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RECAPS - 3/2-3/6

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan said he was unable to go to Greenlee’s memorial, but finally broke down and attended. Kendall and Zach agreed to stay together and made love. Reese blasted Kendall for vilifying her. Reese took a fall and in the hospital she learned that she cannot see. Ryan found comfort in Kendall’s arms, much to Zach’s displeasure. Erica asked Adam to join Fusion to get his investment back. Amanda was hospitalized when she thought she was losing the baby. JR sobered up and came to her side. Krystal signed a prenup and married David. Taylor and Brot made love. David asked Krystal to have his baby. Jake and Amanda warmed to each other.

THIS WEEK: Aidan and Annie’s relationship takes a new turn.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Noah and Luke found Elwood’s dead body. The drug connection was revealed to be Mark Vero. Casey attacked Matt in defense of Alison. Mark nearly went over the bridge, but Luke and Noah saved him and turned him in to Margo. Meg and Dusty nearly made love. Emily helped Paul make Meg jealous. Paul approached Lucy about why she returned to Oakdale. Henry reluctantly agreed to let Vienna be Brad and Katie’s baby surrogate. Carly and Craig got drunk and made love. Emma gave Jack and Janet a plot of land to build a house. Parker and Liberty were responsible for a fire in Carly’s kitchen.

THIS WEEK: Paul continues to stalk Meg.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Rick and Steffy made love when they believed they were in the clear from Ridge. B rooke was suspicious when she woke up alone in bed the same day someone tried to kill Rick. Ridge learned from Taylor that Steffy had not slept in her bed. Thorne, Pam, Marcus and Owen all felts that Rick needed to learn a lesson. Rick returned to work. Ridge flipped out when Brooke compared their relationship to Steffy and Rick’s. Lt. Baker and Charlie questioned Marcus about the attempt on Rick’s life. Ridge confronted Rick about his secret while Brooke spoke with Taylor about the same information.

THIS WEEK: Rocco Carner, Donna’s ex, makes a sudden return to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe and Lucas kissed and made up, deciding to get married after all. Sami and Lucas reunited with Will. Sami warned EJ not to marry Nicole because she can’t be trusted. EJ was jealous when he saw Sami kiss Rafe. Stefano suspected Sami’s connection to the convent. Hope assured Bo that his vision of her with another man will never happen, but Bo was worried and wound up snapping at Chelsea. Chelsea decided it was time to move out. EJ told Melanie the fuel project was dead. Phillip threw Melanie out of the building. Brady comforted Melanie. Maggie agreed to keep Daniel and Chloe’s affair a secret.

THIS WEEK: Chloe asked Lucas to elope.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Sonny dismantled the bomb rigged to Claudia and saved both their lives. They made love afterward. Jax and Carly also made love, renewing their bond. Edward convinced Rebecca to move into the mansion. Claudia visited Michael. Robin went to the Haunted Star alone and lied to Ethan about not having any children. The FBI urged Jason to turn over evidence against Sonny or else the feds will lock up Spinelli. Spinelli decided to leave the country and Winifred surprised him by joining him on the plane. Lulu met and disliked Ethan. Robin and Patrick had a huge fight about her returning to work. Luke advised Rebecca to walk away from Nikolas.

THIS WEEK: Robin accidentally endangers Emma’s life.

GUIDING LIGHT — Natalia admitted to Olivia that she had sex with Frank. Nat then told Frank it can’t happen again. Beth stepped up for Phillip at his hearing and he hired her to be his attorney. Alan and Buzz got into a shoving match and both suffered chest pains. Phillip saw Buzz at the hospital and learned that he was out to get Alan. Cyrus and Grady tried to cover their tracks and jet out of town with Bill tied up on the plane. Thanks to Dinah, Mallet was able to get a baby in Bosnia. Armed with Grady’s testimony, Doris arrested Alan for Tammy’s murder. Lizzie offered Grady $1 million to not testify. Mindy Lewis visited and the four musketeers – Beth, Phillip, Rick and Mindy – met at the high school reunion.

THIS WEEK: Grady’s plans go awry when he meets Phillip.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Roxy visited an extended care facility and told an unresponsive patient that Rex will never know the truth about his father. Nora offered to let Marty out of jail only if she act like a mother to Cole. Cole’s drug addiction spun out of control. Blair asked John to choose between her and Marty. Rex and Natalie learned that Bess was at the hospital when Chloe was born. Cole was twigged to see Starr kissing Schuyler. Moe invited Ray to live at La Boulaie, much to Dorian’s displeasure. Matthew was in the car when a drugged up Cole sped off. Stacy aimed to break up Gigi and Rex.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Nora receive devastating news.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy decided to marry Chloe after Jack convinced him to commit to a real marriage. Cane and Lily reunited and decided to marry and raise Delia together. Amber and Kevin deciphered a message Kay left for Murphy and found the word Clint. Meanwhile, Kay shocked Clint by remembering Rex. Kevin was trapped by Clint and left in a trunk while Kay and Esther were tied up with a bomb set to go off. Heather was confused by Adam’s behavior when she visited him, unaware that he is going blind. Amber and Gloria rescued Kay and Esther before the bomb went off. Ashley and Victor rejoiced when she learned she’s pregnant. Nick kissed Sharon passionately.

THIS WEEK: Victor proposes to Ashley.

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