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RECAPS - 4/13-4/17

ALL MY CHILDREN — Erica and Ryan found shelter in a remote cabin when their car broke down. Kendall discovered them in a compromising position. When Scott told David about his plans to invent a mechanical heart valve, David said that he was also working on a heart valve. Adam blackmailed Krystal, forcing her to testify in his favor at Little A’s custody hearing. David attacked Adam with a syringe, but Scott stopped him. Kendall was thrown when Zach said he didn’t want her back. Kendall told Ryan that she signed the divorce papers. Ryan arranged for Annie to be sent to another facility, one far from Aidan. Jake promised to come up with a new plan for Amanda and her baby.

THIS WEEK: Ryan has had it with Kendall.

AS THE WORLD TURNS After being offered an internship in New York, Liberty turned it down because of Parker’s insecurity. Craig arranged another internship in Chicago. Parker ran to the docks, spotted the Midnight Sun shipment and swiped two vodka bottles. Carly struggled to control her drinking. Zac and Zoe abducted Noah. They made Luke think that Noah was in Lisbon. Damian was determined to find Noah for Luke, unaware that Zac and Zoe may be disgruntled Grimaldi family members. Meg agreed to reunite with Paul for Eliza’s sake. He warned that he would kill her if she betrayed him. Dusty helped Lucy get her shipment out without Craig knowing what she has been up to.

THIS WEEK: Casey and Jade are assigned to community service.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Nick convinced Stephanie to come to work for Jackie M. She threw herself into the job, starting with the Madame X televised fashion show. Jackie introduced Bridget and Stephanie to the press as part of the Jackie M team. Brooke was concerned because Ridge and Taylor were teaming up to break up Steffy and Rick. Ridge brought James and Thomas to visit Taylor and update her on Thomas’ improvement. Owen was caught between pleasing two women. Pam celebrated her freedom by having lunch with Stephanie. Rick was offensive when taunting Ridge. Katie and Donna’s words made Brooke question her marriage to Ridge. Brooke was

THIS WEEK: Marcus lets Steffy know what he thinks of her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ confronted Sami about Rafe, believing she hired him to spy on the Dimeras. Melanie kissed Brady because he was in love with Nicole. Sami confided in Lucas about Grace being EJ’s daughter and why she was determined to tell EJ the truth. Roman and Hope were on an assignment together and wound up in a hotel room. Bo burst in on them and it was nearly like his vision, only not exact. Mia learned the truth about Nicole from Will. At Nicole’s wedding, Sami was prepared to tell EJ the truth about Grace, but on the way there she had a flat tire. Mia disrupted the wedding with her own announcement. Brady tried to tell Nicole that he was in love with her but she was only interested in EJ. EJ and Stefano hired a hit man to kill Phillip while they were at the wedding.

THIS WEEK: Masi, the Dimera hit man, shoots Phillip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ric blamed Claudia for Michael’s shooting, but his DVD evidence was ruined and Sonny wasn’t sure he believed him. Sonny kept Claudia from moving out. Jerry confronted Ric and Claudia. Nikolas and Rebecca celebrated when she did not have cancer. At the General Hospital reopening, Helena made a surprise appearance. Alexis suggested to Nikolas that Helena and Rebecca were working together. Patrick and Robin worked on their relationship, but then she threw away her anti-depression medication. Kelly warned Carly about the problems she would face if she were pregnant. With Jason’s help, Carly got up the nerve to take a pregnancy test. Spinelli was crushed when he saw Maxie kissing Johnny. Helena wanted a painting from Wyndemere.

THIS WEEK: Carly faces a difficult decision.

GUIDING LIGHT — At the wedding, Natalia was unable to go through with saying “I do.” Alone with Olivia, Natalia confessed that she is in love with Olivia and that’s why she couldn’t marry Frank. Olivia told Frank that Natalia backed out because she hasn’t gotten over Gus. To get back at Shayne for Lara’s death, Edmund took baby Colin. Reva stopped Edmund by stabbing him in the neck with a syringe. Roc agreed to dispose of Edmund, but not kill him. Allan challenged Phillip to prove that he was well by letting a psychiatrist analyze him. Phillip called Allan’s dare and asked to meet the shrink. Lizzie and Bill decided to have dates four through ten in New York City. Lillian gave Buzz a second chance with her.

THIS WEEK: Daisy is attracted to James.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd saved Starr from Zach by shooting him. He survived, but before being arrested, Marty confronted him about his crimes. Rachel was assigned as Matthew’s counselor. Roxy told Gigi that she knew Stacy was blackmailing her. Todd and Tea made hot, passionate love, then she walked away from him. John was unconvinced that Zach was the killer. The police were suspicious of John. Natalie and Jared destroyed the evidence proving that Starr was Chloe’s mother. Langston made Starr realize that Schuyler doesn’t want a relationship with her. Starr and Cole decided to learn how Hope died. Roxy, Kyle and Stacy put the switcheroo scheme in motion for Shane’s transplant.

THIS WEEK: John is forced to go on the run.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis trashed Sharon’s hotel room then called the cops when she found all the stuff Sharon has stolen. Sharon was arrested for grand theft. Phyllis and Nick faced the truth that he was still in love with Sharon. Michael couldn’t save Kevin from being put in a mental institution. Kevin had visions of a bloodied chipmunk head when he saw Gloria. Eden and Noah agreed that the first time they make love should be special, but they nearly went all the way. Kay decided to give Marge a proper memorial service. Jill was fired from Chancellor Industries and Cane resigned out of loyalty to his mother. Victor refused to hire Jill. At Ana’s adoption hearing, Karen and Neil were awarded custody until Neil spoke up for Tyra.

THIS WEEK: Cane tells Chloe that he is dropping Delia’s custody suit.

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