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RECAPS - 2/16-20

ALL MY CHILDREN — Greenlee’s motorcycle went crashing into the ravine and despite valiant efforts, she drowned in the icy waters and was presumed dead. Zach took responsibility for driving the car even though it was Kendall behind the wheel. Ryan vowed to make Zach pay for killing Greenlee. Sinclair accused Annie of tampering with the brakes on Greenlee’s bike. In a struggle, Annie stopped Sinclair from stabbing her with a poison-filled syringe. Ryan told Bianca about the kiss between Zach and Reese. Bianca served Reese with annulment papers and she told Zach he cannot see Gaby. Erica supported Jack when he broke down over Greenlee’s death.

THIS WEEK: Bianca shares an emotional goodbye with Erica and Kendall.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Johnny imagined the fairy tale stories with the people he knows in Oakdale playing all the parts. At Paul’s hearing, he wanted to take his punishment for kidnapping Eliza, but Josie spoke for him and he was given a suspended sentence and supervised visitation with Eliza. Meg rejected any financial help from Paul and Josie told Dusty he was losing himself. Craig convinced Carly that they could go into the liquor building responsibly. Katie lied to Brad about starting fertility treatments and using contraception. Despite Noah’s warning, Luke insisted on investigating Elwood’s room. Brad and Henry discussed getting vasectomies.

THIS WEEK: Luke puts himself in harm’s way.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Good and bad feelings arise when Nick and Bridget work together. To prove himself to Steffy, Rick said he accepted his fate. He then left, vowing to be a new man in the future. Ridge suspected Rick’s plan and believed that Rick was manipulating Steffy. Ridge went on a rampage to end their relationship for good. Brooke and Steffy compared notes and feared Ridge misunderstood what he saw. After hearing Jackie’s real feelings about Katie, Nick asked Katie to marry him today. The two got ready for the wedding. When the minister arrived, so did two uninvited guests appeared, anxious to stop the ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Taylor agrees to be Ridge’s ally.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope was suspended from the force and she blamed Bo for not sharing his visions with her. Lucas fell off the wagon. Daniel learned Kate was in remission. Stephanie saw Phillip kissing Melanie, unaware that he was using her to get the alternative fuel project. EJ warned Melanie not to play the Dimeras against the Kiriakises. Nicole nearly slipped up with EJ by initiating sex so soon after she supposedly gave birth. Brady confronted Dr. Baker about blackmailing Nicole. Lucas and Chloe wound up in Daniel’s apartment when a gas heater exploded. EJ assured Stefano that he has Nicole on a short leash.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Hope reach a new understanding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Kate was furious when Sonny told her that he was continuing his marriage to Claudia. Claudia confided in John about ratting out Anthony to Sonny and also Kate’s knowledge of her part in Michael’s shooting. Another of Jerry’s DVDs turned up. Jason and Sam searched for Spinelli and rescued him from an air duct. Maxie and Winifred were both waiting for Spinelli. When a Crimson dress needed to be on display at a New York opening, Maxie put it on and had Johnny escort her to the city. Lulu was upset by Johnny and Maxie’s friendship. Rebecca warned Nikolas to stop stalking her. Anthony remained missing. Sam and Lucky ended their love affair.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Sam team up to find Anthony.

GUIDING LIGHT — Olivia kissed Bill then confessed that she’s afraid she has developed romantic feelings for Natalia. Olivia offered to testify against Phillip to protect Emma from him. Coop met with Beth and gave her a note to read later. He hung on long enough to say goodbye to Buzz. Only living thanks to the machines, Buzz was forced to turn off the switches and let Coop die. Jeffrey worried about Reva having her last chemotherapy session. Alex came to Phillip’s jail cell to urge him to act now if he wants to mend fences with Lizzie. At Coop’s memorial, Buzz spoke poignantly about his son. Alan crashed the funeral and defended the Spaulding name. Phillip arrived with the police.

THIS WEEK: Buzz is out for revenge.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — The morning after the Go Red Ball revealed that Wes was dead in bed and Marty was beside him. Blair awoke in Todd’s bed but learned they didn’t do anything. Fearing that David was going to seize the mansion as Asa’s true heir, Nora, Bo, Clint, Nora and Nigel had a drunken night. Brody confessed to Jessica that he didn’t sleep in his bed. Gigi learned from Stacy that their parents are dead. David treated Clint and Nora the way they treated him. Ray showed up in Llanview having escaped from jail in Colombia and determined to get at Vanessa. Natalie investigated what really happened the night Chloe was born.

THIS WEEK: Starr severs ties with Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy had to go to extreme lengths to deliver Chloe’s baby. When Cane showed up he learned that Billy was the baby Cordelia’s father. Cane blasted Chloe for lying and decided to put his name on Delia’s birth certificate. Chloe nearly died from septicemia. Clint kidnapped Kay and put nurse Annie in charge of her. The DNA test proved that Kay was not Katharine. Kay knew something about Clint only the real Mrs. Chancellor would know. Victor urged Ashley to take Brad’s seat on the Newman board. Jack urged Colleen to assume Brad’s seat. Sharon spent a drunken night with Billy and woke up in his bed.

THIS WEEK: Annie wants to kill Kay since she’s only Marge.

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