Whitesburg KY



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas suffered the consequences when Justin vowed vengeance against Dollar Bill. Eric unleashed his anger at Quinn for her betrayal. Paris admitted to a heartbroken Zoe the truth about Carter’s affair with Quinn. Justin attempted to quell Hope’s suspicions when she found a clue about Thomas. A frustrated Wyatt questioned Justin’s legal plan to free Bill and Liam. Secretly following Justin, Hope was shocked when he led her to a captive Thomas. Justin felt pressure when Ridge demanded information about Thomas’ whereabouts. Hope struggled to free Thomas before Justin returned. Hope was stunned when Thomas informed her that Liam is innocent in Vinny’s death. Lt. Baker notified a devastated Liam that he’s being transferred to a permanent prison.

THIS WEEK: Liam fights the law. Justin evades the questions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Paulina’s lies were exposed. Theo shared surprising news with Doug and Julie. Ciara urged Ben to sign their divorce papers. John and Marlena celebrated a romantic Fourth of July. Ben tried to get through to Ciara. Paulina opened up to Abe about her traumatic past. Allie comforted an upset Chanel. Lani reeled from Paulina’s deception. EJ received a surprising phone call. Gabi and Jake unwittingly ended up with key information. Chloe helped Nicole piece together Sami and Lucas’s affair. Kristen reached out to Brady. Sami tried to stop EJ from learning her secret. Gabi and Jake were shocked to discover Sami slept with Lucas. Nicole attempted to get answers from Lucas. Brady pulled Chloe into a kiss. Ciara defended herself to Shawn and Claire.

THIS WEEK: Sami deceived EJ. Xander came to Gwen’s defense. Ben sought advice from Marlena.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Britt made plans to watch the fireworks with Jax. Cameron apologized to Jake. Brook Lynn confronted Maxie. Liz and Sam found themselves in a bit of trouble. Anna and Valentin got caught up in the moment. Obrecht was heartbroken. Monica cautioned Brook Lynn. Dante was sympathetic. Josslyn and Cameron put the past behind them. Phyllis urged Sonny to visit Nina in Port Charles. Curtis confronted Jordan. Molly met with Judge Carson. Alexis struggled in solitary confinement. Stella prodded TJ for answers. Ava was worried about Trina. Jason found Monica to be surprisingly understanding of his situation. Carly tried to reason with Britt. Molly and TJ awaited news about Shawn and Alexis. Curtis confronted Stella about her manipulative behavior. Terry asked Portia for support. Austin approached

THIS WEEK: Carly about the Michael Corinthos’ wing at GH. Britt and Obrecht came to an understanding.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis tries to help Jack, but she makes things worse. Sharon and get that much closer to a deeper understanding. Kyle can’t stop brooding about Summer, but Tara is doing her best to distract him. Amanda comes up with a plan to comfort Naya. Chelsea can’t stay cooped up very long and schemes to find a way out of the mental hospital. Ashland’s lies about his medical condition is revealed. Mariah runs away from the truth by turning her back on someone from her past. Michael goes after the truth when he questions Chloe about Chelsea. The Abbotts extend their hospitality to someone who could tear the family apart. Chelsea puts an escape plan into its final phases.

THIS WEEK: Nick makes a big move. Chelsea is on the run.

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