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RECAPS - 2/9-2/13

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan learned that Aidan was helping Annie and they teamed up to investigate Dr. Sinclair. They found she was involved with Richie when he was in prison. Annie breaks down in therapy and confesses killing Richie. Jesse and Angie’s party turned sad when word arrived that Rebecca died. Kendall agreed to attend Bianca’s wedding only if Reese and Bianca would return to Paris after the ceremony. Reese got drunk and told Zach she has feelings for him. Kendall lashed out at Zach, Reese and Bianca. Ryan and Greenlee decided not to go through with the double wedding. Greenlee rode off on her motorcycle. At the same time, Zach jumped in Kendall’s car as she wildly drove away.

THIS WEEK: Kendall and Greenlee are on a collision course.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul called Meg with news that Eliza was abducted when his rental car was stolen. Josie, Meg and Dusty came to New York to search for the baby. Paul’s vision helped them outwit the thugs and save Eliza. Paul was jailed and Dusty turned on Josie, saying they had no future because of all the lies. Katie decided to trick Brad into impregnating her, and Vienna did the same with Henry. Carly and Craig teamed up to start a new line of vodka, until Carly went behind his back to get Lily to invest instead of him. Reg died from bad drugs. Noah and Luke blamed Elwood. Casey hooked up with Jade, while Matt tried to comfort Alison.

THIS WEEK: Katie continues lying to Brad.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Nick was compelled to tell Katie the identity of Jackie M’s new designer. Ridge learned the truth about Steffy and Rick’s romance. He put lives in danger as he chased Rick down. Rick asked Eric to intervene. Eric decided to let the family decide what to do about Rick. Steffy made a promise to Ridge that she might not be able to keep. Taylor begged Steffy to end it with Rick. Katie confronted Bridget about joining Jackie M. Rick turned to Brooke for understanding. Rick feared his future with Forrester based on Brooke’s questions. Thorne decided to go after Rick’s position if he was voted out.

THIS WEEK: Jackie makes her feelings known.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Phillip fired Melanie. Stephanie wasn’t sure she liked Phillip’s ruthlessness. Furious with Bo over his keeping secrets about his visions from her, Hope moved in with Doug and Julie. Steve offered to quit his private eye work for Kayla. Sami read about EJ and Nicole’s wedding plans and considered crashing the ceremony with Grace in tow. Dr. Baker blackmailed Nicole to keep the truth about the baby from EJ. Brady gave Nicole the money, and then threatened Baker to keep away from Nicole. Chloe broke her engagement to Lucas and asked Daniel to run away with her. Melanie used her photographic memory to re-create the alternate fuels blueprint from Max’s computer.

THIS WEEK: Daniel refuses to run away with Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Robin asked Maxie and Johnny to take Emma to Mercy for treatment while she pitched in at General Hospital. Jason put Anthony in restraints then went to fight the fire engulfing the hospital. Jax tried to land a helicopter on the roof in a rescue attempt. Trevor escaped with one of the spheres. Ric offered his father his hand, but Trevor refused his help. Sam confronted Trevor. Jason held Sam’s life in his hands. Rebecca was freaked out by Nikolas’s intense interest. Carly and Sonny worked together to save themselves from the fire. Lucky and Elizabeth shared a tender moment.

THIS WEEK: Ric warns Sonny not to trust Claudia.

GUIDING LIGHT — With Buzz’s help, Coop took the car and raced to stop Alan and Beth’s wedding. He tried to call Beth, but Alan answered the cell phone and a desperate Coop had a wreck. Phillip saved Coop and took him to the hospital. Phillip appeared at the mansion and stopped the wedding. Beth went to Coop’s side. After surgery, Coop finally came to and reunited with Beth. Bill fought with Cyrus and heard his dog tags jingle, making him believe Cyrus was behind Lizzie’s kidnapping. Phillip offered to help Lizzie get Sarah back. Natalia comforted Olivia when she learned that Phillip was back. Frank arrested Phillip and put him in a holding cell.

THIS WEEK: Alan tries to clear the air with Phillip.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — In Las Vegas, Rex and Gigi were stunned to discover Noelle and Moe were the bride and groom, not Dorian and David. David and Dorian had a Buddhist ceremony. At the Go Red ball, David learned the truth and asked Dorian why she married him. Mathew told Bo and Nora that Cole was the one doing drugs, not him. Todd and Wes got into a brawl on the dance floor. Tea danced with John to tick off Todd and Blair. Gigi crashed the ball and was surprised that she recognized the woman wearing her gown. Jessica admitted to Brody that she doesn’t feel connected to Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Blair is surprised to wake up in Todd’s bed.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick told Sharon that he was going to try and save his marriage to Phyllis. Victor was furious when Ashley and Victoria told him to leave Brad’s Shiva. Nick discovered that Noah had liquor at the lake. Nick and Sharon confronted Noah, forbidding him from seeing Eden anymore. Billy went to the Abbott cabin with Lily for Valentine’s Day. He confessed to her that Chloe’s baby is his. Chloe followed them to the cabin and Lily blasted both of them. Chloe then went into labor. Jill refused to cooperate with Kay’s DNA test. Clint decided to get rid of Kay. Esther backed out of marrying Roger. Jill announced that the DNA test revealed Kay was not Kay.

THIS WEEK: Cane discovers Chloe’s having the baby.

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