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RECAPS – AUG. 23 - 27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Brooke got romantic. Sheila blackmailed Jack, exposing another bombshell secret. Steffy worried about Sheila showing up while she’s away on business with Hope. Eric shared a long-hidden truth with Quinn. Carter informed Brooke and Ridge that he’s returned Quinn’s portrait to Eric. Finn was enraged, and blindsided, by Jack’s proposal regarding Sheila. Eric clapped back at Ridge and Brooke’s who are outraged about Quinn. Steffy flipped out when she found Sheila holding baby Hayes! Steffy put Finn on blast for betraying her trust. Sheila attempted to maneuver her way out of this current mess with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Steffy is not buying what Sheila is selling. Finn goes on offense.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ made Xander a surprising offer. Julie was suspicious of Gwen. Paulina crashed Chanel’s date with Johnny. Ben and Ciara had a romantic celebration. Paulina and Abe had a breakthrough. Things heated up between Chanel and Johnny. Tripp’s romantic declaration to Allie turned awkward. Gwen and Xander hit the sheets. Ava and Rafe tangled over his friendship with Nicole. Gabi stirred up trouble for Ava. Kate warned Philip not to hire Jake. Brady invited Chloe to go away with him. Philip flipped out when he learned Chloe is going to New York with Brady. Gabi and Jake snooped around for ammo to use against Philip. Justin and Bonnie moved forward with wedding plans. Realizing she’s coming between Rafe and Ava, Nicole made a tough decision.

THIS WEEK: Justin asked Steve to be his best man. Bonnie’s past came back to haunt her.

GENEERAL HOSPITAL — Brook Lynn questioned Chase’s actions. Sam sought out Anna’s help. Nina was surprised to see a familiar face in Nixon Falls. Ned tried to negotiate with Austin. Laura received alarming news. Willow prepared to come clean to Chase. Sonny made an interesting acquaintance. Jason tried to calm Carly’s nerves. Liz inadvertently caused tension between Britt and Terry. Sam considered what her future could look like. Nina received an unwelcome visitor. Carly and Jax tried to be civil to one another for Joss’ sake. Maxie had a heart-wrenching run in with Valentin and baby “Bailey.” Austin saw Michael in a new light. Willow faced Chase. While Sonny tended to Phyllis, Nina was backed into a corner. Maxie tracked down Carly at the MC restaurant determined to get on with plans for the wedding. Jason and Josslyn talked about the mounting tensions between Carly and Jax. Britt and Obrecht found something to celebrate. Finn received a wonderful surprise. Nina reached out for help. Nikolas was heartbroken by Ava’s decision. Spencer paid his great-aunt Alexis a visit at Spring Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Carly sensed some old feelings rising to the surface. Scott noticed Austin showing an interest in Maxie.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS — Victoria faces opposition from both her mother and father when it comes to he relationship with Ashland, but the real test is when Ashland throws her a curve and leaves her more confused than ever. Lily is upset when she finds out that Billy has been less than honest with her – again! Rey continues to intensify his search for Mariah and may have found an important clue. Traci comes back to Genoa City and joins Jack in a new venture. Sally sets her sights on Jack and Phyllis and keeps track of their every move.

THIS WEEK: There’s a break in the case. Victoria is having her doubts.

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