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RECAPS - 1/26-1/30

ALL MY CHILDREN — Tad investigated Dr. Sinclair because Greenlee and Ryan believe the shrink has a vendetta against Annie. Sinclair had Aidan put through electroshock therapy. Annie kept true to Aidan’s instructions to continue being crazy. Bianca and Reese shared a bridal shower with Greenlee. Reese’s mother was a surprise guest and slapped her daughter before Zach sent her away. David taunted JR about whether or not he’s really the father of Amanda’s baby. Krystal wasn’t sure she wanted to sign the divorce papers that David gave her. Bianca told Kendall the truth about Gabrielle. Reese confessed her close feelings for Zach. He labeled it only friendship.

THIS WEEK: Jesse, Jake and Tad team up against David.

AS THE WORLD TURNS At the last moment Carly backed out of her wedding to Craig. Unaware of that fact, Dusty to Meg to Reno for a quickie divorce and then married her. At the custody hearing for Johnny, Josie declared that Meg and Dusty’s wedding was just for Johnny’s sake. The judge ruled to give Craig full custody of the boy. Katie managed to get Brad his job back at Oakdale Now by agreeing to let their attempt to get pregnant be filmed for a reality TV show. Emily offered Jade a lot of money to break up Casey and Alison’s developing relationship. Jack’s money troubles are getting to him.

THIS WEEK: Holden and Lily fight about Carly.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Nick was concerned that he hurt his relationship with Katie by keeping his actions for Jackie M. from her. Nick and Eric settle on a deal that will benefit both of them. Bridget made a brash move to change her future direction. Stephanie took the opportunity to kick Rick while he was down. Unhappy with Clarke’s latest designs, Jackie agreed to meet the new designer Nick selected. Katie was brutally honest with Nick. Eric gave Steffy advice that she used in deciding what to do about Rick. Brooke was shocked to hear who Ridge thinks betrayed Eric. Stephanie investigated to find the truth and learned the unthinkable.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie makes a major decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Mia and Sami both went into labor at the same time. Nicole had to deliver Mia’s baby at the apartment, then brought the newborn girl to the clinic. When she saw Sami’s newborn daughter, Nicole convinced Dr. Baker to let her switch the girls so she could raise EJ’s blood. Daniel believed that Chloe belonged with Lucas. The killer tortured Rafe to get to Sami, but in a fight, the killer was severely hurt and escaped to the pier. Maggie brought him to the hospital where Kayla thought she recognized him. Bo had a vision of Hope shooting Kayla. Steve found a connection between Stefano and Marino’s killer.

THIS WEEK: Nicole presents EJ with the baby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Kate found the DVD from Jerry and learned about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. Before she could reveal the truth, she collapsed in the boardroom. Claudia passed out before she was able to finger Anthony for shooting Kate. Spinelli and Jason discovered a domestic terrorist threat involving a shipment to Port Charles. Patrick tried to save the operating room team, including Matt, Monica and Elizabeth. Nikolas saw a woman who looked like Emily at the hospital. Robin continued to be in denial about having postpartum depression. Agent Raynar ordered the hospital quarantined. Ric has a dangerous confrontation with Anthony.

THIS WEEK: Sonny asks Anthony about Kate’s shooting.

GUIDING LIGHT — By getting him to save her, Dinah kept Shayne from jumping off the roof. Alan questioned Olivia about Emma’s living arrangements after learning about the “My Two Mommies” presentation at school. Bill searched for Phillip by himself and wound up chasing a man to a remote shack. After being knocked out, Bill came to and told Billy that he remembered that he didn’t kidnap Lizzie. Lizzie refused to sell Company despite Alan’s insistence. Cyrus charmed Lizzie and they kissed. Coop assured Beth that his novel would not be published, but Blake had other ideas. After convincing everyone that Lara was his daughter, Shayne and Edmund met to talk about Lara.

THIS WEEK: Frank continues to romance Natalia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Dorian gave her fortune to Moe, and then tried to get David to sign away his worldly goods to a fake charity. Rex intervened before David could sign anything. Tea tried to sway Starr’s testimony in court by telling her about Todd’s suicide attempt. To protect his daughter, Todd broke the law again. Lee escaped from the safe house before Nora could call her to the witness stand. Wes told Brody that Lee was responsible for ruining his family. Brody and Jessica had an emotional goodbye when she was allowed to leave St. Anne’s. Cole flaunted his drug use. Viki brought Chloe to visit Jessica, even though Natalie objected. Natalie said Jessica was a danger to her children.

THIS WEEK: Clint decides to tell David the truth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor asked Brad to resign from the Newman board. Gloria agreed to sell her Jabot stock to Victor. He gave the shares to Jill on the condition that Billy be named CEO. Sharon and Jack hashed out their relationship and ended their marriage. Brad went to see Sharon at the winter cabin and confessed his love, but she didn’t feel the same. Later, his car broke down in the snow. Noah and Eden lied about going to a bowling party to go skating on a remote lake. Noah fell through the ice and suffered hypothermia. Noah told Nick and Phyllis that he had help climbing out of the water. The ring from the pawnshop fit Kay perfectly. Esther accepted Roger’s proposal.

THIS WEEK: Roger clashed with Clint about the plan.

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