Whitesburg KY



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn made an impassioned plea to Carter on Zoe’s behalf. Hope queried Liam about his strange behavior. Eric admitted to Ridge the specific issue he’s having with Quinn. Dollar Bill swooped in to keep Liam from making a huge mistake. Hope confided in Thomas about Liam’s strange behavior. Quinn attempted to rekindle her passion with Eric. Bill talked Liam down off the proverbial ledge. Deputy Baker and Detective Sanchez develop a theory about Vinny’s death. Hope made a welcome request to Liam. Bill got mad when Baker interrupted a moment between him and Katie.

THIS WEEK: Liam has no reservations. The police continue their investigation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Claire had a realization about Allie. Charlie’s murderer was revealed! Belle found herself on the hot seat. Tripp had a touching surprise for Steve and Kayla. Gwen made a decision about her baby. Chad and Abigail argued about Gwen. Abe gave Paulina the lowdown on Xander. Xander informed Chanel that she made a major miscalculation. Paulina turned to Lani for help. Theo questioned Ciara about their kiss. Abigail had an emotional breakdown with Kayla. Xander turned the tables on Chanel. Ben was shocked to learn that Ciara’s leaving Salem with Theo! Brady confessed his feelings for Chloe!

THIS WEEK: Sami ordered Lucas to seduce Chloe. Vivian played hardball with Kristen.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna needed Maxie’s help. Liz was puzzled by Finn’s behavior. Willow hoped for the best. Dante shared his concerns with Sam. Olivia’s interest was piqued. Laura asked after Liz’s well-being. Valentine overheard a private conversation giving him an advantage. Carly wondered if Britt could be trusted. Michael tried to assuage Willow’s guilt. Maxie and Brook Lynn discussed whether to work together. Carly met with Brick. Ava and Nikolas were at odds. Sam arranged a visit for Jason with Danny. Joss lied to Portia. Laura cautioned Scott. Josslyn and Trina had a heart-to-heart. Nina surprised Sonny. Ava presented Carly with an offer. Cameron confronted Jason. Alexis was surprised by what she found at her new job in Pentonville. Britt told Finn that she’s spoken to Liz about her status at GH. Ava and Nikolas prepared to host family dinner. Laura faced off with Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Jordan faced an unlikely suspect. Nina was desperate to protect her new life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor is scheming to come up with different ways to come after Billy and get even with him. Mariah wonders if she did the right thing by agreeing to have someone else’s baby. Jack and Ashland lock horns, but it may be a no win situation for both of them. Kyle’s conscience is bothering him, but unburdening himself might harm Tara and Ashland, not to mention Harrison. Sharon seems to be fighting a losing battle when it comes to mending her marriage. For one thing, her husband has his doubts about her. Love is in the air as Lola decides to play cupid. Jack finds that Jabot is taking a public relations hit and works tirelessly to fix it. Devon and Lily are a odds with each other.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea is targeted by Rey. Nikki has to choose what side she is on.

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