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RECAPS - 4/6-4/10

ALL MY CHILDREN — Adam confided in Erica about his illness. Zach and Kendall were able to get closer as they cared for Ian, even sharing a kiss. Ryan visited Annie but didn’t believe that she was getting better. Aidan helped Annie remember that as a child it was Richie who killed Tori in the cellar with a baseball bat. Jake offered to leave Pine Valley with Amanda so they could raise her baby together. Krystal had a miscarriage and learned she cannot ever have another baby. Erica propositioned Ryan. JR and Scott butted heads when Chandler Industries pulled out their financial support of Scott’s production. Brot told Taylor he would be leaving on a speaking tour.

THIS WEEK: Adam passes out in court.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul arranged a situation to make Meg look like an unfit mother. The social worker gave custody of Eliza to Paul. Meg was forced to humiliate herself to Paul and then plead with him to get back in Eliza’s life. Dusty confronted Lucy to tell the truth about how Paul has been blackmailing her. Craig helped Liberty get an internship in New York and Parker wants to move there to be with her. Janet was furious, but Jack approved. Zac kissed Noah without permission. Luke feared that Damian has a spell on Lily. Damian decided to stay in Oakdale until his name is cleared. Vienna challenged Henry to claim their baby as his or just keep quiet.

THIS WEEK: Dusty plots to get back at Paul.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge was miffed when Rick showed him, Brooke and Steffy where he’d like to have a wedding. Stephanie turned down Nick’s proposal, even after learning that Taylor was behind the proposition. Taylor and Stephanie agreed that their situations were similar. Taylor and Stephanie ran into Eric and Donna at lunch, prompting Stephanie to publicly denounce Donna for the Eye on Fashion magazine article. Owen and Bridget came to an understanding about their relationship. Katie told Nick they don’t have to get married right away. Owen shared a kiss with Jackie. Stephanie decided to fulfill her prophecy of the little white lie she had previously told Eric.

THIS WEEK: Rick shows his true colors.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami was ready to tell EJ about Grace, but stopped when she heard him agreeing with Stefano about seeking revenge on Phillip for Tony’s death. EJ threatened to not marry Nicole because of her obsession with Sami. Kate followed Melanie on her first day at the hospital to discover how to steal lethal drugs that she will use to poison Chloe. Chloe received an offer to sing with the Vancouver Opera. Sami reconsidered telling EJ about Grace. Rafe told Sami he believed she was still in love with EJ. Nicole tried to blackmail Dr. Baker to leave Salem, but he countered that he would tell Mia the truth about Sydney being Sami’s baby and Grace being Mia’s.

THIS WEEK: Stefano plotted to have Phillip assassinated.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Johnny and Lulu broke up when her jealousy over his Crimson dates with Maxie got him to admit that he nearly slept with Maxie. When Carly has a dizzy spell, Olivia wondered if she was pregnant. Claudia was anxious to find out if she was pregnant with Sonny’s baby. Jason caught Ric spying on his meeting with Carly. Jax arranged for Dr. Ingrid Hensen to consult on Michael’s case. Tracy suspected that Ethan may be Luke’s son. She freaked out when Lulu and Ethan showed up at the Haunted Star on a date. When confronted by Jason and Sonny, Ric blabbed about Claudia. Lulu warned Nikolas not to get involved with Rebecca. Patrick rescued Robin from the river, but she insisted she was not suicidal.

THIS WEEK: Jax comes face to face with Jerry.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan bribed the judge in Phillip’s trial to make sure he would be imprisoned, but the governor granted Phillip a pardon thanks to James Spaulding’s interference. Daisy met James at her old boarding school and he invited her to a family dinner at the Towers. Edmund learned that Shayne was responsible for Lara’s death. Josh asked Roc Hoover to get Edmund out of town. Reva had to stay in the hospital for treatment, so Jeffrey brought baby Colin home by himself. Christina and Remy were divorced, then made love. Dinah and Shayne made love. Emma told Olivia that she heard Natalia crying about marrying Frank. Child services were assigned to check up on Marina and Mallet’s adoption of Henry.

THIS WEEK: Alan and Phillip fight for the leadership of the family.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd socked Schuyler for being inappropriate with Starr, but the teacher defended his actions and blamed Todd for Starr’s actions. Roxy and Stacey were forced to work together to get the bone marrow for Shane. Rex overheard Gigi tell Jessica that she and Brody were not intimate. Clint’s homecoming party for Matthew only makes him feel worse about his situation. Zach took Starr hostage, demanding that Todd repay him for all the years he suffered in prison for Marty’s rape while Todd became a rich man. Nora was grateful when Hank arranged for Rachel to come home for a visit. Tea turned to Viki for advice about Todd. David’s new TV commercial embarrassed Dorian.

THIS WEEK: Todd and Tea act on their impulses.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — With Kay resuming her life, she rehires Jack as head of Jabot on the condition that he hire Mary Jane. Jill decided to move out of the mansion. Mac contemplated returning to Darfur. Billy reconnected with Mac, but remained faithful to Chloe. Chloe recalled when she and Billy met and his references to Mac as the love of his life. Karen was disgusted with Neil because of his feelings for Tyra. Nick told Phyllis he was fed up with her lies and deceit. Sharon called Nick when Noah and Eden were going to the cabin alone. Lauren found Eden and Noah at the coffee house. Kevin was saved thanks to Jeff and the bounty hunter, but he’s psychologically a wreck. Amber was arrested.

THIS WEEK: Nick and Phyllis agree they’ve been living a lie.

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