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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyat t grilled Bill for answers about his tension with Liam. Hope was affected by the romantic evening that Liam had arranged. Bill became agitated by Wyatt’s relentless questioning. Hope and Liam made love for the first time since their separation. Tormented by guilt, Liam made a strange apology to Thomas. Realizing that something was off, Hope begged Liam to express his feelings. Hope got concerned about Liam’s odd behavior. Thomas paid a surprise visit to Bill that didn’t go as expected..

THIS WEEK: Hope attempted to make sense of Liam’s fear of losing everything. Wyatt refereed the escalating situation between Bill and Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Allie questioned a guilt-ridden Nicole. Chanel confided in Lani about her surprising kiss. Kristen sought help from an old ally. Jake and Gabi rushed Kate to the hospital. Sami and Lucas desperately searched for a way to escape. Eli informed Lani that Kristen’s on the loose. Nicole shared her secret with Ava. Xander was tempted to revert to his lethal ways. Sami and Lucas attempted to strike a deal with their would-be assassin. Chanel and Eli had an awkward encounter. Marlena and Brady worried about a missing Chloe. Kristen pled with Lani to turn a blind eye. Shawn came up with a scheme to entrap Jan. Ben confided in Claire when he got upsetting news from Ciara. Abigail’s decision stunned Chad and Gabi. Gwen came clean with Jack. Chad and Abigail had an emotional goodbye.

THIS WEEK: John worried Belle and Shawn are making a mistake. Shawn played mind games with Jan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie and Peter made a decision about the birth of their daughter. Anna looked to an old friend for help. Liz was confrontational. Brook Lynn was shocked by Valentin’s suggestion. Sasha tried to put some space between her and Brando. Britt anticipated a fight. Carly confided in Diane. Sonny made a connection. Olivia was met by an unwanted house guest. Anna received devastating news. Carly arranged a meeting with Gladys. Sonny was sympathetic. Sasha saw her circumstances as a second chance. Cyrus let Laura know where they stand. Finn worried about Chase’s well-being. Brando came to Sasha’s defense. Laura supported Nikolas’ plan. A small victory reconfirmed Alexis’ decision. TJ reconnected with his father. Dante called Sam out on her actions. While mourning the death of W.S.B (World Security Bureau) agent Sean Donely, fan-favorites Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner), Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio (John J. York), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and Laura Collins (Genie Francis) were pulled into a mystery involving Sean’s daughter, Annie (Caitlin Reilly).

THIS WEEK: Alexis feels vindicated. Finn has major concerns.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer and Kyle are not amused when their engagement party is disrupted by an unwanted guest. Chloe tries to act superior when she lectures Adam, even though she does not have clean hands when it comes to all the drama surrounding Chelsea. Phyllis is playing with fire when she decides that she can’t be completely honest with Nick. Kyle is also keeping a big secret and it could cause a breach in the family. Sharon struggles with a monumental choice – stay married to Rey or split. Rey makes his final case to her, but will it be enough to sway her? Meanwhile, Kyle has a battle to fight with Ashland. Victor tries to broker a peace deal between Nick and Adam. Chelsea realizes she will have to reinvent herself and make amends to wipe the slate clean.

THIS WEEK: Kyle contemplates a career move. Victor gets back to business.

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