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RECAPS - 12/8-12/12

ALL MY CHILDREN — Jake pushed Brot to confess his real feelings to Taylor, even though that meant Jake would lose Taylor. David lied to Tad about Jamie and Jeff being in trouble in the Congo. With Tad out of town, David continued drugging Krystal. Angie jeopardized her career by saving Rebecca’s life even though she’d signed a DNR. Rebecca has a miracle recovery. Annie tried to kill Aidan. Ryan had her committed to Oak Haven. Zach and Reese continued keeping their secret from Bianca. JR warned Krystal about David, but she believes he’s a changed man. Aidan pretended to be a patient so he could get into Oak Haven.

THIS WEEK: Friends and family mourn Myrtle’s death.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Unable to come up with the money for a fancy wedding, Janet and Jack were finally married in a simple ceremony at Lily and Holden’s. Despite her misgivings, Carly accepted losing Jack. Craig brought Josie back to exonerate Dusty. After meeting with Josie, Meg realized that Paul has been lying to her and she left him. Josie asked Dusty for another chance, but he rejected her. After Brian got drunk at Jack’s bachelor party, he made a pass at Luke again. Casey and Alison bonded at the hospital while caring for a suicidal patient. Brad grew suspicious when Katie wouldn’t talk about Craig.

THIS WEEK: Carly is surprised to run into Craig.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick and Phoebe were in a car accident. Ridge lashed out at Rick when he learned Phoebe died, then Ridge broke the news to Taylor. Steffy went to the morgue to say goodbye to her twin. Rick was filled with self-loathing and turned to Brooke to help him deal with the horrible accident. Stephanie urged Lt. Baker to investigate the crash, believing that Rick should be prosecuted for Phoebe’s death. Steffy added fuel to the fire by telling the cops about Rick’s nefarious plans. Rick went to see Taylor to apologize for the accident. Brooke and Ridge were at odds because of what happened.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie wields her power to bring Rick down.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Marlena was upset when Charlotte moved into the office next door. Brady reluctantly agreed to keep Nicole’s secret and help her get another baby. EJ called Sami and said goodbye so he could commit to Nicole completely. Kayla pointed out to Marlena that she was jealous of John’s therapist. Kate feared that Chloe was having second thoughts about the transplant. Daniel and Chloe both felt an emotional reaction when he tested her for the bone marrow transplant. Melanie caught Stephanie and Philip nearly kissing and rushed to tell Max what she saw. While putting up Christmas ornaments with Hope, Bo fell from a ladder and was knocked unconscious.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Sami grow closer.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu and Maxie became roommates. Sam saved Jake from the fire. Jason returned the baby to Elizabeth. They realized how dangerous it would be for them to be together. Sam told Lucky she won’t give up investigating the Russians. Claudia was suspicious when Sonny was kind to her. When Sasha stabbed Olivia, Patrick cared for her at Sonny’s. Carly and Jax continued with plans to get a divorce, even though they’re still in love. Diane and Sonny parted ways. Luke learned that Tracy didn’t go through with the divorce. Jason told Spinelli to move out of the penthouse for his own safety. Nikolas met Nadine’s high school beau.

THIS WEEK: Jerry plays games with Claudia.

GUIDING LIGHT — Shayne and Dinah disrupted Mallet and Marina’s surprise wedding at Company. Later, at the courthouse, Marina and Mallet were wed. Josh and Reva learned that Shayne might never walk again. Jeffrey confessed his fear of losing Reva, but they were bolstered with hope after meeting Blossom. Beth couldn’t resist another tryst with Coop. Rafe visited Natalia thanks to a work furlow. Bill went against Mel’s advice and gave a statement to Frank about the kidnapping. Cyrus reminded Alan that he was blackmailing him, not working for him. Lizzie was desperate to clear Bill’s name. In order to get a med school grant, Christina needs to stay married to Remy.

THIS WEEK: Olivia explains her actions to Natalia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Viki and Charlie decided to give their romance another try. Tea Delgado returned to Llanview and represented Todd in court. Nora urged Todd to plead guilty in court, but Tea threw a wrench into the proceedings. Reverend Andrew Carpenter conducted a memorial service for Starr and Cole’s baby. Talia and Antonio agreed they’re not ready to talk about marriage. Jessica was mortified that Tess made an appearance to Brody. Rex and Gigi made love for the first time since his accident. Marty plotted her revenge against Todd. Tea advised Vanessa to marry an American in order to not be deported. Jack has tough questions for Todd.

THIS WEEK: Tea interrogates Marty in court.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Pearl returned the ring to Marge. Kay couldn’t remember her life before the diner, but she realized Murphy was a special man. Gloria defied Jeff to testify for River and helped get him exonerated. Jeff entrapped Gloria by using the tainted skin cream against her. Chloe fell from a ladder, but the baby was all right. Billy deduced that he’s the baby’s father, not Cane. Michael discovered that River played him. Nick explained his kissing Sharon in Paris to Phyllis. Jack and Sharon separated. Phyllis urged Brad to make a move on Sharon so she’ll stay away from Nick. Victor planted seeds of doubts in Heather’s mind about Adam.

THIS WEEK: Ashley blasts Jack for his lies and deceit.

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