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RECAPS - 12/15-12/19

ALL MY CHILDREN — Erica had to fire Randi as the face of Fusion when pornographic photos of her turned up on the web. David managed to get some time with Little A. At Oak Haven, Annie was secretly being videotaped. Jake tried to protect Brot from being found by the military police for impersonating a dead soldier. Bianca learned about Reese’s past, including the past that she’d been engaged to a man. David gave Krystal drug-laced eggnog which lead to her having a car accident. Friends gathered for a memorial service in honor of Myrtle. Zach dedicated the Fargate Carnival Room at the casino to Myrtle.

THIS WEEK: Jake has dire news about Kendall’s condition.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily learned that Jade was wanted for robbery. When Jade was apprehended, Derek agreed to help on the case, but would not admit to Lily that he may be Jade’s father. Barbara was forced to commit Paul to the psych ward after his desperate fake suicide attempt. Meg went into labor and Dusty helped her deliver the baby. Holden resented Dusty’s help. Brad discovered Craig and Dani’s involvement with Spencer. Katie convinced Brad not to tell Margo the truth about Craig. Luke finally got Brian to admit that he did make a pass at him. Brian assured Luke that he loved Lucinda. Katie promised Brad that she would steer clear of Craig.

THIS WEEK: Lily tries to get Jade to forgive her.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick was guilt-ridden about Phoebe’s death, but became worried about his future when he faced off with a vengeful Stephanie. Ridge was torn between staying loyal to Brooke or siding with his mother against Rick. Owen met Grace, the model who impersonated Donna. After confronting Thorne, Owen wondered whether or not to tell Donna the truth. Unable to make up with Eric, Donna decided to move back to San Francisco. Donna was stunned to see a familiar face on the plane. Stephanie was determined to get Rick put behind bars. Rick was shocked when Brooke went along with Ridge in his request.

THIS WEEK: Donna finds love again.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole was determined to make EJ continue to believe she’s pregnant. She agreed to pay off Dr. Baker, but couldn’t come up with the $750,000. EJ asked Nicole to let him back in her bed so he could hold her close. Nick gave his alternative fuel patent to Melanie, but Philip refused to buy it from her. Victor overruled Philip. Sami fell in the bathroom. Rafe made sure her baby was unharmed. Charlotte told Marlena that her goal was to reunite John and Marlena. Bo has visions of a child in danger. Max has trouble letting go of a toy dog from his childhood, but then gives it to Theo as a gift.

THIS WEEK: Victor warns EJ about life with Nicole.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie insisted that Johnny share in the rent since he’s spending so much time with Lulu in the apartment. Johnny refused to take Zacchara money and took a job selling Christmas trees instead. The FBI couldn’t convince Jason to turn on Sonny. Running from the Russians, Sam fell into a pit in the woods. Jax had a bittersweet encounter with Carly when he brought a Christmas gift to Morgan. Carly allowed Sonny to see Morgan. Anna and Robert agreed to come to Robin and Patrick’s wedding, and he asked Matt to be his best man. Aunt Raylene died and in her will, left Nadine her plow patent. Luke faked a heart attack scare. Claudia received Jerry’s DVD message.

THIS WEEK: Jason asks Sonny to stop working with the Zaccharas.

GUIDING LIGHT — Mel urged Remy to reconsider ending his marriage to Chrisina. Ava turned up on Remy’s doorstep, ready to resume their relationship. Josh convinced Shayne not to leave Springfield by telling him the truth about Reva’s cancer. Bill decided to run away because his troubles were hurting Lizzie. Grady warned Dinah that Alan would turn lethal if she confessed the truth about Lizzie’s kidnapping. Doris hired Grady because she appreciated his underhanded tactics. Natalia bought the farm when Olivia agreed to rent out a room, but they’re styles clashed under the same roof. Beth decided not to go to China with Alan, while Coop used his affair with Beth as inspiration for his new novel.

THIS WEEK: Buzz worries that Alan will discover Coop and Beth’s affair.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Tea convinced Todd to change his plea to not guilty. Cristian agreed to marry Vanessa so she won’t be deported. Rex discovered that he’s broke, but he wouldn’t take a hand out from Bo. Tea ripped up Marty on the witness stand then went after John. Tess tried to seduce Brody, but he told the doctors the truth about Jessica’s condition. Frustrated with Vanessa and Cristian, Sarah turned to Layla and Talia for advice. Rex was desperate to buy a Wii for Shane, but the store was sold out. Dorian had two Wiis that she bought from a private seller, but no sympathy for Rex’s plight.

THIS WEEK: David Vickers returns to Llanview.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Gloria was arrested and Jeffrey asked her for a divorce. Jack and Ashley learned about the tainted face cream. Billy blasted Jill when she asked him to come to work at Chancellor. Kay gave Murphy the money she earned from pawning her ring. Kay remembered that she has a daughter. Adam tried to convince Heather to leave the country with him, but she had him arrested instead because of the evidence supplied by Frank. Michael confronted River about the real reason for the bombing and how he stole $4 million. When River tried to retrieve the money in the teddy bear, he found nothing but paper. Victor and Ashley rejoiced in his freedom.

THIS WEEK: Nikki and Victor address financial issues concerning their children.

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