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RECAPS - 2/23-27

ALL MY CHILDREN — To keep Gabrielle from being fought over in court, Reese agreed to give Bianca custody. Bianca had a chilly goodbye with Kendall before returning to Paris. Reese moved in with Adam. At the Go Red ball, Reese drank the spiked drink meant for Krystal. She also learned that Kendall was driving the night Greenlee died. Reese confided that fact to Adam who planned to use it against Zach. Amanda couldn’t go through with David’s plan to get JR to look like a drunk. Colby feared her family was broke when Pete told her that Erica cannot repay Adam’s investment in Fusion. Zach told Kendall he will never give up his daughter. Aidan comforted Annie about Emma.

THIS WEEK: Ryan and Kendall turn to each other as they try to heal.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Noah and Luke told Margo all about Elwood and the drugs. Lucy returned to Oakdale and when Johnny was overjoyed to see her. Craig was threatened by Lucy’s connection with Johnny, but she asked him if they couldn’t make peace. Craig apologized to Carly for missing the vodka launch party. Paul picked up a hooker and noticed Meg’s jealous reaction. Meg was ticked when Dusty focused his attention on Lucy. Margo arrested Casey when he was found with drugs and a wad of cash. Casey insisted that Matt framed him. Jade tried to entrap Matt. Katie suffered an etopic pregnancy and was rushed to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Parker is fed up with Craig’s obsession with Johnny.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge told Brooke to stop pleading for Rick because he will never forgive him. Ridge and Stephanie suspected Rick would use his good deed to improve his standing in the family. Rick planted a new idea in Brooke’s mind to save his job. Rick went to see Eric and asked him for his support one more time. Owen learned that his future with the company depended on his loyalty. The press gathered at Forrester for a big announcement. There were mixed emotions after Brooke spoke. Taylor agreed to support Ridge’s plan to break up Steffy and Rick. Stephanie volunteered to help them.

THIS WEEK: Thorne, Pam, Marcus and Owen think Rick needs to learn a lesson.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe found Lucas not breathing after the explosion. She made a deal with God to stay with Lucas forever if he survived. Lucas came to and Chloe kept her word by offering to reunite with him. Daniel was crushed when Chloe ended their affair. Kate overheard the truth and vowed revenge on Chloe. Sami returned to Salem, leaving Grace at the convent. Sami and Lucas were thrilled when Will came home. Hope forgave Bo on the condition he shared all his visions with her. Phillip blackmailed Nicole to get EJ to drop the alternative fuel deal. Victor gave Phillip advice about how to win Stephanie’s heart. Lucas was happy to hear about Kate’s remission.

THIS WEEK: Bo has a vision of Hope making love with another man.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie has a dream in which she sees what life might have been if she had not gotten BJ’s heart in a transplant. Jason told Sonny that he would return the business to him. Robin and Patrick discussed getting a nanny for Emma. Spinelli and Lulu were upset when Kate hired Johnny to continue escorting Maxie for Crimson. Rebecca rebuffed the help offered by Nikolas and the Quartermaine. On her own, Rebecca got a job at Kelley’s and was attracted to Lucky. Anthony turned up alive and lethal. He forced Sonny to choose to grab Claudia or let him go. Tracy liked Ethan and urged Luke to give him a job at the Haunted Star.

THIS WEEK: Nadine ends her relationship with Nikolas.

GUIDING LIGHT — Natalia made love to Frank, but later was worried about her feelings for Olivia. Josh advised Natalia to trust her feelings. Phillip assured Olivia he won’t hurt her and won’t judge her feelings for Natalia. Alan went to Cedars with heart pains. Lillian threw a baby shower for Reva. Jeffrey saw Reva’s videos for the baby and realized how fatalistic she is about her cancer recurring. Buzz tried to convince Phillip to help him frame Alan. Mallet flew to Bosnia to adopt a baby, at the same time that Dinah went there to retrieve Lara’s package. Grady and Cyrus realized that Bill knew the truth about the kidnapping. They tied Bill up and put him on a jet headed west.

THIS WEEK: Phillip tries to prove to Lizzie that he’s a new man.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Cristian stopped Ray and Vanessa confessed that she framed Ray for murder. Ray was locked up in a cell beside Marty. Cristian can’t forgive Vanessa for lying to him. The new DNA test revealed that David was not a Buchanan. Dorian refused to believe it and she and David would not leave the mansion. Natalie and Jared were unable to find the truth about the night Chloe was born. Markko decided not to accept admission to UCLA so he could remain near Langston. Roxy begged Rex not to investigate who his father was because she killed the man. Marty turned to John for help.

THIS WEEK: Cole’s drug use spins out of control.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon inadvertently set up Eden for shoplifting. Michael wasn’t sure Eden was innocent and Lauren couldn’t get the store manager to let Eden go. Victor learned that Colleen was keeping Brad’s seat on the board because Jack was advising her. Karen and Neil lost the right to be Ana’s foster parents when Tyra and Ana tried running away. Esther married Roger then learned he was a bigamist. She shared a reunion with Kay, who was being held by Annie. Cane asked Lily to marry him and raise Delia at the same time that Billy asked Chloe to marry him and raise the baby. Gloria was freed when the evidence proved the face cream didn’t kill Emma Gibson. Jill and Jeffrey became lovers.

THIS WEEK: Clint threatens to kill Esther and Kay.

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