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RECAPS - 12/22-12/26

RECAPS – 12/22-12/26

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan and Greenlee connected while giving Emma a merry Christmas. Ryan and Greenlee made love, but he was then told that Annie escaped from Oak Haven. Aiden realized that Annie was delusional, thinking she’s Emma. Zach visited Kendall and her spirit rose to watch over him and their family. JR lost Babe’s shell and when Amanda gave him permission, he took a drink. Krystal discovered that David was drugging her. She lashed out and started a fire by accident. David saved Krystal from the blaze. Taylor was unable to comfort Brot. Aiden was desperate to stop Annie. Greenlee watched a video of Ryan and Annie with Emma. Bianca gave Reese a ring.

THIS WEEK: Ryan has a proposal from Greenlee.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lucy returned to Oakdale with Johnny because the child needs a bone marrow transplant. Alison agreed to get blood samples from the family without letting them know that Lucy is back. As a favor to Barbara, Josie pretended to be Jennifer for Paul’s sake. Jack was ticked when Craig visited the kids with Christmas gifts. Casey was stunned when Maddie turned up and wanted to reconnect with him. Luke was jealous because Noah was glad that Maddie’s back. Derek worked to get Jade exonerated, but he refused to admit that he’s her father. Henry admitted to Vienna that he had the book of their adventures already published.

THIS WEEK: Lucinda suspects that Brian is lying to her.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric and Donna reunited. Selflessly, Donna urged Eric to celebrate Christmas with Stephanie and their family. Stephanie organized a family Christmas despite the sadness over Phoebe’s death. Bridget told Steffy about the evidence she found that proved Rick’s version of the car crash was the truth; it was an accident. Nick gave Katie an extra-special back up gift from Christmas. Stephanie tried to use Ridge’s hatred for Rick to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. Eric told Stephanie about Thorne’s scheme to keep them married. Steffy visited Rick.

THIS WEEK: Donna opens the door to a surprise visitor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole couldn’t come up with the money to pay off Dr. Baker. She used the doctor’s cell phone to find a pregnant teenager named Jill. Bo realized his premonitions are about Theo being in danger. John told Dr. Taylor he must remember his past to reunite with his family. Rafe arranged for Sami to see the twins via webcam. Daniel and Chloe had another sexually charge encounter and could not deny their attraction after the fact. Victor offered Brady a job at Titan without telling Philip. EJ realized that he still misses Sami. Bo, Chelsea and Hope were reminded of Zack. The Hortons celebrated Christmas by hanging traditional ornaments.

THIS WEEK: EJ is worried when Nicole disappears.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Robert agreed to walk Robin down the aisle even though he offered Mac the job feeling that he earned the right. Luke and Robert reminisce about their adventures. Maxie worried that something was going to go wrong at Robin and Patrick’s wedding. On Christmas, Spinelli helped Santa grant everyone their wishes. Monica has a visit from Alan. Carly let Sonny share Christmas with Morgan. Jax and Carly kissed under the mistletoe. Claudia was desperate to find the DVD Jerry hid that reveals her part in Michael’s shooting. Jason rescued Sam. Sam and Lucky recommitted to their relationship. Jason asked Sonny to break with the Zaccharas. Luke and his children share memories of Laura.

THIS WEEK: Luke wins over Tracy.

GUIDING LIGHT — Remy decided not to go to San Francisco with Ava, choosing to stay with Christina instead. Olivia considered not living together with Natalia anymore because they clashed, but when Olivia realized how Emma was affected, she changed her mind. Beth read the first pages of Coop’s new novel and agreed to go to Colorado with him. Shayne set fire to the evidence warehouse, then saved Doris from the blaze when she was trapped inside. Grady stood up for Ashlee. Billy asked Josh to pray for their sons. Shayne was angry that his passport was pulled and he couldn’t leave the country. Marina and Mallet gave each other TV remotes for Christmas.

THIS WEEK: Dinah contemplates confessing the truth to Bill.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Starr convinced Cole that shooting Todd would be a mistake. Starr made a surprise appearance at Todd’s trial and changed the course of the case. Todd was bailed out by Tea. Alone in Marty’s old room, Todd wept for what he’d done. Tess battled with Bess to learn the truth about Jessica’s baby. After getting Clint’s okay, Jared proposed to Natalie. Rex confessed his financial woes to Gigi. Mel visited Dorian and she gave Rex the goods to create a Christmas miracle for Shane. A new David Vickers returned to Llanview. Carlotta was unhappy about Cristian’s marriage to Vanessa. Tea gave Todd a conch shell for Christmas.

THIS WEEK: Marty turns the tables on Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily met "Sonny" and learned that he’s Billy. Nikki and Victor made peace for the holidays. Kay fell on the ice and when she came to, she remembered her name. Michael imagined how the people in his life would be affected if he had never been born. Ana was able to spend Christmas Eve with her family. Adam offered to rat out Jack to Victor, but Vic turned his back on his son. Ashley moved into the ranch. Victor tried to tell Ashley about Mexico, but it was too painful. In his mind, Victor remembered leaving Walter Palin to drown. Amber had a nightmare about Kevin having killed Kay. After his vision, Michael reunited with his family for Christmas.

THIS WEEK: Jill makes a stunning discovery at the mansion.

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