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RECAPS - 3/23-3/27

ALL MY CHILDREN — With her eyesight restored, Reese told Erica that she planned to win Bianca back. Erica urged Zach to fight for Kendall, but he thinks the marriage cannot be save. Ryan confronted Zach and seized control of Cambias and the casinos. Ryan couldn’t bring himself to scatter Greenlee’s ashes. David and JR faced off in court for custody of little A. David bribed the judge, but Erica bested him. Brot and Taylor helped Randi and Frankie celebrate a “Hawaiian” honeymoon in Pine Valley. Kendall turned to Ryan and the two decided to build a future together. Zach goes to the casino with a wager for Ryan.

THIS WEEK: Jake comes to Amanda’s rescue.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Parker and Liberty were unable to find jobs and Parker robbed the cash register at Al’s. Jack had Parker arrested to teach him a lesson, but Carly was concerned that he had gone too far. Craig comforted Carly and they made love. Lucy worked undercover to sabotage Craig’s new vodka business. Paul caught Lucy in the act and blackmailed her into helping him win Meg away from Dusty. Luke and Noah staged an anti-discrimination fundraiser at Metro. In the parking lot, Luke was hit by a car but rescued by mystery man. Luke recovered and Damian visited him. Lily and Holden were suspicious of Damian’s appearance. Vienna lost the baby.

THIS WEEK: Casey is frustrated with Alison.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Stephanie was desperate to get Pam out of jail. Ridge and Taylor convinced Steffy to keep Thomas’s secret from Rick. Taylor was overjoyed about the time she has been spending with Ridge. Stephanie made Brooke feel insecure about her relationship with Ridge. Ridge and Brooke fought over Rick and Thomas. Rick finally learned the truth about Thomas, prompting Ridge to make him an offer that will save his son’s life. Thomas freaked out about the thought of going to prison. Jackie and Nick remained at odds over Katie. Owen went to Jackie M to meet Madame X. Jackie was impressed with what Owen has to offer.

THIS WEEK: Rick continues to fear for his life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Tony decided to leave the family. Victor fired Phillip for failing to land the fuel project. Kate fantasized killing Chloe. Nicole blasted Mia for telling Tony the truth about Sydney. Bo realized the man in bed with Hope in his vision was Roman. Sami and Rafe revealed their true feelings for each other when she learned he turned down a job in New York to remain close to her. Sami decided to “adopt” Grace and asked Rafe to be the baby’s godfather. Chloe realized that she may be pregnant and Daniel might be the daddy. Nicole watched a fight between Tony and Phillip, and then confronted Tony in his room.

THIS WEEK: Tony goes into cardiac arrest.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jason purposely sabotaged the wire he was wearing at the mob summit to keep Rayner from learning anything. Ric made a deal with Rayner to bring down Jason and Sonny. Jax confided in Olivia about Jerry’s DVD. Claudia has become Ric’s pawn. Patrick thought he saw Robin at a bar kissing a strange man. When Winnifred was forced to resign from the FBI, Spinelli asked Sam to hire them for her new P.I. agency. Nikolas helped Rebecca deal with a medical trauma. Jason comforted a confused Robin. Sonny nearly caught Claudia with a passed out Ric in her bed. Jax told Carly that Jerry isn’t dead. Robin admitted that she has postpartum depression.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s torn over how to proceed with Michael.

GUIDING LIGHT — Lizzie decided not to bring charges against Dinah. Jeffrey couldn’t pursue a case against Dinah based only on her statement. Natalia accepted Frank’s proposal, but when Olivia’s pacemaker failed, she was by her side. Marina announced to the family that she took the deed to Company that Phillip offered and they will all work the place together. Lizzie learned what Phillip did to Grady and he explained why. At Phillip’s trial, Doris put Emma on the witness stand. The child spoke in her father’s favor. Despite her fears, Lizzie testified in Phillip’s favor and Phillip was exonerated. Daisy was reluctant at first, but then agreed to be Henry’s godmother.

THIS WEEK: Shayne tries to make a go of it with Dinah.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Stacy lied to Gigi about being a perfect match for Shane’s transplant. She then blackmailed Gigi, saying she would only be a donor if Gigi gave her Rex. Natalie contemplated telling the truth about Chloe’s true parentage, but worried that Jessica won’t be able to accept losing Chloe. Brody told Dr. Levin that he has feelings for Jessica. Tea agreed to represent Blair at the custody hearing. John was determined to keep Todd from getting Blair’s children. Cole continued to take pills and Asher offered to help him fake a drug test. Langston warned Starr that her feelings for Schuyler were inappropriate. Nora and Bo were bound in their grief over Matthew, making Clint feel like an outsider.

THIS WEEK: Todd gets the surprise of his life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki was convinced that Marge was Kay when she returned the emerald ring to her. Victor met Kay and had no doubt about her authenticity. To get Jill to cooperate with the exhumation of Kay’s body, Victor gave Jill controlling interest in Jabot. Amber found Kevin and was stunned by how disturbed he’s become. Daniel defended Amber when the police labeled her Kevin’s accomplice. While driving, Amber grabbed the wheel in an attempt to stop Kevin. Jeff hired a bounty hunter for Gloria so she could find Kevin. Just when Chloe was ready to give up on Billy, he kissed her passionately. Lily told Cane she’d accept his proposal but won’t take Delia from Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Billy and Chloe get married.

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