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RECAPS – JULY 26 — 30

THE BOILD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zende listens carefully as Paris tries to justify her new lifestyle. Together, they have to decide where they go from here – together or apart. Things get hot between Quinn and Carter, but are they playing with fire? Kate and Brooke have a family reunion and catch up on lost time. Steffy considers what to do about Finn and will make a decision that will please him greatly. Yes, she will go ahead and marry him. Finn promises that their celebration will be one to remember. Quinn deciding to go to see Eric does not sit well with Brooke at all. Carter tries to have both ways with Eric even though he cares for Quinn. Jack tries share in the good news when he drops in to see his son, Finn and his bride to be, Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Paris has problems coming to grips with a new reality. Steffy and Finn continue planning the perfect wedding.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sorry fans of Salem’s family and friends. Days of Our Lives will be preempted this week because of NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics. And the show will be preempted next week as well. Look for Days of Our Lives to return August 9.

GENERAL HOSPTAL — Jason confronts Elizabeth. Finn confirms Anna’s suspicions. Nikolas visits Alexis at the correctional facility. Shawn questions Jax about Hayden’s disappearance. Monica reveals to Britt and Terry who will be GH Chåief of Staff. Liz confides in Scott. Shawn and Curtis reconnect at the MC pool. Trina wants to be happy for her mother. Stella encourages Jordan to fight for her marriage. Spencer ruins Josslyn’s attempt to tell Carly her news. Liz is troubled by a shocking turn of events. Carly expresses her grief about Sonny to Laura. Brando tells Sasha what he wants for his future. Gladys is forced to make changes to her life in Port Charles. Curtis thinks Portia should be honest with Trina about their past. Dante confronts Anna. Olivia gives Brook Lynn some motherly advice. Nikolas is wary when Sam informs him she’s trying to find Hayden’s shooter. Liz gets an unexpected surprise from Cameron and Josslyn. Trina urges Spencer to throw a party at Wyndemere. Michael and Willow struggle with keeping their relationship under wraps. Brook Lynn is wary of Austin. Shawn is committed to finding out who shot Hayden.

THIS WEEK: Chase pushes himself. Spencer tries to manipulate Ava.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Everyone is choosing up teams. Sally and Tara put aside their differences for the moment for a common cause. At the same time, Billy and Phyllis put their heads together for offense and defense against their enemies. Victoria tries to rally Ashland, but he might not be able to do what’s expected or needed. Adam is tired of Chelsea trying to manipulate him and insists she cut it out. Tara is feeling the heat and Kyle has to shield her from further criticism. Jack plays it cool with Sally, but he is falling hard for her. When Mariah is nowhere to be found, Devon and Abby’s Spidey senses are triggered and are concerned about her safety. Imani flirts with Nate, but he seems oblivious. Amanda and Devon take a step closer in their budding relationship. Phyllis tries to gather dirt against her enemy.

THIS WEEK: Jack has a big decision to make. Chloe ingratiates herself at her new job.

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