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RECAPS - 11/24-11/28

ALL MY CHILDREN — Annie hid out at Wildwind and fantasized about a perfect Thanksgiving. Aidan was guilt-ridden about his part in Annie’s plan. Aidan warned Zach that Annie could use the information about Richie to hurt him. There was a fundraiser for the tornado victims as ConFusion. David outbid Adam for a dance with Erica. The party was interrupted when a crazed Annie appeared. Upon further investigation, Erica’s life was in jeopardy. Colby struggled with her decision to keep Taylor from knowing that Brot was still alive. Zach was upset to learn the latest about Kendall’s condition. Reese reached out to Zach. Krystal was upset when Tad questioned her relationship with David.

THIS WEEK: Taylor and Brot come face to face.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul forced Josie to follow through with his plan to deceive Dusty when she tried to back out of the deal. Using Paul’s information, Josie lied to Dusty about Johnny. Paul’s fake private eye gave Dusty information about Lucy being in Norway. Emily confirmed Dusty’s suspicions that Josie was a fraud. Upset about Brian, Luke snuck beers at Thanksgiving. Janet convinced Carly to join Jack and the kids for Thanksgiving, much to Sage’s delight. Brad and Katie investigated Spencer’s appearance in Chicago in order to get Henry out of jail. Dani placed a call and confirmed that Spencer had to be killed. Emily was left out in the cold on Thanksgiving night.

THIS WEEK: Casey tries to get over Emily.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Katie warned Owen to stop pursing Donna. Ridge and Brooke planned their upcoming marriage that will include an extravagant rehearsal dinner. Rick attempted to win over Steffy. He turned on the charm, but she remained skeptical about being any more than a friend. Eric seemed satisfied that Donna had passed his test. Thorne pressed Eric to give Stephanie one more chance. Stephanie and Katie got into a major battle of wills about their families. Thorne had damaging information about Donna and was ready to share it with Eric. The decision Eric made left one woman confused and the other optimistic.

THIS WEEK: Donna and Stephanie compete for Eric’s affection.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole suffered a miscarriage. She tried to tell EJ what happened, but ultimately she couldn’t get the words out and he called Dr. Baker. Sami escaped from Hilda’s care and went to a convent where she claimed to be named Colleen. Chloe assured Lucas and Brady doesn’t matter to her anymore. After overhearing Hope talking to EJ about Stefano’s involvement with the children, Rafe understood why Sami must be protected from the DiMeras. Philip saved Melanie after she tried to steal a wallet and got caught. Feeling bad for her, Philip offered her a job. Daniel learned more about Kate’s condition.

THIS WEEK: Nicole continues to act pregnant.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax warned Nikolas that he intended to buy Wyndemere along with all of Spoon Island. Sam and Elizabeth prepared the cabin for the Russian attack. Elizabeth was forced to shoot a Russian who threatened Sam with a knife. Jason was sprung from PCPD thanks to Spinelli. When Jason reached the cabin, Elizabeth had just made a shocking discovery. Carly begged Sonny not to enter a marriage of convenience with Claudia. The Justice of the Peace arrived at the Zaccharas, ready to conduct the ceremony for Claudia and Sonny. On Thanksgiving, Patrick and Robin share a dream about how things might have turned out if they hadn’t met when they did.

THIS WEEK: Kate wants to make Sonny suffer for breaking her heart.

GUIDING LIGHT — Buzz discovered Beth waiting for her lover, unaware that it’s Coop, and advised her to never let Alan know that she’s been cheating on him. Mallet and Marina admitted that they still want to get married. Reva met with Dr. McCabe about her cancer. After first rejecting chemotherapy because it might hurt her baby, Reva relented and agreed to take the treatment. Thanks to Alan’s interference, Lizzie was unable to suppress the evidence of the jacket and the grand jury indicted Bill for kidnapping. At the hospital, Lizzie hugged Bill and he finally opened his eyes and spoke. Remy and Christina’s annulment hit a snag.

THIS WEEK: Natalia deals with her tough financial situation.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Brody was allowed to go to St. Ann’s for psychiatric rehabilitation rather than prison. Jessica also wound up at St. Ann’s where she met Brody. Viki was overcome with anger about Jessica’s illness. She went to the Lord mausoleum and used a crowbar to disfigure her father’s grave. Charlie comforted Viki. Marty told John the extent of Todd’s lies and how badly she feels about what happened. Blair and John were confused by Todd and Marty and found comfort in each other’s arms. Cole learned from Starr that Todd planned to take baby Hope and raise her with Marty. Sarah let Cristian know that she was fed up with Vanessa.

THIS WEEK: Marty and Blair have an awkward encounter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley told Victor that she and Abbey were moving back to Genoa City permanently. Brad and Phyllis formed an alliance to break up Sharon and Jack’s marriage. Victor blamed Nikki for the fake journal and she finally stood up to him. Kay had no memory of Marge’s life and was an awful waitress, but she was determined to do the job. Chloe told everyone at Thanksgiving that she and Cane’s baby is a girl. Adam asked Heather to marry him for Christmas. Social services learned that Ana was not Tyra’s child and threatened to take her back to Yolanda. Paul comforted Nikki and they made love. Nick told Michael that Jack and Adam were working together.

THIS WEEK: Victor is confident that the journal will prove to be a fake.

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