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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope and Liam looked forward to their long future together after Liam’s first night home. Thomas vowed to find out who killed Vinny and make them pay. Liam attempted to hide his torment over Vinny’s death from Hope. Ridge went on the defense when Baker grilled Thomas about Vinny. Wyatt became frustrated over Bill and Liam’s apparent lies. Thomas tried to be supportive of Hope rebuilding a life with Liam. Quinn and Shauna found themselves in a tight spot with Eric. Zoe aimed to prove to Carter that she’s the only woman for him. Brooke was stunned when Carter defended Quinn’s past mistakes.

THIS WEEK: Shauna covered for Quinn. Eric hears an interesting defense.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen, disguised as Kate, fended off Roman’s romantic overtures. Sparks flew between Gabi and Jake. Jack and Chad questioned Abigail about Gwen’s fall. Gwen came up with a horrific lie. Abigail denied Gwen’s accusation. Kristen pressured Sami to get rid of Chloe. Lucas struggled to deceive Chloe. Ava and Rafe discussed where they stand with one another. Belle had a stunning realization regarding Charlie’s murder. Melinda pressed John to implicate Belle. Bonnie and Jan had a testy exchange. Chanel asked Lani for a huge favor. Belle and Shawn sought answers about Jan. Claire overheard Jan making plans to become Mrs. Shawn Brady.

THIS WEEK: Allie reunited with an old friend. Nicole admitted to Rafe that she’s jealous of him and Ava.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly made her presence known. Jordan assessed the situation. Cyrus tied up a loose end. Mac hoped to bring Dante back into the fold. Brando questioned Sasha’s behavior. Cyrus was livid. Britt remained committed to help Jason. Elizabeth was beside herself. Nina considered a major life change. Jax tried to get Josslyn to open up. Jax began to worry when he couldn’t reach Carly. Portia dropped by The Savoy to see Curtis. Spinelli got a call summoning him. Sam made a pact with Dante. Trina stopped by Jordan’s house hoping to see her father. Cameron apologized to Josslyn. Carly felt the weight of Sonny’s absence. Olivia confided in Robert. Valentin questioned Anna’s decision. Brook Lynn’s plans were thwarted. Carly felt helpless. Britt and Jason grew closer. Peter bumped into Cyrus at the Metro Court.

THIS WEEK: Maxie and Sam found a moment to catch up. Brook Lynn overheard a tender moment between Ned and Olivia.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick reaches out to protect Faith with mixed reactions and results. Jack assembles a team to come up with a plan to rescue Jabot. Rey steps up to support Sharon as she reels from Faith’s current legal issues, but neither Nick or Sharon can seem to help Faith out of her problems. Victor lays a trap for Chelsea. Adam is feeling as if no one can help him and his only choice is to take matters into his own hands. Victor steps up his efforts to help Adam and urges Michael to work his magic to exonerate him. Victor enlists Nate’s assistance to come to Faith’s aid. Billy and Lily grow closer. Chelsea counters Victor’s attck with one of her own.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea stuns Victor. Michael struggles with Adam’s defense.

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