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RECAPS – 7/16 – 7/20

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate spills her guts to Sonny, confessing that there are times when she regrets having chosen business over a family but also admits that it was way too late in the game to change her direction. She says she’s terrified that her secret being exposed would cost her everything, but Sonny assures her that he pressured Amelia into keeping silent. Sam pleads with Spinelli to help her get into Pentonville so she can explain to Jason why she did nothing when she saw Maureen take Jake. Lulu stays with a recovering Logan, which draws them even closer. A visiting Maxie secretly urges Logan to use his injury to get Lulu into bed. Later, Logan and Lulu’s first kiss is interrupted by Scott and Tracy’s arrival.

THIS WEEK: Carly tries to change her deal with Jerry. Patrick worries that his father.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – The news that both David’s and Jessica’s surgeries went well leaves everyone breathing a sigh of relief. David, however, is feeling somewhat guilty that he blackmailed Clint into paying up for donating a portion of his liver. Clint fights his urge to smack David, who gets some eye-opening news from John. Britney schemes to find the exact right moment to reveal the secret that will certainly hurt Starr and Cole. Cole, meanwhile, is burdened by the weight of the secret and finally cracks under pressure in front of Marty. Miles freaks out when he returns to where he left Todd, and he isn’t there!

THIS WEEK: Dorian acts against her impulses and does the noble thing for her family. Viki and Clint are shocked to learn that Hunter could be out to hurt Sarah.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Jonathan can’t help but stare when Ava comes home from the Fusion photo shoot looking like a dead-ringer for Lily. They make love, but Ava can tell that there’s something different happening with him, like it’s really Lily he’s making love to, not her. Heartbroken, she heads out to the beach while Jonathan is sleeping and encounters a comforting Sean. A hesitant Greenlee holds Spike and eventually starts to play with him whole Kendall and Annie watch. Erica is aghast to see Greenlee with Spike, but Kendall assures her it’s all okay. Krystal discusses with Babe Tad’s offer to move in with him so they can raise their baby together.

THIS WEEK: Kendall’s pain gets progressively worse. Amanda gets angry with JR when he tells her he’s broke.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – At the hospital, Maggie questions Kevin, wondering if Jana’s story about Kevin having a suitcase full of money is true. Kevin and Colleen cover quickly, both denying the story. Later, Michael asks Kevin about the money but again Kevin covers with a quick lie. Colleen and Kevin are discussing what happened with Jana when Adrian enters and is furious to overhear their conversation. Brad confronts Adrian about his research and offers to double his book advance if he drops everything. Adrian counters, saying that he has figured Brad out and knows that he is trafficking stolen art. Brad calls Victoria at J.T.’s loft and tells her that they all need to talk about her pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Victor confronts Nikki for not telling him that Jack no longer owns Jabot. Carson meets a woman who says she knows where Plum is.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie tells Brad that he’s messed with her life for the last time. Brad tells Carly that Katie is on to them. Carly kisses Jack, and says she doesn’t believe Jack when he says that they are over. Vienna tells Jack what Brad did, and Jack says he’s ready to propose to Katie, but she’s scared of Carly’s pursuit of Jack. Jack tells Katie that he rejected Carly. Carly and Jack unite to tell Parker about Paul’s death. Katie assures Henry she’s confident that Jack loves her. Jack explains that proposing to Katie has nothing to do with Carly. Jack makes a dinner date with Katie and then meets with Vienna to select an engagement ring. Meanwhile, JJ wants Carly to stop the proposal.

THIS WEEK: Dusty finds Alison drinking. Aaron makes Ali promise that even though they’re on the outs she won’t do anything to hurt herself.

GUIDING LIGHT – When Alex catches Cyrus with her pearls, she surprises him by offering to marry him so he can stay in the country. Alex tells Cyrus, he doesn’t have to do anything more than keep her company and he accepts. Meanwhile, Marina learns that Frank had the INS check up on Cyrus, and tells him if he doesn’t butt out of her life she’ll call Internal Affairs on him. Cyrus holds back from telling Marina his solution to the INS problem. Josh invites Cassie to go skinny-dipping, to show he’s still allowed to have fun. When their clothes are stolen, Reva and Jeffrey offer their assistance. Cassie is uncomfortable with how close Jeffrey and Reva seem. Reva tells Jeffrey she’s not sure about dating him, but is convinced otherwise as he pulls her into his room.

THIS WEEK: Gus convinces Nat to stay in Springfield. Dylan impulsively kisses Harleyjust as Gus walks in.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Brooke is angry that she cannot take her kids home and insists that Stephanie is up to no good. Ridge tries to calm her down, offering to speak on her behalf at the hearing. Ashley supports Ridge’s actions, and Brooke returns home to find Nick, who comforts her and assures her that they will get her children back. Stephanie visits Taylor, informing her of the hearing and suggesting that she attend in case she needs to testify about her conversations with Brooke. Brooke visits Nick and Taylor to ask Taylor for support at the hearing.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie gets upset and refuses to show compassion. Phoebe tells Rick she is not ready to give up her virginity to him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – The Bradys converge at the pub to discuss the theory that “Tony” isn’t Tony at all… but Andre DiMera! Tony tells Stefano he had EJ killed. Stefano is beside himself until Steve shows up and informs them EJ isn’t dead. Steve steals some hairs from Tony and brings them to Roman and Bo, so they can compare the DNA to a sample they have from the real Tony. Jett gets angry at Chelsea for sticking her nose in his business. Jett retreats to the plane and calls Danielle to report Chelsea knows she’s married – but he thinks he can still use her. Chelsea later shows up and apologizes to Jett.

THIS WEEK: Tony decides to return home. Chelsea enjoys a night at the beach with Nick.

PASSIONS – The Demon Elf infects Sheridan with his minions, fueling her rage to kill Theresa! As they have a heated argument, Sheridan sprinkles rat poison in Theresa’s tea. Gwen is near ready to reveal Theresa’s secret when Ethan apologizes for every wrong thing he’s ever done to her. Gwen is affected, but still wants Ethan to see the truth about Theresa. Fancy and Jared search for the Blackmailer… Fancy wanting to clear Luis, Jared wanting to help Theresa, vowing to kill if he loses her. Meanwhile, Theresa sips her poisoned tea while a possessed Sheridan urges her on. Theresa collapses to the floor gasping for air!

THIS WEEK: Gwen grants Ethan a divorce, allowing him to marry Theresa. Whitney is unnerved when Vincent shows up.

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