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THE BOILD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy learned a secret about Finn’s past. Finn and Steffy announced their impending wedding to their families. Steffy put aside past rivalry and asked Hope to play a pivotal role in her nuptials. Eric agreed to Steffy’s heartfelt request to honor her namesake and grandmother, Stephanie. Finn romanced Steffy on the eve of their wedding. Quinn and Carter found a sexy way to distract themselves from not being invited to the wedding. Tensions rose when a mystery woman arrived at the Forrester Mansion. The Forrester wedding of the century commenced. In front of friends and family, Steffy and Finn pledged themselves to one another, reciting personal vows and becoming husband and wife.

THIS WEEK: Steffy and Finn are in the afterglow. Quinn and Carter commiserate.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sorry fans of Salem’s family and friends. Days of Our Lives will be preempted this week because of NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics. And the show will be preempted next week as well. Look for Days of Our Lives to return August 9.

GENERAL HOSPTAL — Jordan felt helpless. Stella confronted Portia. Nina felt guilty. Michael comforted Willow. Austin encouraged Chase’s progress. Austin cautioned Chase. Nina took a video call from Wiley. Trina felt betrayed. Joss was teased about her relationship. Jordan asked Curtis to fight for their marriage. Trina and Portia had a heart-to heart. Stella came clean to Curtis. Alexis accused Harmony of having ulterior motives. Brook Lynn questioned Valentin’s motives. Monica’s support surprised Carly. Jax was furious with Carly for putting Josslyn in danger. Cameron got boxing pointers from Jason. TJ was thrown when his emotions got the best of him at work. Curtis expressed his gratitude to Cameron. Terry made nice with Britt. Sam and Nik visited Alexis. Ava offered Shawn a job. Jax confronted Carly about keeping Josslyn safe.

THIS WEEK: Anna and Obrecht had a discussion about Peter. Laura gave Dante comforting advice.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria tries to be supportive with Ashland as he faces a grim future with his devastating medical diagnosis. Tara gets goaded into a fight with Sally by Phyllis. What they don’t know is their fight is being memorialized on video. Sally tries to fit in with the Abbott family, but she’s not getting anywhere because she’s not trustworthy. Victor helps play peacemaker between Victoria and Adam, but it is sure not to last long. Phyllis puts her plan into action her scheme to destroy Tara and Sally, but needs a little help from a former associate. Devon finds out from Abby that Mariah has skipped out and she says she’s very concerned. Devon tries to talk Amanda out of her intention to cause Sutton a lot of grief. Victor has a new business venture in mind and tries to gain an ally to get it started. Nick unwittingly agrees to help Phyllis to expose and destroy Tara and Sally.

THIS WEEK: Tara is backed into a corner. Summer’s love life just took a wrong turn.

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