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RECAPS - 2/2-2/6

ALL MY CHILDREN — David made Krystal look like a hero when she returned a lost Kathy to Tad. As payback, David told Krystal to marry him. Amanda learned that the father of her child is David. JR moved Amanda into the mansion for her protection. Erica and Greenlee fought over control of Fusion. Kendall was unsettled by Reese and Bianca being in her home, so Zach had them move into the casino. Jesse found a stash of pills at David’s and forced him to reinstate Angie to the hospital. Ryan got Opal to give Greenlee a fake reading that was all positive. Aidan pushed Annie to help him determine how Richie was connected to Sinclair.

THIS WEEK: Kendall admits she’s not happy about Zach fathering Gabrielle.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie and Brad learned that she might not be able to have children. Vienna told Henry she wants a baby with or without him, and then changed her mind. Jack fumed when Janet forced them to socialize with Carly and Craig. Craig tried to charm Carly. Paul manipulated Josie and abducted Eliza. Dusty and Meg searched for Eliza, even though Holden warned Meg to keep Dusty out of it. Jade believed that she successfully broke up Casey and Alison and asked Emily to pay up. Paul sent Josie away and promised to return Eliza to Meg. Before he could follow through, Paul was mugged at an ATM and his car – with Eliza in it – stolen.

THIS WEEK: Paul is desperate to find his daughter.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Stephanie overheard Steffy and Rick discussing what he did to Eric. Steffy made a promise to Ridge that she may not be able to keep. Stephanie made new demands of Rick and when he refused to give in, she threatened him. Nick and Katie cleared the air and made up. Jarrett believed that a mysterious Madame X was the new Marone designer. Nick knew exactly who she was. After learning the truth about Steffy and Rick, Taylor called James Warwick to conduct a family intervention. Ridge was frustrated by Eric’s attitude about the culprit who stole their collection. Rick was surprised by Brooke’s reaction to his confession.

THIS WEEK: Katie confronts Madame X.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Marino’s killer faced off with Hope and in the exchange of gunfire, Kayla was shot and seriously injured. When the killer died, Sami was able to leave the convent, but hesitated. Nicole presented EJ with his new daughter, Sydney. Sami named her baby Grace. Maggie warned Chloe to stop her affair with Daniel. Victor and Phillip discussed burying Melanie when she balked about the fuels project. Hope was furious at Bo for not sharing his vision with her about Kayla’s shooting. Hope was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting. Max and Stephanie agreed that they were falling in love. Brady questioned how Nicole got a baby.

THIS WEEK: Sami contemplates her future.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jax and Carly were separated by the hospital quarantine, but managed to convey their love. Anthony tried to silence Claudia once and for all. Trevor found Anthony out of his wheelchair. Claudia told Sonny the truth about Anthony shooting Kate. In a tense standoff with man desperate to leave the hospital, Sam pulled a gun. She inadvertently shot Jason in the arm. Elizabeth and Lucky rekindled their closeness. Robin discovered Emma’s illness, but while rushing her to the hospital, the car broke down. Maxie and Johnny decided not to cheat on Spinelli and Lulu, respectively. They found Robin in the snow, but not Emma. Tracy collapsed. Spinelli risked his life for Winifred.

THIS WEEK: The hospital suffers another disaster.

GUIDING LIGHT — At the Lamaze class, Jeffrey passed out after seeing a film about the birthing process. Shayne confessed his part in Lara’s death to Edmund. Alan confronted Beth about her affair with Coop and demanded that she marry him. Coop received an offer to teach at Stanford. For his own protection, Buzz locked Coop in the basement. Doris used Emma’s “My Two Mommies” presentation as a political weapon. Mallet told Marina the truth about his years working for Griggs. Remy turned down the admission to Johns Hopkins University, but got Christina a similar offer. Shayne and Edmund agreed to work together on a building dedicated to Lara’s memory.

THIS WEEK: Emma is shunned by friends at school.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — When Todd was found with Lee’s dead body, Tea saved him from arrest by claiming that she stabbed the woman. Jack thanked Starr for lying on the stand to protect Todd. Nora stunned the court by accusing Starr of perjury. Todd gave a public apology to his victims to save Starr from being charged. Dorian proposed to David. On Clint’s orders, Rex – with Gigi in tow — followed them to Las Vegas to stop the wedding. After seeing Marty with Wes, John asked Fish to do a background check on Wes. Cole stopped Matthew from smoking a joint. Schuyler destroyed his mother’s letter implicating Todd.

THIS WEEK: Viki implores Natalie to make up with Jessica.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Noah remembered that Brad saved his life. JT and Colleen discovered that Brad was dead. Nick went to tell Sharon about Noah and they were stranded in the cabin because of the weather. He read Sharon’s letter and they made passionate love. Victor told Neil that Brad’s death was no great loss. Victor wants Ashley to take Brad’s seat on the board. Michael and Eden cleared the air and he embraced his sister. Jack accepted that his marriage to Sharon was over. Phyllis realized Nick made love to Sharon. He admitted that he loved both Phyllis and Sharon. Abby spurned Victor because of his negative attitude about Brad. Sharon went to Brad’s gravesite and ran into Phyllis.

THIS WEEK: Ashley is confused by Victor’s plans.

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