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RECAPS - 3/16-3/20

ALL MY CHILDREN — Amanda planned to leave town before the baby was due without telling David, giving the baby up for adoption, then lying to David about the baby not surviving. Ryan and Kendall went to Connecticut to identify Greenlee’s body, but only recognized her ring. They didn’t look at the corpse, but Aidan did. Frankie accepted Randi’s proposal that they marry before he shipped out to Iraq. Zach saw Ryan and Kendall kissing and realized that they’d made love. Zach was happy that Reese’s eyesight has returned, but heartbroken over all he’s lost. Aidan was disturbed when Annie believed her birthday was Emma’s. JR fooled David by using the tunnels to sneak into the mansion.

THIS WEEK: David loses his temper at the custody hearing.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Parker and Liberty faced a judge to convince him to marry them. Carly tried to stop the wedding, but the judge believed Parker deserved to be emancipated. Jack turned his back on Liberty and Parker. Craig helped the kids, even though Carly asked him to butt out. Noah and Luke were rejected when they tried to rent an apartment. They agreed to use the foundation to fight sexual discrimination. Meg decided not to date Dusty, but he changed her mind and they made love. Paul discovered them together and vowed to destroy them. Emily suspected that Lucy was plotting against Craig. Vienna learned she was pregnant with Brad and Katie’s baby.

THIS WEEK: Parker and Liberty struggle with being married.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Taylor whisked Steffy away without her permission, determined to keep her under lock and key until they could convince her to break up with Rick. Ridge called Brooke but wouldn’t tell her where he and Taylor and Steffy were hiding out. Stephanie threatened Rick and Brooke. Stephanie asked to see RJ and Hope and suggested that they would need her protection. Donna visited Pam in prison. Stephanie followed and promised Pam that she would make the guilty parties pay for what they’ve done to Pam. Taylor apologized to Steffy for the abduction. Stephanie needled Brooke about Ridge always turning to Taylor.

THIS WEEK: Rick continues to fear for his life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate showed up too late to stop Chloe and Lucas from getting married in Las Vegas. Tony charmed Melanie into giving him the fuel project blueprints. Melanie later realized he had doublecrossed her. Bo continued to be haunted by the vision of Hope cheating on him with another man. Sami attended Sydney’s christening, much to Nicole’s displeasure. Mia arrived from Japan to retrieve her baby from Nicole. Tony keeps Nicole’s secret, warning her that he’ll tell EJ the truth when it suits him. Philip vows to make Tony pay for stealing the fuels project. EJ overheard Sami talking to Sister Theresa about baby Grace. Will met Mia at the Brady Pub.

THIS WEEK: Rafe turns down a job in New York to stay close to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny was impressed when Claudia helped him plan a mob summit. Johnny told Sonny he would only attend if Sonny divorced Claudia. Winnifred risked all to sneak into Rayner’s office to destroy the evidence against Spinelli. Alexis covered for Winnifred and Spinelli. As part of a Crimson campaign, Maxie met NASCAR driver Jeff Burton. Robin blew off a dinner with Patrick and picked up a strange man in a bar. Mac finally realized that Robin has post-partum depression. Jax and Carly renewed their wedding vows. Jax’s personal happiness was shattered when he received a DVD from Jerry. Rayner forced Jason to wear a wire to the mob summit. Ric told Claudia he knows what she did to Michael.

THIS WEEK: Jax contemplates telling Carly about Jerry’s DVD.

GUIDING LIGHT — Josh urged Shayne’s romance with Dinah. Shayne confessed to his father the truth about Lara’s death. Phillip found the money Lizzie had paid Grady before Cyrus and dumped it in the quarry where he was thrown. Phillip warned Dinah that he knew she had masterminded the kidnapping. While Bill and others toasted her, Dinah finally broke down and admitted the truth. Shayne later found Dinah on the Towers rooftop, ready to jump. Marina hoped that new baby Henry would unite the family. Buzz was ready to walk away forever. Desperate to find Grady, Daisy pulled a gun on Alan and just missed shooting him. Buzz took the gun from her and reunited the Coopers. Bill and Lizzie decided to start over as if they never met.

THIS WEEK: Alan takes over Buzz’s restaurant.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Bo and Nora learned that Matthew was paralyzed and won’t walk again. Gigi and Rex learned that Shane has leukemia. Nora told Cole she was going to prosecute him for causing the car crash. Nora and Marty came to blows fighting about their sons. Jack was taken to see Todd in jail. He begged him to come home and be a real father. When Shane’s hair began to fall out, he shaved it all off and Rex did the same to show his support. Stacy discovered Roxy’s secret. Roxy’s mysterious patient was a match for Shane’s bone marrow transplant. Natalie and Jared collected DNA samples for Hope and Chloe and their parents.

THIS WEEK: Tea admits her true feelings for Todd to Viki.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor made arrangements to have Adam complete his prison sentence at the ranch with Victor in charge. Kevin followed all of Clint’s orders and continued stealing. When Clint had a massive heart attack, Kevin was afraid to call 911 and Clint died. Billy convinced Chloe to move back to the pool house. At the same time, Jack asked Sharon to move back so he can care for her. Nikki and Kay reunited, but when the DNA tests did not prove Kay was Kay, she decided to leave Genoa City. Jack was impressed with Mary Jane, the new PR rep for Jabot. Mary Jane reported back to Victor that the plan was working. Neil told Karen that he couldn’t fire Tyra.

THIS WEEK: Marge’s dead body is exhumed.

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