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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Ridge issued Zoe a warning about Quinn. Quinn and Carter struggled to do the right thing. Zoe’s plan to surprise Carter backfired in a shocking way! Zoe’s heartbroken to learn that Carter has moved on. Shauna made a bold move to protect Quinn. Eric made a final decision about his marriage. Zoe demanded answers from Carter about the new woman in his life. Shauna urged Quinn to use the current situation to her advantage. Carter and Quinn made a pact about the secret they share.

THIS WEEK: Carter finds it difficult to keep quiet. Shauna plays defense.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe blasted Lucas and Sami for their deception. Kristen was horrified when she realized she caused Brady’s accident. Allie and Chanel had an awkward encounter with Tripp and Claire. Lani cautioned Abe that he couldn’t necessarily count on Paulina. Sami caught on to Kristen’s masquerade.. Jake poured his heart out to Gabi. Rafe and Ava had their first date. Nicole received upsetting news from Eric. Sami was curious when she spied Xander and Nicole together. Steve was stunned to learn Rafe’s on a date with Ava. Kristen made another desperate move. Nicole confided in Xander. Lucas became Kristen’s next victim. Sami found herself trapped in a bad situation. Nicole realized she’d made a huge mistake. Gabi and Jake admitted their love for one another. Jake and Gabi were stunned by Kate’s revelation. Chloe learned the truth about Kristen!

THIS WEEK: Nicole struggled to keep her secret from Rafe. Things got heated between Sami and Lucas.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Britt and Jason grew closer. Joss tried to make Carly feel better. Peter bumped into Cyrus at the Metro Court. Maxie reached out to Sam for help. Ned was apologetic. Jordan and Portia had poignant conversation about the challenges they face. Trina shared her experiences of racism with Cameron. Sam insisted on helping to find Jason. Michael and Willow put their relationship on hold. Maxie was deceived. Jax confronted Carly. Britt opened up to Jason. Dante made a decision about his future with the PCPD. Nikolas put a plan in play. Curtis and Portia grew closer. Sam had to change course. Carly and Jax clashed over Joss’s safety. Nina went on a date with Elijah. Gladys overheard a private conversation. Alexis offered to help an inmate. Sonny made an amateur mistake. Sasha and Cyrus had a hostile encounter. Michael diffused a conversation between Ned and Valentin.

THIS WEEK: Maxie’s doctor surprised her with information about the baby. Brook Lynn was blindsided by Valentin’s latest idea

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea is facing a tremendous amount of pressure from Victor to come to Adam’s defense. Meanwhile, Rey is put on the spot when Adam tries to convince him that he has changed and can be trusted. Nick and Sharon bond as they see Faith through a medical crisis. Victor comes up with a scheme to trap Chelsea in a lie and get Adam off the hook. Adam has to think carefully about the what the future holds for him when it comes to his lovelife. Chloe is put in an uncomfortable and dangerous position by Chelsea. Sharon is torn between working on her marriage to Rey or calling it quits. Summer and Kyle might have problems pulling off their marriage sue to external troubles.

THIS WEEK: Sharon comes to a big decision. Phyllis and Jack come up with a plan.

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