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RECAPS - 3/9-3/13

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan inherited Greenlee’s shares of Fusion. He hacked into Cambias files to get ammunition to use against Zach, enlisting Aidan’s help. Aidan and Annie made love. David sued JR for sole custody of Little Adam. Adam took the boy out of the country. David exposed Amanda’s lies to JR. JR told Amanda he was through with her. Zach realized that Ryan was using Kendall to get to him. Dr. Burke warned Aidan that Annie’s grown too attached to him. Zach helped Reese to leave the hospital, then read her a letter from Bianca. Tad tried to convince Krystal that David had her mesmerized. Jack told Opal that her savings have been wiped out.

THIS WEEK: Kendall accuses Zach of having an affair with Reese.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Parker and Liberty tried to run away to California, away from their overprotective parents. When they were dragged back, Parker consulted an attorney and learned that if he was married, he could get his trust fund, so he proposed to Liberty. Brad and Katie went to the hospital with Vienna for the artificial insemination procedure. Henry went along, but he wasn’t happy about Vienna becoming pregnant. Paul and Emily spied on Lucy, Meg and Dusty. Carly helped broker a peace between Craig and Lucy. Later, Lucy called a mystery person and said their plan was in place. Alison turned down a date with Matt. She met Casey in the park and they shared a kiss.

THIS WEEK: Dusty and Meg talk about dating.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — After an attempt on Rick’s life, the cops questioned Owen. Ridge had his own theory about who tried to kill Rick. Later, Ridge made an announcement that surprised everyone, especially Rick. Stephanie refused to believe that the cops arrested the right person. Rick and Steffy had an eerie run-in with Marcus. Donna’s ex, Rocco Carner, turned up in L.A. Donna and Stephanie had a face-off about whether or not Rick’s attacker had been caught. Taylor and Ridge plotted to keep Steffy away from Rick. Stephanie made an uninvited visit to Rick’s house to warn him that he and Steffy were in still in danger.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie’s opinion of Rick remains unchanged.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Philip accused EJ sabotaging Titan when a virus destroyed all the computer files including the alternative fuels project. Chloe urged Lucas to elope with her. Kate continued to plot against Chloe. When the FBI let him go, Sami helped Rafe land a job with the Salem P.D. When Dr. Baker left town, Nicole was confident that EJ would never learn about the fake pregnancy. Rafe advises Sami to stick with her plan and leave Grace in the care of the nuns. Hope was reinstated in the force. Bo had a vision of Rafe and Hope together on the job. Philip threatened to tell EJ that she and Brady were lovers.

THIS WEEK: Sami misses her baby girl.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny and Carly asked Patrick to test Michael for an experimental treatment to change his vegetative state. The results showed that Michael wouldn’t be a good subject. Sonny and Carly were heartbroken. Kate decided not to tell Sonny the truth about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Spinelli was lured into a caper with a femme fatale named Cassandra. Robin left Emma alone in Kelly’s to deal with a hospital emergency. Rebecca was confused when Nikolas insisted that he would stay away from her. Johnny opened a garage. Lucky and Luke clashed over Ethan. Robin didn’t tell Patrick about the incident with Emma. Nikolas was jealous of Lucky’s relationship with Rebecca.

THIS WEEK: Winnifred risks her career to save Spinelli.

GUIDING LIGHT — Frank proposed to Natalia and she realized he would be a good husband. Olivia found herself in an all-girl bar where she ran into Doris. Olivia promised to keep Doris’ secret. When Grady confessed that he kidnapped Lizzie, Phillip refused to be blackmailed by Grady and flung him over the cliff. Daisy was baffled when Grady failed to show up for their big date. The four musketeers — Phillip, Rick, Beth and Mindy – were reunited at the high school reunion. Buzz was furious when Grady failed to appear for Alan’s trial and Spaulding went unpunished for Tammy’s death. Buzz dumped Lillian. Jeffrey threatened to sue Reva to force her to deliver the baby via c-section.

THIS WEEK: Natalia doesn’t want to leave Olivia and Emma.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Stacy put herself in bed with a groggy, drugged up Rex to make Gigi think the worst. Gigi believed Rex when he said he was drugged and she threw her sister out of the house. Cole was high on drugs and drove off from the school dance with Matthew in the car. Cole’s car crashed into Gigi’s with Shane beside her. Michael has bad news for Gigi and Rex about Shane. Bo and Nora also hear heartbreaking news about Matthew. Natalie and Jared think they know what happened the night Chloe was born, but they don’t know how to proceed. Marcie told Starr what she discovered about Hope. Todd insisted that he didn’t stab Blair.

THIS WEEK: Stacy tells Roxy she knows about her secret.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Clint captured Kevin and held him in a closet without food and water. Kevin had a psychic break and reverted to childhood. Gloria, Michael and Jana were desperate to find Kevin before the police did. Victor learned Adam was going blind from the same disease that afflicted Hope. Ashley was determined to do whatever she must to carry Victor’s baby to term. Neil told Karen he would fire Tyra, but he wound up kissing her passionately instead and Devon spied them about to make love. Kay was hospitalized but when she came to, she couldn’t remember Murphy or her recent past. Jill still believed that she was Marge. Kay recalled what Nikki told her about Mexico, proving her identity to Nikki.

THIS WEEK: Kevin’s condition deteriorates.

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