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RECAPS – 7/9 – 7/13

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Cole hurries out of the storage room, causing Miles to freak that his secret that he’s hiding Todd will be exposed. But Cole remains silent about seeing Todd, terrified that Marty will be hurt if he speaks up. Miles hallucinates a ghostly Spencer telling him to move Todd, prompting Miles to stash him in the trunk of his car. Tate tells his father that he will continue to act out the OPP’s missions. Kirk loves his son but, unable to accept more innocent people being killed, gets a message out to Bo. Wanting to insure Kirk doesn’t stifle his plans, Tate meets with an OPP comrade. Bo is alerted with Kirk was murdered behind bars and tells a sincerely upset Tate.

THIS WEEK: Jessica’s heart stops and she is rushed in for emergency surgery. Britney discovers some info that would certainly put Cole in his place.

ALL MY CHILDREN – You could hear a pin drop as Greenlee insists Ryan confess that he’s still in love with her. Annie later corners her, wanting to put an end to this issue once and for all. Greenlee refuses to face the truth that Ryan has moved on as Annie assures Ryan that their marriage will survive Greenlee’s interference. Lily sees Jonathan and Ava kissing and, although she says she can accept them dating, she doesn’t really want them to. Ava tries to slow down their kissing, but she and Jonathan end up making love. Meanwhile, Adam spies on Krystal and Derek slow dancing at The Comeback. Jonathan’s kind and decent treatment of Ava leaves her starring-eyed.

THIS WEEK: Jonathan is positively spellbound. Tad suggests he and Krystal live together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sam gets into it with Carly, who tells her she is nothing more than a plaything for Jason. Carly and Liz fight over their loyalty to Jason until Lucky angrily breaks them up. Carly goes off on Lucky for arresting Jason, saying he is jealous and a disgrace to their last name and to Luke. Carly fakes her way into seeing Jason in Pentonville by saying she’s his wife, Brenda, and using Jason and Brenda’s marriage certificate as proof. When Noah tells Eli he’ll do the concert, Eli freaks and tries to leave, but collapses on GH floor. Logan says he has to meet Lulu at the catacomb because he has a Sonny shipment.

THIS WEEK: Anna has an idea on how to save the day. Liz sneaks into visit Jason by using Lucky police badge.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – At the warehouse, Kevin tells Jana via phone that he has $500,000 stashed away for them to use to run away together. Immediately after talking to Jana, Kevin calls Amber and tells her that they need to dig up the suitcase immediately. Jana sends Kevin a message that she will meet him at the water tower. While Kevin and Colleen argue about whether or not he should go through with this, Jana arrives at the warehouse and is angered by Colleen’s presence. When Kevin realizes Jana has a gun, he begins to play along, telling her that the money is in the closet. Kevin, who is still injured from this car accident, is with Colleen and Gloria waiting to see a doctor when Jana is brought in.

THIS WEEK: Amber’s car breaks down after meeting with Kevin and Daniel. Victor runs into Karen, who has just had coffee with Neil.

GUIDING LIGHT – Harley tells Gus she had to handcuff Rafe because he assaulted Rick. Daisy is devastated that Harley wants Rafe to move out. Daisy says that she’ll move out instead of Rafe, and Harley and Gus agree. Gus and Harley tell Daisy and Rafe that they are to have no contact with each other for a few weeks. Dylan, Gus, and Harley discover that Rafe and Daisy are missing. Natalia worries about Rafe’s Diabetes. Gus and Remy search for Harley, and Remy calls Gus out on being jealous of him dating Natalia. Dylan and Harley look for Harley, and reminisce about being together and he impulsively kisses her Natalia is charmed by Alan despite herself.

THIS WEEK: Cyrus learns there was a problem with his green card application. Mallet finds a confused Dinah.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Luke’s completely thrown when he finds Maddie and Noah in bed together. Noah thinks Luke’s jealous because he has a thing for Maddie, but Luke informs Noah that he’s gay. Surprised Noah says it doesn’t matter to him. Meanwhile, Gwen is handed a taped-together page from Cleo’s diary. Gwen, believing Jade off the evidence of the diary, calls Will to warn him as Cleo ties up an unconscious Will. Later, Cleo comes back and promises to take Gwen to Will. Gwen spots Jade whom Cleo has tied to the tracks. Cleo knocks Gwen out ties her up as well. Gwen and Jade stop their arguing and work together, as an oncoming train approaches. Maddie finds Will and unties him, but he’s concerned about where Cleo is.

THIS WEEK: Parker works at getting silent Faith to open up. Emma comforts a guilty Meg, but she can’t take it and leaves.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Hope calls 911 after she and R.J. spend the night alone. Brooke wakes up and realizes she spent the night in her car. Stephanie and Dorothy (from Child Protective Services) arrive at Brooke’s house, and it is revealed that the two know each other from past work on the Abuse Prevention Council. Brooke arrives and is in shock that Donna left the kids home alone. It is hard for everyone to believe Brooke’s story when they smell booze and Stephanie finds the cocktail napkin. Brooke watches as Nick plays with the kids. She tells him she still loves him. Brooke makes an appointment with Taylor and asks Nick to watch the kids.

THIS WEEK: Ridge is concerned about Brooke and torn over what is best for the kids. Nick confronts Stephanie and accuses her of involving Child Protective Services to get revenge on Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Anna flirts with Tony. Marlena visits Sami in the safe house. Kayla wants to have another baby. Grandpa Shawn realizes he must go back to Ireland. Bo and Hope find Grandpa Shawn in the Irish church when he makes an alarming comment. Max is shocked when he discovers Jeremy’s dirty secret. The Bradys converge at the pub to discuss the theory that “Tony” isn’t Tony at all… but Andre DiMera! Tony tells Stefano he had EJ killed. Stefano is beside himself until Steve shows up and informs them EJ isn’t dead. Steve steals some hairs from Tony and brings them to Roman and Bo, so they can compare the DNA to a sample they have from the real Tony.

THIS WEEK: Jett gets angry at Chelsea for sticking her nose in his business. EJ helps Bo set a trap for “Tony.”

PASSIONS – Theresa is in turmoil, hoping the Blackmailer is caught so Luis can be freed, but still fearing if that happens, Ethan will find out her secret. All she can hope right now is that Ethan doesn’t find her tormentor, not knowing Ethan is with him/ her at that very moment, the Blackmailer ready to reveal her secret. Tabitha, lonely without Endora, transforms herself into a cat so she can be close to her daughter while she’s in the Good Witch School. Gwen and Sheridan realize they have something in common when they discuss their murderous urges. They go to Father Lonigan, who tells them demons have been unleashed amongst them!

THIS WEEK: Ethan asks Sheridan to stay with Theresa. Julian is trying to absorb the fact that Tabitha and Endora are witches.

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