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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Donna cozied up to Eric, who expressed his troubles with Quinn. Hope and Liam made a momentous decision about their relationship. Dollar Bill interfered during Deputy Baker’s interrogation of Liam. Brooke voiced concern about Thomas when Hope shared her joyful news. Zoe apologized to Paris, who then offered to help her win back Carter. Bill became irritated when Wyatt innocently asked him about his car. After viewing Vinny’s memorial tribute, Ridge comforted Thomas. Liam struggled to maintain normalcy with Hope while being tormented by thoughts of Vinny. Hope and Liam looked forward to their long future together after Liam’s first night home. Thomas vowed to find out who killed Vinny and make them pay.

THIS WEEK: Liam and Hope are optimistic. Thomas is on a vendetta.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen, disguised as Susan, gave Jake romantic advice. Philip took Gabi home to make love. Paulina ripped into Chanel and Xander. Theo said goodbye to his family. Jan and Nicole had a terse encounter. Ben tried to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem. Belle and John compared notes about Charlie’s murder. Ava comforted Rafe when he received disappointing news. Belle accused Sami of framing her for Charlie’s murder! Ben made a surprising decision about Ciara. Nicole was unhappy when Ava revealed that she and Rafe shared a kiss. Lucas and Sami tried to sell his lie to Chloe. Allie and Tripp shared a close moment. Abigail confided in Gabi about Gwen. Gwen told Jack that she’s leaving town. Kristen revealed her plans to Kate. Abigail and Gwen had a major showdown. Allie confided in Claire about her growing feelings for Tripp.

THIS WEEK: Ben apologized to Claire. “Kate” broke up with a bewildered Jake.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna needed Maxie’s help. Liz was puzzled by Finn’s behavior. Willow hoped for the best. Dante shared his concerns with Sam. Olivia’s interest was piqued. Laura asked after Liz’s well-being. Valentine overheard a private conversation giving him an advantage. Carly wondered if Britt could be trusted. Michael tried to assuage Willow’s guilt. Maxie and Brook Lynn discussed whether to work together. Carly met with Brick. Ava and Nikolas were at odds. Sam arranged a visit for Jason with Danny. Joss lied to Portia. Laura cautioned Scott. Josslyn and Trina had a heart-to-heart. Nina surprised Sonny. Ava presented Carly with an offer. Cameron confronted Jason. Alexis was surprised by what she found at her new job in Pentonville. Britt told Finn she’s spoken to Liz about her status at GH. Ava and Nikolas prepared to host family dinner. Laura faced off with Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Jordan faced an unlikely suspect. Nina was desperate to protect her new life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy might have ammunition to use against Victor and Adam, but will it make a difference in his feud with them? Rey is distrustful of Chelsea and tries to trip her up with her doubletalk, but she might have caught on to his scheme. Nikki shares her personal experience with addiction so that can help Faith. Amanda feels conflicted as she prepares the criminal pleading with her grandfather. Sharon is playing a dangerous game when she hides something else from Adam in a long string of secrets. Nick and Sharon are forced together again by circumstance – Faith’s mounting problems. Kyle redoubles his efforts to figure out who tries to destroy Jabot. All signs seem to point to Ashland. Jack is swayed when Sally tries to make amends and call a truce. Victor gets closer to finding Adam.

THIS WEEK: Devon makes a show of good faith to Amanda. Kyle has a major breakthrough.

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