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RECAPS - 1/19-1/23

ALL MY CHILDREN — In an exchange of bullets, Zach shot Josh. As Josh was dying in Erica’s arms, Zach begged her to allow Josh’s heart to be transplanted into Kendall’s body before she died, too. Erica agreed to the operation and said goodbye to Josh. Annie remembered killing Richie. Amanda discovered she was pregnant and contemplated having an abortion. Jake and Angie confronted David about drugging Krystal. David forced Jesse to arrest Angie for breaking into his home, then suspended her from the hospital. Reese comforted Zach and was surprised at how much she cares for him. Taylor challenged Brot to get on with his life.

THIS WEEK: Kendall awakens and sees Zach again.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Emma urged Paul to let Meg go. Paul pleaded with Meg to let him visit with Eliza. Carly agreed to marry Craig in part to show Jack that he doesn’t control her life. Emily proposed to Dusty so he could hold on to custody of Johnny, but he rejected her because of her past. Dusty then asked Meg to marry him. Sage was furious with Carly for saying yes to Craig, so she moved in with Jack. Jade learned that Derek was her father, but when Bonnie arranged for them to meet, she was insulted by his offering her money. Katie and Brad had a heart to heart talk and decided to recommit to their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Paul acts fast to keep Meg from marrying Dusty.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — The Forresters were under pressure as they put the finishing touches on the new collection. Meanwhile, Nick shocked the Forresters and the fashion world with the new Jackie M line. Nick introduced a new president of Jackie M. Brooke and Katie were stunned by Nick’s actions. Eric had some choice words for Jackie when he discovered what she pulled off. Bridget was breathless after a run in with Owen. Rick concocts a new plan to be able to have a future with Steffy. The powers that be at Forrester Creations all point fingers at each other after seeing the success at Jackie M.

THIS WEEK: Nick makes up with Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe rushed Sami out of the safe house just before the killer appeared. Rafe confronted the killer while Sami stayed at the convent. Chloe accidentally revealed to Nicole that Sami’s having EJ’s baby. Nicole went to the convent and plotted to get Sami’s baby from Sister Theresa. When Marlena learned Charlotte’s sessions with John hypnotherapy were fraudulent, Charlotte tried to inject Doc with a toxin. John intervened and took the shot. He survived and recovered all his memories, but was paralyzed. Marlena and John were married before leaving for Europe where he could receive treatment. Chloe tried to settle on life with Lucas, but she and Daniel gave in to their passion again, nearly getting caught by Kate.

THIS WEEK: Sami cannot deny her feelings for Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — On Emily’s birthday, Nikolas confessed to Monica that he cannot move on with Nadine because he’s still in love with Em. Claudia seduced Ric and got him to reveal Anthony’s plan for Sonny. Jason was unable to keep Sam from trying to infiltrate the Zacchara organization to help him with the Feds. Patrick feared Robin was showing the symptoms of post-partum depression and asked Jason and Nikolas for their opinions. Carly also recognized Robin’s condition. A crisis erupted at the hospital. Spinelli tried to find out how Jason got him out of trouble with the FBI. Sonny told Kate he would track down the person who shot her. Maxie realized Lulu wants a love story like Luke and Laura’s.

THIS WEEK: Kate finds out about Jerry’s DVDs.

GUIDING LIGHT — Natalia was unaware of the implications of Emma’s “My Two Mommies” class presentation, so Olivia explained it to her by kissing her on the mouth. Natalia then reconsidered her future and accepted a date with Frank. Buzz suffered chest pains which he passed of as heartburn. Coop and Beth went public with their relationship. When Lizzie reacted negatively, Coop wondered if she was jealous of Beth. Believing that Lizzie needs her father, Bill asked Rick to help him find Phillip. Lizzie was so frazzled that she gave Roxy to Lillian. Bill adopted Roxy. Reva and Josh organized a memorial for Lara, the girl Shayne loved. The man following Shayne turned out to be Edmund. Lara was his daughter.

THIS WEEK: Remy contemplates an offer from Johns Hopkins.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Bess and Tess agreed to keep the truth about the baby from Jessica. Jessica resumed control even as she admitted that she allowed Tess to terrorize Natalie and Jared to get revenge. Natalie refused to forgive her sister. Bo and Nora offered Lee a deal if she would set up Todd. Wes told Brody that the boy he shot in Iraq was unarmed. Brody and Jessica shared their breakthroughs and bonded. David challenged Dorian to live up to her announcement. Delphina had an ominous prediction for Noelle. Starr covered up Cole’s drug use. John and Blair agreed to disagree about Todd and Marty. Tea reels in Lola.

THIS WEEK: Natalie has it out with Jessica.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Brad decided to seek custody of Abby in court. Nikki urged Nick to accept Phyllis as she is. Brad turned the tables on Phyllis by setting up Nick to meet Sharon at a bar in Brad’s place. Jack received divorce papers from Sharon. Paul interviewed Murphy and told Nikki he believed that Marge is Kay. Amber agreed to pay for Kay’s medical treatment. Daniel, Jana and Amber plotted to break into the pawnshop to get the records about who claimed Kay’s ring. When Neil and Karen considered adopting Ana, he approached Tyra to talk about it, and she broke down emotionally and kissed him passionately. Gloria refused to sell her Jabot stock to Jill. Jill made Jeffrey a tempting offer.

THIS WEEK: Gloria contemplates Victor’s offer.

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