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RECAPS – AUG. 16 – 20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Finn decides to keep an important secret from Steffy. Carter contemplates going public with his relationship with Quinn. Quinn receives shocking news regarding her marriage. Finn struggles with his loyalty to the Forresters vs. his birth mother, Sheila. Carter and Quinn face an unexpected and significant hurdle. Paris and Finn’s alliance deepens as she promises to keep his secret from Steffy. Quinn and Carter share three magic words. Sheila becomes attached to the idea of becoming a permanent fixture in Finn’s life as the Forresters seek to ban her.

THIS WEEK: Sheila is concerned about Jack. Carter weighs his options.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara and Ben have a joyous reunion. Theo gets his heart broken. Paulina is caught off guard when her mother, Olivia, shows up on her doorstep. Xander makes a big sacrifice for Gwen. Paulina and Olivia have a heated conversation about the past. Allie tries to track down Sami. Gabi pushes Ava’s buttons. Rafe consoles a devastated Nicole. EJ gets a surprise visit from his son, Johnny. Allie relays her concerns about Sami to John and Marlena. Johnny hits on Chanel. Olivia tries to prevent Paulina from revealing the truth to Lani. Ben makes a confession to Ciara about Claire. Claire is presented with an exciting opportunity. Chanel tells Allie about the guy she met last night. EJ asks Chad to help convince Johnny to work at DiMera. Allie happily reunites with her twin brother, Johnny. Ben surprises Ciara with an impromptu wedding! Claire bids farewell to Salem.

THIS WEEK: Paulina has a tale to tell. Marlena is worried about Sami.

GENEERAL HOSPITAL — Spencer’s party turns out to be more than he bargained for. Ava seeks out Kevin’s professional opinion. Sam gets an unsettling phone call. Jax confronts Carly. Laura checks in with Elizabeth. Spencer is backed into a corner. Ava is haunted by her past. Portia is sympathetic. Carly looks to Jason to deal with Jax. Sam is in disbelief. Laura is furious with Nikolas. Spencer is surprised by Trina’s kindness. Jason is forced to defend Carly. Jax finds an unlikely ally in Obrecht. Sam looks to Curtis for help. Trina consoles Spencer when the two of them get another surprise. Laura imparts a bit of tough love to Nikolas. Britt is forced to face the consequences of her actions. Ava is desperate and makes a decision. Jason and Carly resolve to move forward quickly on their plan to get married.Sonny is determined to live his life to the fullest.

THIS WEEK: Martin questions the nature of Anna and Valentin’s relationship. Trina tries to hide her true feelings, but Joss knows better.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS — Victoria gets defensive when Billy tells her that she should not consider making Ashland her husband. Ashland, on the other hand can’t wait to exchange vows with her. Who will get custody of Harrison is a big topic of discussion. Devon and Amanda explore other possibilities for each other. Lily is impatient when Billy seems to be obsessed with Victoria’s future. Victor tries to play the role of peacemaker between Adam and Victoria. Rey refuses to give up searching for Mariah. Harrison gets one step closer to leaving America and living in Europe. Victor is not thrilled that Victoria is going to marry Ashland, so he decides it might be wise to look into life before he landed in Genoa City. And while he’s at it, Victor decides to join search for Mariah.

THIS WEEK: Sally rethinks her plans. Mariah’s disappearance takes on an ominous note.

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