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RECAPS - 1/5-1/9

ALL MY CHILDREN — Krystal was stunned to hear about Tad being found in the Congo. Bianca was insecure about Zach and Reese’s closeness. After ignoring Opal’s concerns, Greenlee and Ryan made wedding plans. Ryan and Greenlee and Bianca and Reese decided to make it a double wedding. JR got drunk and confronted David about his actions. David dared JR to shoot him. Bianca told Reese she was going out of town, but secretly spied on Reese comforting Zach. Taylor and Brot kissed, but he told her he didn’t want to rush back into a relationship. Krystal welcomes Tad home, hoping JR hadn’t told him about her entanglement with David.

THIS WEEK: Aidan promises to help Annie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie gave her bone marrow to Johnny. Dusty warned Lucy that Craig would get Margo and the police involved. Lucy said goodbye to Johnny and went on the run again. Paul confused Josie for Jennifer. Barbara and Paul were able to see Johnny and Paul seemed to recover from his psychosis. Carly was unable to get a loan from the bank. Craig convinced her to take his money by telling her that Jack would disapprove. Lucinda was stunned to hear that Brian made more than one pass at Luke. She threw Brian out. Casey and Ali’s attempt to get Luke and Noah reunited backfired.

THIS WEEK: Janet and Jack face financial troubles.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL The showstopper was a huge success on the runway and Donna was forced to tell Eric who designed the bikini. Stephanie sounded off in Eye on Fashion causing a major shockwave in the fashion industry. Donna urged Bridget to give Owen a second look. Brooke slapped Stephanie’s face after an untoward comment. Steffy was distracted while spending time in Big Bear with Marcus. Bridget warned Rick that he was playing with fire. Ridge and Brooke had an unconventional Malibu wedding. Katie was insecure about Nick’s love. Stephanie and Rick had a major fight and left it to Eric to decide who was in the right.

THIS WEEK: Bridget walks in on Rick doing exactly what she told him not to do.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole tried to convince Mia that she would be a good mother to her baby, then asked Brady to pretend to be her fiancé. EJ learned about Chloe and Lucas’ engagement and said he was marrying Nicole. Chloe was unsure about Kate’s engagement party plans because Chloe can’t get Daniel out of her mind. Sami cared for Rafe during his illness, but was tempted to make a call when she had the chance. Maggie convinced Marlena to do research into Charlotte’s background. Despite Hope’s request, Bo refused to let Kayla investigate his visions. With her sexual desire zapped, Kate broke up with Daniel saying she wants to concentrate on her family.

THIS WEEK: John refuses to leave Salem without Doc.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly warned Claudia that she was determined to have Sonny dump her. Ric revealed that Anthony had Johnny framed for assault so they can pull him back into the business. Lulu fumed at Lucky when he arrested Johnny. Olivia got a job offer from Jax. Maxie suspected the Winifred was a danger to Spinelli, but he took her concern as proof of her being jealous. Nadine revealed to Nikolas that her fiancé died in Iraq. Nikolas offered to buy the patent and deal with Equinox for Nadine. Claudia told Johnny about Jerry’s DVDs. Luke got the charges against Johnny dropped. Diane urged Alexis to get Jax and Carly to reunite rather than divorce.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Jason clear the air.

GUIDING LIGHT — Lizzie was unable to shake her doubts about Bill being her kidnapper. Because he can’t remember what happened, Bill assumed the worst of himself. Daisy assured Bill he wasn’t a kidnapper. Daisy urged Bill and Lizzie to go to a doctor to recover his lost memories with hypnosis. Alan offered the hypnotherapist money to keep Bill in the dark. Dinah’s life was threatened at the Community Center by one of Shayne’s charges. Jeffrey proved to Reva that his heart is in the right place to be a parent. Emma recognized that she and Olivia and Natalia were more of a family than traditional families. Remy got Christina to sign financial aid forms instead of divorce papers.

THIS WEEK: Reva continues working on her video to her unborn child.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — At St. Blaze’s, Dorian learned about David and the Buchanan fortune. Mel appeared to warn Dorian not to get involved. Marty convinced Todd to throw himself off the roof into the icy river. John rescued Todd and Blair gave him mouth to mouth. Marty took off with a biker named Wes, waking up with him. David refused Jared’s offer of a large sum of money to leave Llanview. I.C.E. responded to Sarah’s call about Vanessa and Cristian’s sham marriage. Jared and Natalie announced their engagement. Starr’s new science teacher is a cool guy named Schuyler, who happens to be Dr. Joplin’s son. Jessica apologized to Brody for Tess’s actions.

THIS WEEK: Viki can’t turn her back on Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria feared that Victor was replacing his family with Ashley and Abby. Billy felt the baby kick and he and Chloe bonded over their unborn child. Nick accepted Victor’s invitation to work at Newman again, splitting his time there and at Restless Style. Daniel agreed to be on the cover for a “Men We Love” issue of the magazine. To stay in jail and close to Kay, Gloria ruined her bail hearing. Nikki confronted Kay and decided that she was Marge, the fake Kay. In New York on business, Sharon told Nick that she was divorcing Jack. Murphy bailed Kay out when a guilty Kevin gave him Kay’s money. Michael flipped out when he learned about Kevin and the cash.

THIS WEEK: Kevin tells Michael the truth about Kay’s money.

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