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RECAPS - 12/29-1/2

ALL MY CHILDREN — Annie was subdued and returned to Oak Haven. Krystal spent the night in David’s bed. She was guilt-ridden the morning after when she learned Tad was lost in the Congo. Amanda took the money from David for getting JR to drink. After sharing a friendly kiss on New Year’s Eve, Reese and Zach both tried to convince each other that it meant nothing. Bianca was surprised to meet Reese’s ex-fiancée, Simon. Aidan learned that Dr. Sinclair had a hidden camera in Annie’s room. Ryan proposed to Greenlee and she said yes. Opal read Greenlee’s future, assuring her that all would be well, but privately she was concerned.

THIS WEEK: Erica confronts Zach and Reese.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Alison continued testing until she found a bone marrow match for Johnny. Josie used Paul’s visions to search for Lucy and Johnny. Following a tip, Dusty discovered Johnny and wanted to take off with him, but Lucy convinced him that the boy needed to be hospitalized. Casey was confused by Alison’s hot and cold routine. A drunken Luke kissed Brian and when Noah saw them together, he misinterpreted and punched Brian. Derek told Jade he wanted nothing to do with her. Luke and Jade made up. Craig gave Parker the keys to one of his cars. Jack and Carly were worried about Parker driving on icy roads. Henry warned Maddie not to let Casey break her heart.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s financial problems intensify.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Pam surprised Donna and was later given an invitation she could not refuse. Stephanie learned about Eric and Donna’s reconciliation. Rick accepted his mother and Ridge’s terms, but Ridge wasn’t ready to celebrate the congratulations of his family. Rick and Steffy both had the same New Year’s resolution. The surf line runway show was pressure filled for Owen, Rick and Eric. Donna was concerned about wearing the showstopper in the show. Steffy realized her feelings for Marcus were changing. Stephanie had a disappointing New Year’s celebration. Rick gave them his blessing to Ridge and Brooke to remarry. Taylor received another disappointment.

THIS WEEK: Eric learns who is responsible for the bikini showstopper.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole missed out a chance to buy a baby from Dr. Baker and was ready to confess all the EJ. Instead, he proposed and she was blown away. Kate wondered why Chloe dropped Daniel as her doctor. When Chloe sprained her ankle at the pier, though, Daniel was there to care for her. Sami was unhappy spending New Year’s Eve with Rafe. Charlotte proposed hypnosis for John. Tony assured Marlena that if John didn’t return her love, another man certainly would want her. Chloe warned Brady not to trust Nicole. Chloe and Daniel nearly kissed. Melanie was disappointed that her seduction of Philip didn’t pan out.

THIS WEEK: Bo vision about Theo comes true.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Claudia suspected that Anthony plans to double cross Sonny. Jason asked Sonny to leave the Zaccharas, but he refused when Jason wouldn’t give him back the organization. Johnny was unable to find a job and believed Ric was undermining him. Claudia feared that Sonny would find Jerry’s DVD. Sonny and Carly both went to Michael’s hospital room on his birthday. On New Year’s, Jax admitted that he and Carly share something special. Luke closed the Haunted Star for a private New Year’s with Tracy. Maxie believed Spinelli’s friend Winifred was spying on him. Sam warned Jason that Agent Raynor was asking about Spinelli. Lucky arrested Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Luke sets out to help Johnny.

GUIDING LIGHT — Ashlee asked Grady and Daisy to move in with her when they needed to move out of the hotel. Olivia was unnerved when Alan gave Emma a Christmas gift from him and Phillip. Natalia received bad news from the lawyer about Rafe. Lillian warned Beth not to toy with Coop. Alan proposed to Beth. Shayne was honored by the city for saving Doris from the fire. Because the evidence against Bill was destroyed in the fire, Doris dropped the charges against him. She then tried to have him arrested for arson. Dinah and Shayne kissed. Olivia helped Frank to win over Natalia’s heart by setting the table with her favorite foods.

THIS WEEK: Shayne is haunted by what he saw overseas.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Rex was blown away when Gigi managed to get Puddle of Mudd to perform at Ultraviolet for New Year’s. Marty stunned Todd by going to the house to retrieve her journal. She agreed to go to The Palace for New Year’s with him in order to get revenge, urging Todd to kill himself. John told Blair he bought Rodi’s. Cole warned John about Marty’s anti-Todd research. Bo, Nora and Clint learned that Asa’s fortune was left to David Vickers. David left a monastery to make amends with Addie. Tea called Ray to say their plan was on track. Sarah couldn’t take Cristian’s new marriage. To avoid Viki’s wrath, Dorian left town and met Alex Olanov at St. Blaze’s.

THIS WEEK: Dorian learns the truth about David.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jill returned home to the mansion to find Katharine waiting for her. Jill assumed that Kay was really Marge, her look-alike friend. Jill had Kay arrested for impersonating Katharine Chancellor. In jail, Gloria befriended a confused Kay and helped her to remember her life. Sharon gave Jack back the house and moved out. Phyllis urged Brad to pounce on Sharon when she saw her alone on New Year’s Eve. Victor remembered Sabrina and the baby that was due on Christmas day. Neil and Karen were married and Ana was given to them as a foster child. Tyra was restricted to seeing Ana only during supervised visits. Murphy warned Kay not to trust Gloria.

THIS WEEK: Kevin tells Michael the truth about Kay’s money.

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