an old flame. Paulina firmly told Chanel that she needs to get a job. Brady was stunned by Kristen’s confession. Jan woke up from her coma. Philip and Chloe hooked up! Sami and John had a major showdown. Steve and Kayla dealt with a surprise pregnancy. Ava made an emotional confession to Nicole. Rafe had an unexpected revelation for Sami regarding Charlie’s murder.

THIS WEEK: Shawn and Belle faced off with Jan. Marlena worried what Jan’s recovery would mean for John.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly worked with Anna. Finn and Diane rallied around Alexis. Michael paid Jason a visit. Brando warned Gladys against associating with Cyrus. Laura thanked Curtis. Robert was curious about Anna’s latest plan. Maxie confided in Britt. Carly laid into Gladys. TJ comforted Molly. Curtis was unnerved with what he saw. Jax wished Carly would stay on the sidelines. Maxie and Britt discussed how to handle Peter. Scott confronted Jason. Elizabeth was disappointed. Joss saw a side of Cam that she doesn’t like. Liz and Cam clashed. Jackie confronted Peter. Chase and Finn had an awkward cross. Carly joined Diane at the courthouse. Nina convinced herself she’s doing the right thing. Ava and Nikolas were put on notice. Laura refused to accept Cyrus’ deal. Brando came clean to Sasha..

THIS WEEK: Brook Lynn tried to reunite Ned and Olivia. Chase told Willow that she changed his mind.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor assures Chelsea that he’ll move heaven and earth to help Adam prove his innocence, but he has no idea that she is the main mover and shaker who is out top get even with Adam and is responsible for his problems. Faith seems to be flipping out again and her father feels helpless as he watches this slow train wreck. Billy isn’t doing himself any favors when he tries to keep something from Lily and jeopardizes their relationship. Kyle is bothered by the guilt of having an affair with Tara and wants to unburden himself. Rey is beginning to think that Sharon got together with Adam to kill him. Nick and Sharon put their past differences behind them and jojn forces to help out their troubled daughter, Faith. Devon and Nate spar over Elena, who has reached a crossroads in her life.

THIS WEEK: Elena’s choice makes no one happy. Faith resists change.

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