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RECAPS - 3/30-4/3

ALL MY CHILDREN — Zach played poker with Ryan and won the most important thing in his life. Kendall was crushed to learn of Zach’s wager was for the casino. Kendall told Ryan she couldn’t uproot her children to live with him. When Krystal appeared with a bruised face, Tad blew up at David, assuming he hit her. Aidan discovered that Annie might have killed someone when she was a child. Adam escaped from the Philadelphia hospital and turned up in Erica’s suite. When he learned that Little A was staying with Jesse, David snatched the child. Krystal convinced David to return him to Angie and Jesse. When Ian needed heart surgery, Zach and Kendall united to get David to save their son.

THIS WEEK: Ryan and Kendall share a sad goodbye.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig tried to convince Parker not to pursue emancipation. In court, the judge named Craig the trustee of Parker’s fortune, much to Jack displeasure. Parker and Liberty moved into Milltown instead of an apartment. Vienna didn’t tell Brad and Katie about the miscarriage, then she learned that she was pregnant with Henry’s baby. Henry reconsidered becoming a father. Damian was arrested for ransacking Lily and Holden’s home, but he was released when there wasn’t enough evidence against him. Luke and Noah met Zac and Zoe, a pair of twins who want to help with the foundation. Lucy told Dusty about being blackmailed by Paul. Dusty agreed to help her deceive Paul. Casey has to do community service to get back into college.

THIS WEEK: Paul suspects Lucy is keeping secrets from him.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge comforted Taylor when she cried about their family falling apart. Nick and Jackie learned the power of the Forrester name. Jackie contemplated hiring Owen. Stephanie and Eric got into a colossal fight when she objected to his sexy romp with Donna in the office. Later, Eric urged Taylor to make sure that Stephanie doesn’t sink into a depression. At the Shady Marlin II, Nick and Stephanie had a few drinks and bared their souls. Thomas offered Rick an insincere apology. Rick was able to announce his engagement to Steffy in exchange for keeping quiet about Thomas’s attempts on his life.

THIS WEEK: Jackie admires Owen’s assets.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Tony died from the injuries he suffered in the fight with Phillip. Nicole told the police that Phillip was not responsible for Tony’s death. Will was furious about Sami’s new adopted baby, but Rafe confronted him and convinced him to support his mother. Chloe discovered she was not pregnant. Stefano vowed revenge for Tony’s death. EJ was ready to cancel his wedding to Nicole, but because of Sydney, he reconsidered. Hope figured out that Bo’s vision was of her in bed with Roman. Kate plotted to forge Daniel’s signature on a prescription. Nicole was horrified to meet University Hospital’s new pediatrician, Dr. Baker. Sami questioned her decision to keep Grace’s father from her.

THIS WEEK: Sami comforts EJ over Tony’s death.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Robin went to therapy and confessed that she may not want to be a mother, then balked at taking antidepressants. Jax destroyed Jerry’s DVD. While visiting Michael, Carly saw his hand move. Patrick said it was a reflex. Jason and Sonny tried to quell her hopes for her own sake. Jason investigated if Ian was working alone. Claudia got Johnny to get Ric out of her bed before Sonny could find him. Claudia decided to get pregnant with Sonny’s child in case he learned her part in Michael’s shooting. Sonny urged Robin to take the antidepressants. Robin had suicidal thoughts while strolling by the docks. Nikolas convinced Rebecca to have a biopsy to determine if she has breast cancer.

THIS WEEK: Lulu and Johnny call it quits.

GUIDING LIGHT — After consulting with a nun, Olivia decided to show her support for Natalia and Frank by throwing them an engagement party. Reva went into labor and Edmund had to help her get to the hospital. She delivered the baby naturally. Jeffrey and Reva named their son Colin, after her doctor. Daisy was in a tailspin over losing Grady. Phillip rescued her when he found her drunkenly dancing on a bar. Daisy asked Remy for drugs, but he refused to help her. Phillip thanked Olivia for letting Emma testify in his favor. Shayne finally learned that Lara was pregnant with his child when she died. Dinah went to court to legally pay for her crimes.

THIS WEEK: The Coopers realize that Daisy is in trouble.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — At the custody hearing, John and Blair revealed they are married and the judge ruled against Todd. Rex was stunned when he saw Gigi and Brody in bed together. For Shane’s sake, Gigi made Rex believe she doesn’t love him anymore. Marty was disappointed that John’s no longer available. Schuyler warned Stacy that her plan to get Rex has no chance of succeeding. Todd accused Tea of still loving him. Todd’s former frat brother, Zach Rosen, emerged as a suspect in the murder spree. Cristian and Layla were trapped in a steam room. Dorian used Jackie McNaughton to make Ray jealous. Clint and Nora were at odds. Hank Gannon came back to Llanview.

THIS WEEK: Dorian discovers that David is a pain in the rear.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor assured Ashley that Jill would be out of Jabot very soon. Jeff hired a bounty hunter to find Kevin for Gloria. Brock went to Murphy’s trailer and after one look, he confirmed that Kay was Kay. Jill was unable to buy Esther’s half of the estate. At Chloe and Billy’s wedding, Jill learned Kay was not her mother. Jill lashed out and Kay threw the wedding cake at her. Mac arrived out of nowhere. After being forced to do a robbery with Kevin, Amber nursed his injured leg. Jana recognized Amber mouthing the word ‘help’ on the security tape. Lily broke her engagement to Cane. Feeling alone and desperate, Sharon made love to Jack.

THIS WEEK: Newly married Billy is surprised to see his ex-wife Mac.

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