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RECAPS - 12/1-12/5


ALL MY CHILDREN — Taylor gasped at sight of Brot’s scars when she saw him for the first time. He tried to push her away, but Jake believed that Brot should give Taylor a chance. Ryan tried to calm Annie, but at her sanity hearing, she flipped out and called Greenlee the devil. Aidan bribed his way into Annie’s room, convinced she was lying. Jake saved Erica’s life in surgery. She later chose to leave the hospital and go to Adam’s home to recover. Amanda was conflicted about tricking JR for David. Krystal was bereft about Babe’s death and pushed a comforting Tad away from her. David drugged Krystal then lied to Angie about her whereabouts.

THIS WEEK: Zach and Reese continue to keep secrets from Bianca.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Luke asked Holden to let him move back home, but when he learned Lucinda and Brian were also staying there, he flipped out. Jack got caught in a financial bind when he couldn’t afford to give Janet a dream wedding – including the $5,000 dress – and also pay the tuition for J.J.’s boarding school. Dusty shot Paul in self-defense when they fought over Josie. Paul recovered, but Dusty was wanted for attempted murder. Dusty later came face to face with Craig at the police station. Katie agreed to give Craig an alibi for the night Paul’s car exploded in exchange to his proving that Brad didn’t kill Spencer because she’s still alive.

THIS WEEK: Craig manipulates Dani to do his bidding.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Thanks to Thorne, Eric rejected Donna, fired her and then reunited with Stephanie. Donna was heartbroken and confused. Phoebe returned home for Ridge and Brooke’s Malibu wedding. Brooke made Stephanie squirm as she went on and on about the wedding plans. Rick was disgusted by Ridge’s request. Steffy told Phoebe about Rick’s advances. When Phoebe saw her ex-boyfriend, she blasted Rick for breaking her heart. Their fight took a tragic turn. Stephanie comforted Taylor over losing Ridge to Brooke. Katie turned on Eric when she couldn’t deal with her fear that Nick would leave her. Ridge was devastated when Rick appeared at the wedding.

THIS WEEK: The Forrester family suffers a loss.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami was thwarted in her attempts to see Sister Theresa. Nicole used a fake baby bump to make EJ believe she’s still pregnant. Stefano decided to have his own obstetrician examine Nicole. At the Dimera mansion, Nicole was stunned when Rafe saw her adjusting her bump. Marlena was stunned that John agreed to therapy with Dr. Charlotte Taylor, her mentor’s daughter. Chloe was found to be a donor for Kate’s bone marrow transplant. Kate gave Chloe her blessing to marry Lucas. Rafe cheered up Sami by giving her photos of her children and a Christmas tree. Steve and Kayla tried to make time for romance.

THIS WEEK: Dr. Taylor sets up her practice right opposite Marlena.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nikolas met Nadine’s Aunt Raylene and was warned not to break her heart. Ric and Anthony congratulated themselves for trapping Sonny, who married Claudia and started running the mob. Jason and Sam searched for Jake and after tracking Russian thugs to a roadhouse, they found Jake but the place went up in flames. Carly enlisted Nikolas in her revenge against Kate and Jax. Trevor warned Kate about Carly’s attempt to get Crimson. Luke followed Tracy to the Dominican Republic to convince her not to divorce him. Robin was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Diane resigned as Sonny’s attorney because of the Zacchara connection. Elizabeth blamed Jason for Jake’s kidnapping.

THIS WEEK: Sonny uses his charm to manipulate Claudia.

GUIDING LIGHT — Over Thanksgiving dinner, Remy was stunned when Christina appeared and told his family about their marriage. Bill came out of the coma and was arrested as the kidnapper. Only Lizzie believed in his innocence, until she saw the scar on his chest that matched the one she made to her kidnapper with the sharpened key. Dinah met an injured soldier overseas. They squabbled, but were drawn together. Dinah had no idea the soldier was Shayne, Reva and Josh’s son. Lizzie hired Cyrus to find the real kidnapper. Olivia made a deal with Decker to get Natalia’s money back. Beth broke off her fling with Coop. Frank brought Eleni home so they could give Marina a big wedding.

THIS WEEK: Rafe decides to get his GED while in prison.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Viki was overwhelmed when Charlie showed her that Carlotta’s diner has been rebuild as a replica of the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Moe and Noelle came for a visit and Moe was hired by Dorian to be her private chef. Dr. Joplin read the autopsy results for the dead baby and blamed herself for a misdiagnosis. Tess told Dr. Bonner that the baby Viki showed her is not hers. John tormented a jailed Todd. Starr confided to Viki how much she misses her baby. Blair had an awkward moment when she saw John with Marty. Moe asked Noelle to stay in Llanview. Vanessa and Lola accepted the fact that they’ll be deported.

THIS WEEK: Tea returns and offers to help Todd out of his predicament.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley surprised everyone when she convinced the board to put her in control of Jabot. Kay believed she was Marge, and was shocked when Pearl swiped her expensive ring. When the ring was not in Kay’s estate, Nikki and Esther reported it missing. Phyllis was ticked off when Sharon and Nick disciplined Noah. Victor used information about Frank to get him to reveal that Jack forged the journal. Phyllis arranged for a romantic night with Nick at the same time and place Jack was celebrating with Sharon. Amber and Daniel decided to quit Restless Style and start their own business. Michael begged Gloria to testify for River.

THIS WEEK: Sharon cries on Brad’s shoulder when Jack disappoints her again.

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