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RECAPS - 11/3-11/7

ALL MY CHILDREN — Angie told Natalia and Jesse that Rebecca had an inoperable brain tumor. Jake broke up with Amanda, then encouraged Taylor to fight through her injuries. Ryan and Annie searched in vain for Emma. The masked kidnapper abducted Annie. Erica took over Fusion and fended off Adam’s takeover bid. David convinced Krystal to use her power to keep JR and little A in town. Joe hired David back as chief cardiologist. Zach finally agreed to send Kendall to a long-term facility in Canada. When Reese and Bianca told Erica about their engagement, she insisted on throwing a big wedding. Adam taunted Jack by saying he and Erica were in love.

THIS WEEK: Ryan shares his suspicions about Annie with Aidan.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Spencer tried to seduce Brad, but when he pushed her away, she called Kim and got him fired. Margo arrested Brad for murder when he discovered Spencer’s body. Later, Brad was released when all the evidence and the corpse disappeared. Dusty convinced Jennifer look-alike Josie to come to Oakdale with him. Bob advised Dusty that Josie might never remember her identity. Emily was determined to prove that Josie was a con artist. Lucinda confided in Brian about her cancer recurring. Noah was disappointed in Luke stooped to stuffing the ballot box to win the election. Margo fumed when Casey was suspended.

THIS WEEK: Dusty is obsessed with Josie.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick kept secret the fact that his legs are not paralyzed. He planted seeds of doubt in Eric’s mind about Ridge. Taylor, Stephanie and Ridge’s children all gathered to convince him to reconsider his decision to marry Brooke. Stephanie ruined a chance for Donna to get closer to Eric. Brooke was upset to learn that Ridge spent the night at Taylor’s even though he assured her that nothing happened. Stephanie and Taylor conspired to stick together to win back Eric and Ridge respectively. Eric announced he would not retire. Rick tried to turn Eric against Ridge. Ridge confronted Rick about his actions.

THIS WEEK: Rick begins to walk again with crutches.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abe was chosen as the new mayor of Salem. He then named Bo chief of police. Lexie worried that Stefano pulled strings. She was also worried about life in the spotlight. Nick’s love for Melanie took a twisted turn. He asked Max’s help when Titan stood in the way of his new invention. Chloe bonded with Daniel. Sami had a heart to heart talk with Rafe, her new bodyguard. Melanie was disappointed that she won’t cash in on Nick’s invention. Nicole faked her way into the prison infirmary. EJ came to her rescue, but Nicole worried that he was out to get sole custody of their baby.

THIS WEEK: Sami is attracted to her bodyguard.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Scott recklessly drove away with Laura and his car careened over a cliff. Luke managed to rescue Scott, but he and Laura were trapped. Once they were saved, Laura confronted Luke about his marriage to Tracy, forcing him to make a choice. Robin had her baby girl. Robin was in critical condition post-partum. Carly took Sonny back to her house to care for him. She lied to Jax about Sonny, unable to respond when Jax offered to reconcile. Jason learned that Jerry was behind Sam’s disappearance. Jason warned Alexis that Jerry might kill Sam. Sonny and Carly were tempted to make love.

THIS WEEK: Liz wants to know what her chances are for a future with Jason.

GUIDING LIGHT — Financially strapped Natalia refused to sell Gus’s house. Rick told Olivia to recognize that Gus’s heart was now hers. The Governor offered to help Rafe if Natalia will sell him the house. Mallet arrested Cyrus for stealing the pearls. Cassie decided to move to Hawaii. Grady stopped before smothering Bill with a pillow. Lizzie stood by Bill and spoke up for the Spaulding- Lewis merger. Dinah feared that others would find out her part in the kidnapping, so she left for Europe to find Bill the best doctors. Grady told Alan that he kidnapped Lizzie, then proposed a plan to frame Bill for the crime. Alan balked at first, then agreed.

THIS WEEK: Reva wants to find a new woman for Josh.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Tess went into labor and a vision of Niki appeared to help her. Viki received a visit from Jean Randolph, one of her alters, leading her to realize what Tess did to Jared and Natalie. Starr had her baby. Todd was unable to stop the plan he had put in place to swipe Starr’s baby. Tess developed another alter named Bess who took charge. Tina and Cain bonded when they cared for doggie David Vickers who gave birth to a bunch of puppies! Marty admitted her love for Todd in her journal. John confirmed that Marty was in Todd’s house, but couldn’t get a judge to give him a warrant. John wound up in jail for contempt.

THIS WEEK: Viki is fed up with Tina’s antics.

PASSIONS — Passions has come to an end; the show will air no more.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon learned that Jack was responsible for the diary being published. Nikki asked Ashley to find Victor. Nick also went to Paris to search for Victor. Heather issued a warrant for Victor’s arrest. Adam proposed to Heather. Phyllis followed Nick to Paris on magazine business. Michael listened to the tapes from River’s case and recognized that Tanya was really Gloria. Gloria admitted testifying against River in order to keep from losing Michael. When Michael told River, he already knew the truth and had forgiven Gloria. Kay tried to get Marge into rehab while Jill teamed with Nikki to get Kay to a doctor. Marge and Kay were in a car accident.

THIS WEEK: Neil is unsure about his future with Karen.

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