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RECAPS - 1/12-1/16

ALL MY CHILDREN — Tad rejected Krystal for her relationship with David. He refused to let her see Jenny, forcing Krystal to take him to court for visitation rights. She took pills before taking the stand, became emotional and spilled the pills in front of everyone. Tad was given full custody of Jenny. David told Zach that Kendall had only days to live. Zach was desperate to get Kendall at the top of the transplant list. Josh reappeared and took Reese hostage. Aidan signed divorce papers so Greenlee could marry Ryan. Aidan was locked in a cell beside Annie, talking with her through the air vent. Amanda bought an early pregnancy test, fearing she’s carrying JR’s child.

THIS WEEK: Erica faces a difficult decision.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig and Dusty were at odds over custody of Johnny. Parker and Johnny were in danger, but Craig arrived in the nick of time to rescue them. Brad urged Katie to testify against Craig, but she ultimately couldn’t do it. Lily suggested Craig marry Carly so he have a better chance at getting custody of Johnny. Brad felt betrayed by Katie’s choosing Craig over him. Luke and Noah reunited. Lucinda refused to talk to Brian, but finally he admitted he was gay and they found closure. Carly and Janet convinced Jack that Parker and Liberty deserved to be trusted. After getting shot by the robber who got Jade in trouble, Derek agreed to have a test to determine if he’s Jade’s father.

THIS WEEK: Craig and Dusty vie for custody of Johnny.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric made an executive decision and rubbed Stephanie the wrong way. Marcus suspected that Steffy’s feelings for him have changed. Bridget warned Rick not to do anything that would tick off Ridge. She was shocked to walk in on Rick ‘playing with fire.’ Stephanie and Jackie commiserated about their love lives after consuming many martinis. Thorne lashed out at Eric, accusing his father of favoring Rick and Ridge over him. Ridge confused Steffy for Phoebe during an emotional meltdown. Katie learned what Nick’s been hiding and how important it is to him. Nick determined Katie’s true allegiance.

THIS WEEK: Ridge has another emotional meltdown.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole learned that Mia is having a girl and will deliver in a week. Mia was unsure about giving her baby to Nicole, but the two women bonded. Tony saw Mia at the mansion and told EJ. Brady snuck in to Charlotte’s office and saw John’s hypnotherapy session on her PC, proving that he remembered Marlena. Daniel and Chloe made love again, unable to deny their passion. Thanks to Melanie’s testimony, Nick got a reduced prison sentence. EJ began to charm Melanie to get the Alternate Fuels Project away from Titan. Stephanie and Max both agreed they’re not a couple, but others saw it differently.

THIS WEEK: Nicole makes a desperate move to get Mia’s baby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL To protect Spinelli, Jason made a deal with the Feds, but he was unhappy becoming an FBI informant. In a meeting with Sonny, Jason was honest and the two came to an understanding of sorts. Matt chased Maxie until she finally agreed to go out on a date with him. Patrick suggested that Robin speak with Lainey about post-partum depression. Sam decided to become a private detective, and her first case was helping Jason to gather evidence to use against the Zaccharas. Jax and Carly both delayed the divorce proceedings. Kate was suspicious of Claudia’s past relationship with Jerry. Nikolas confessed to Alexis that he still misses Emily.

THIS WEEK: Ric blabs to Claudia about Anthony’s plan.

GUIDING LIGHT — Dr. Wenkel refused Alan’s bribe, but under hypnosis, Bill couldn’t remember the kidnapping. Alan urged Lizzie to channel her energy into Phillip’s dream of new Springfield. Emma gave a presentation at school about her “Two Mommies.” Olivia was perturbed by the implication, but she and Natalia agree they like living together. To keep her nerves in check, Remy got Christina angry before the MCAT exam. Marina and Mallet learned that they cannot have a baby. Reva discovered that Shayne is being followed. Shayne also revealed that he lost the love of his life, Lara, and blames himself for her death. Bill lured Lizzie to the factory, hoping his memories would return. Blake found Coop’s manuscript and thought he was writing about her.

THIS WEEK: Ashlee is attracted to Grady, even though he only has eyes for Daisy.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Bo and Nora learned that Matthew bought a joint at school, but he admitted only giving in to peer pressure. Cole, however, was buying drugs to deal with his pain over his mother’s strange behavior. John challenged Marty to stop the self-destructive behavior. Tea received a message from Ray to enact more of his plan. Vanessa warned Lola not to talk to Tea about Ray. Jessica went to the vineyard cottage to remember Chloe’s birth. In group therapy, Brody discovered the truth about his Iraq encounter with a boy. Rex told Shane about the facts of life. Starr learned that Cole was taking drugs. Despite advice from Madame Delfina, Dorian was unable to seduce David.

THIS WEEK: Rex has a surprise for Gigi.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Prompted by Phyllis, Brad ‘accidentally’ met Sharon in New York. Nick discovered them together and Brad revealed all. Nick confronted Phyllis and she admitted she was motivated by insecurity. Heather convinced Adam to take the plea agreement that included jail time. Michael and Lauren were unconvinced that Marge is Kay. Amber believed Kevin killed Kay. When Amber went to the diner, Kay remembered her. Ashley was disturbed by Victor’s treatment of Adam. Chloe noticed similarities between Cane and Billy. Neil and Karen decided they want to adopt Ana, which made Tyra defensive. River disguised himself as a priest to create a new life, leaving Eden and Michael behind.

THIS WEEK: Victor continues plotting with Jill.

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