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RECAPS - 11/17-11/21

ALL MY CHILDREN — Erica fumed when the minister refused to christen Gabrielle because of Reese and Bianca’s relationship. Aidan was shot when he saved Greenlee and Annie from the kidnapper. Ryan confronted Annie about staging the kidnapping. Krystal returned Little A to Adam’s despite David’s warnings that Adam will be a bad influence. Frankie questioned whether to tell Taylor that Brot is still alive. Colby let Brot hide at the mansion, making Pete jealous. Jesse was moved by Angie’s generosity when she let Rebecca and Natalia move into their home. Kendall responded to a tape of Spike’s voice, but nobody saw her reaction.

THIS WEEK: Jake admitted his feelings to Taylor.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Barbara got Paul to offer Josie a million dollar bribe to leave town. She slapped his face and Dusty saw her do it. Dusty and Josie made love. Henry was arrested when he investigated Brad’s sighting Spencer. Dani warned Spencer to keep out of sight from now on. Brian proposed to Lucinda after her surgery. Noah and Luke continued to have romantic troubles. Brian comforted a drunken Luke and kissed him. Despite that, Brian married Lucinda. Carly decided to drop the custody battle for Sage’s sake. Katie received threats via email to stop investigating Spencer’s death. Paul and Meg learned they’re having a daughter.

THIS WEEK: Dani’s true motives begin to be revealed.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge and Brooke reconciled and she urged him to marry her quickly even though their families are at odds. Rick asserted his power at Forrester. Eric decided to test Donna’s love for him by throwing her at Owen. Owen was rehired by Eric and assigned the Surf Line. Eric confided his plans to Thorne. Stephanie considered teaming up with Rick to keep Brooke and Ridge from remarrying. Katie fought her feelings of insecurity when it comes to Nick. Rick grew more and more desperate for revenge against Ridge. Eric asked Ridge to design for Forrester once again. Donna urged Eric to make a decision about their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Taylor makes a move on Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe explained to a stir crazy Sami why she cannot leave the loft. John hired Steve as a P.I. to find the killer Sami saw. John later burst in on the murderer attacking Marlena. Nick took Melanie to Las Vegas where she realized he killed Trent. Hope and Bo discovered Nick’s guilt. Hope arrested Nick while Philip and Bo rescued Melanie from falling to her death. EJ had to fly to Argentina leaving Nicole behind. While she was alone, Nicole’s baby was in distress. Abe announced his green plans to clean up the waterfront. Nick admitted killing Trent but claimed there were extenuating circumstances.

THIS WEEK: Nicole is desperate to see EJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kate was jealous of the closeness between Olivia and Sonny when he saved her from the coffee house fire. Robin and Patrick brought home new baby Emma. Sam decided to infiltrate Karpov’s organization. Carly vowed to fight to keep Jax from divorcing her. Nikolas learned that Jax bought Spoon Island. Jason stormed Karpov’s warehouse and ran into Sam. Johnny saved Spinelli when the Jackal tried to avenge Maxie’s attack. Claudia urged Sonny to marry her in order to protect their families from Karpov. Nadine offered to marry Nikolas so he won’t be deported. Sam and Elizabeth took the children to a safe house in the woods. Luke was committed to staying with Tracy.

THIS WEEK: Carly surprises Kate and doesn’t like what she sees.

GUIDING LIGHT — Cyrus protected Grady by stealing video of the van from the kidnapping. Remy and Christina went to a casino resort to witness Mallet and Marina’s wedding. Remy and Christina got drunk and woke up married. Grady saved Ashlee from some thugs and Buzz promised to give him a second chance. Lizzie tried in vain to burn a jacket that linked Bill to the kidnapping. Vanessa and Billy wondered if Bill really was responsible for Lizzie’s kidnapping. Reva and Jeffrey learned that she may have leukemia. Reva doesn’t want to treat the cancer until after she has their baby. Alan confessed to the kidnapping to make Lizzie think he wanted to help Bill. The evidence, however, still pointed to Bill.

THIS WEEK: Remy and Christina grow closer.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — The news about Todd and Marty’s relationship shocked everyone, especially Cole. Nora counseled Marty when she admitted having had unprotected sex with Todd. Marty took the morning after pill to prevent getting pregnant. A furious John resigned from the police department. Natalie was reunited with Roxy and Rex. Dorian questioned Dr. Joplin about the death of Starr’s baby. Tess was stunned to see Jessica’s baby because she knew it wasn’t hers. Viki and Jessica dismissed the thought that the baby wasn’t hers. Jessica realized that she must go away to get well again. Todd told Marty he loves her. Cole upset Marty when he tried to force her to remember him.

THIS WEEK: Jessica is committed to St. Ann’s.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor told Ashley she was his family now and he was staying in Genoa City. Heather arrested him for the Palin murder. Jack warned Adam to stick with their story. Paul vowed to find out who faked Victor’s journal. Nick socked Adam when they fought over Victor. Ashley finally relented and gave Jack her Jabot proxy. Murphy rescued Kay from the riverbank. She had a memory loss and believed him when he called her Marge. Meanwhile, Jill was shocked when Kay’s will was read and Esther, Amber and Gloria were left part of her estate. Kevin considered using the money left behind by Kay at the coffee house for the plumbing problems.

THIS WEEK: Adam pleads with Heather to leave town with him.

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