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RECAPS - 11/10-14

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan suspected that Annie lied to him about the kidnapping. Aidan found Annie at the beach house. Ryan and Annie flew off to search for Emma and their plane was in trouble. Erica moved into Adam’s home. David fumed when Amanda’s attempt to get JR went awry. Erica hired help for Bianca who’s dealing with caring for all the kids. Reese was hired to rebuild the casino. Jake pushed Taylor in her rehab and they grew closer. Jesse assured Angie that he never loved Rebecca the way he loves her. Tad reached a breaking point and slugged David. Bianca questioned why Reese never told her that her parents disowned her for being gay.

THIS WEEK: Aidan is hurt while trying to rescue Emma.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Dusty was obsessed with Josie because of her resemblance to Jennifer. Barbara resisted Josie at first, then gave her a job. Emily was jealous of Josie, especially when Dusty told Emily they could no longer be lovers. Emily urged Paul to help her get rid of Josie. Brad discovered that Spencer was not dead, but could not catch up to her. Carly believed Sage’s stories about Janet. Jack tried to rush Janet into a wedding. Brian arranged for Lucinda to meet with Lily where she admitted that her cancer has returned. Luke apologized to Noah for his actions in the election.

THIS WEEK: Sage continues to interfere in Jack’s relationship with Janet.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric named Rick president of Forrester Creations. Ridge was incensed about Rick’s interference in his relationship with Brooke. Taylor continued to throw herself at Ridge. Rick doctored Brooke’s announcement about the new regime at Forrester. When Ridge heard the altered podcast, he was angry with Brooke. Ridge lashed out at his mother for stirring up trouble between him and Brooke. After a fight, Brooke and Ridge went their separate ways, but wound up at the same place. Rick admitted to Stephanie why he wants Ridge out of Brooke’s life. Katie worried about her relationship with Nick because of his concern for Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Donna pressures Eric to make a decision about their future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe learned that Sami is pregnant and insisted that he tell his superiors. Lucas and Philip urged Daniel to stop the intense chemotherapy Kate had to endure. Marlena and John discussed the end of the marriage now that the divorce is final. Nick got hooked on pain pills. Kayla assured Lexie that she was a good mother to Theo. Bo and Hope were shocked to learn that the man in the cemetery the night of Trent’s murder was Nick. Melanie confronted Nick about stalking her. Brady Black returned to Salem. He was the detective John hired to find the killer who is after Sami.

THIS WEEK: Chloe is thrown when she sees Brady again.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax gave Carly divorce papers. She explained why she was alone with Sonny, but he cannot forgive her connection to Sonny. Jason rescued Sam from the freighter moments before it exploded from a bomb that Jerry had set. Maxie allowed Liz to believe that Sam and Jason were reunited. Carly lied about why she was with Sonny when questioned by the cops. Jax warned Kate that Sonny and Carly would never truly be separated. Jason and Sonny’s enemies plotted against them. Mike was attacked and Kelly’s was blown up. Olivia was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Laura reunited with her children, then faced off with Tracy.

THIS WEEK: Jason pulls away from Liz in order to protect her.

GUIDING LIGHT — Remy received high marks on the MCAT, but Christina’s scores weren’t very good. Reva moved into the Beacon while Jeffrey was in D.C. Josh learned Reva was in the room next door. Reva fell ill and nobody knew she was alone. To get Rafe the medical care he needs, Natalia agreed to sell her house. Natalia came through for Olivia again when she had a meeting with Decker. Beth and Coop kept their secret affair hidden. Frank believed the clues that Grady planted to make Bill look responsible for kidnapping Lizzie. Ashlee warned Daisy not to trust Grady. Ashlee used her vlog to exonerate Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Lizzie refuses to give up on Bill.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd changed his mind about Starr’s baby. Dr. Joplin made a horrible discovery. John found Marty and discovered how brainwashed she was by Todd’s lies. Todd confessed that Marty’s love has changed him. John beat Todd viciously and left him for dead. After finding Todd, Antonio arrested John. Bess took the baby to the cottage. Viki and Charlie saved Natalie and Jared, then found Jessica and realized that she didn’t know about Tess being out. Starr, Marcie, Michael and Cole grieved for the lost baby. Marty headed to the hospital, unaware that Cole is there. Tina refused to run off with Cain and stayed to face Natalie, Jared and Viki.

THIS WEEK: Dorian questions Dr. Joplin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley found Victor in Paris. He pushed her away initially, but then they made love. Nick and Sharon came to Noah’s rescue when he was arrested in Paris for defending Eden. Phyllis spied Sharon and Nick sharing a kiss. Back home, Jack begged Sharon not to give up on their marriage, while Phyllis manipulated Nick to keep him close. Kay was declared dead when Marge’s body was found in the wreck. Marge’s ghost wondered why so many people were at her funeral, then realized Jill and the others believed Kay was in the coffin. The FBI questioned Adam about Victor’s journal. At Kay’s funeral, everyone was stunned to see Victor show up unexpectedly. Karen accepted Neil’s marriage proposal.

THIS WEEK: Kay struggles to remember who she is.

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