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RECAPS – JUNE 21 – 26

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam implored Hope to be realistic about their future. Thomas was jolted upon receiving previously unseen texts from Vinny. Steffy and Hope agreed to join forces to keep Liam’s spirits up while in prison. Learning the truth about Vinny’s death put Thomas in a dangerous situation. Emotions ran high when Katie visited Dollar Bill in jail. Justin came into his own at Spencer while Bill and Liam were indisposed. Thomas appealed to Justin’s sense of decency. Reunited in prison, Bill and Liam discussed Justin’s plan to set them free. Being held captive, Thomas was horrified when Justin detailed his plan. Afraid that Paris would spill her secret, Quinn asked Eric for a vow renewal ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Thomas is losing all hope. Liam delivers a powerful message.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami and Lucas struggled to keep their secret from EJ. Xander advised Nicole to find leverage over Sami. Kate tortured an unwitting Jake. Philip made Chloe a surprising offer. Brady confronted Nicole about her secret. Philip tried to lure Chloe away from Brady. Xander tried to protect Gwen from Synder, but things got out of hand. Steve offered to help Kayla got answers about Snyder. Paulina delivered stunning news to Lani. Chanel and Allie sought Julie’s approval. Jack wondered why Steve and Kayla were talking about Gwen. Gwen and Xander ended up in a sticky predicament. EJ, Chad, and Tony conspired to oust Jake from DiMera. Gabi and Jake tried to round up enough votes to stop his brothers’ coup. Roman questioned Sami about the tension between her and Lucas. Lucas and Rafe bonded over their mutual hatred of EJ. Sami panicked when she learned EJ had found a way to contact Kristen. Jake tried to ensure that he has Kate’s vote.

THIS WEEK: Nicole pumped Lucas for information. Rafe had a dream about Nicole.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jordan shared Dante’s discoveries with Anna. Brook Lynn was stunned to find Maxie at the Quartermaine mansion. Curtis got ready for Trina’s graduation party. Taggert took Portia to dinner. Ava made a life-changing decision. Britt ran into Jason at the Gym. Brook Lynn encouraged Michael to tell the truth. Alexis and Shawn made a startling discovery. Carly and Liz bonded over their losses. Molly and TJ celebrated their five-month anniversary. Carly and Jason navigated the boundaries in their relationship. Nina ran into Michael at the cemetery. Portia was anxious to learn the details about GH’s new board Chairperson. Terry hoped to have an influence in GH’s future. Molly and TJ unknowingly ended up in the crosshairs of their parents’ enemy. Brick helped Jason. Ava caught up with Nina. Lucy was caught off-guard.

THIS WEEK: Gladys tried to push Sasha’s buttons. Austin tried to help Anna and Valentin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer and Tara are clashing and Kyle is in a no-win situation. Abby is disappointed by what Christine has to say. Chelsea is haunted by images and thoughts of Adam. Nate works on his relationship with Elena, but it might be too little too late to change things between them. Nick and Adam are brought together by a common enemy. Summer is evasive and deceptive. Victoria moves one step closer to Ashland. Phyllis can’t contain herself when she has the opportunity to share some gossip that could be quite hurtful Amanda thinks she’s heard everything when hidden tales from the past are made known to her.

THIS WEEK: The worst is yet to come for Amanda. Kyle tries to maintain the peace.

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