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RECAPS – 5/14 – 5/18

AS THE WORLD TURNS Emma thanks surprised Gwen for taking the kids out for ice cream. Gwen realizes it was Cleo and confronts her. Cleo says she has a perfectly good explanation, but can’t fess up. Gwen and Will tell Jack about Cleo and he agrees to investigate. Carly hides when Jack questions Cleo. Later, when Jack brings in cuffed Cleo, Gwen is shocked by Cleo’s resemblance to her. When Will leaves to finish a paper, Carly surprises Gwen and explains that she asks Cleo to impersonate Gwen. Carly asks Gwen to help Cleo and Gwen later blindsides Jack by offering to pay Cleo’s bail. Jack’s thrown by Gwen’s defense of Cleo, as worried Will arrives.

THIS WEEK: Emily covers to Susan about why Alison didn’t come home the night before. Dusty sees Jesse coming out of a room and hears Alison’s voice.

GUIDING LIGHT – Marina thinks she sees Cyrus, but again she’s just imagining him. Cyrus emerges from the shadows and leaves Marina a voicemail saying he’s in Australia. Marina gets the message from Cyrus and can’t hide the fact she’s sad he’s gone. When Alex’s driver is late yet again, she turns to Cyrus and asks if he wants a job. With an eye on Alex’s jewels and his devilish smile, Cyrus takes the job. Dinah is getting frustrated as Blake makes herself very at home. Blake asks Mallet to help clear her on the charges from Springfield Burns.Com. Later, Dinah tells Blake the charges are dropped and wonders what Blake will ask for next. Mallet wants Dinah to play nice with Blake so she’ll keep his secret.

THIS WEEK: Coop gives Ava a sincere apology. Cassie and Jeffrey threaten Norm.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Ashley and Nick continue their conversation and Ashley tells Nick that she doesn’t believe Ridge could kill and set someone up. Nick learns that Ridge didn’t show up for his date with Ashley and he was in no condition to see her afterwards. Nick plants the seeds of doubt in Ashley’s head. Ridge wonders if Nick has a good lead when Phoebe tells him that Nick accused him of murder. Taylor wonders why Stephanie is bothered by Nick’s attempt to clear his name. Stephanie learns that Nick visited Ashley and heads over there to do some damage control. Nick confronts Ridge at Forrester Originals. Rick and Phoebe learn that their performance from Insomnia is on the Internet and creating a buzz.

THIS WEEK: Jackie wants Brooke to come back to Forrester Creations. Brooke confronts Stephanie in hopes of getting a confession.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Nikki and Victor are frantically making phone calls, trying to find out what happened to Nick and Sharon after learning the Newman jet has gone down. Brad enters and is distraught after being informed that Sharon was on the plane. Nikki and Victor watch the TV in horror as the news reports the plane crash believing no one could have survived. They try to be strong in front of the employees, but both lose it as soon as they step into the elevator. Brad calls Michael, telling him that the Newman jet crashed, and asks him to inform Phyllis. Brad then calls J.T., who lies to him that Victoria isn’t with him.

THIS WEEK: Kay meets Michael and reveals that she’s going to buy back Jabot. Nikki is unable to deal with her grief

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Adrienne meets Kayla at the church, where Kayla informs her that Steve was sent to Tinda Lau to kill Bo and Shawn. Adrienne is horrified when Kayla says she’s going down to Tinda Lau to stop Steve from carrying out his mission – even if it means killing him. Sami and Lucas prepare to leave for their honeymoon in New Orleans when EJ shows up at their door. Sami informs EJ that she confessed everything to Lucas. Bo and Shawn are wary of Steve’s sudden appearance on Tinda Lau. Steve swears he’s no longer under the DiMeras’ control, but Bo has doubts. Shawn wants to trust Steve, knowing his uncle and his seaplane are his only chance of catching up with Philip and rescuing Belle and Claire.

THIS WEEK: Hope decides she’s going to Tinda Lau, but Billie stops her. Belle radios Shawn that they’re in trouble.

PASSIONS – Tabitha and Endora arrive at the zoo for a play date with Endora’s friend Amy and her mother. Unfortunately, Amy’s mother is much more interested in her busy life than spending time with her daughter. Chad brings a gun when he meets Vincent at their motel room. He tries to break up with Vincent, but Vincent threatens to tell Whitney about their affair. In the room next door, Paloma and Noah are spending some alone time together. Fancy dodges a suspicious guard’s questions by telling him that she’s interested in Luis because she wants to write a screenplay about him. Whitney and Theresa, both suspecting they’re pregnant, take pregnancy tests together.

THIS WEEK: Julian proposes a deal with Kay. Theresa and Ethan make love in a closet.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Natalie decides to kill two birds with one stone by publicly kissing Miles and, hopefully, making both Marty and John jealous. Elsewhere, Clint and Viki’s dinner date at the Country Club hits a sour note, leaving Clint unimpressed by her company. Dorian shows up and shoos away Viki, who bumps into an old friend, Peter. Cristian’s most recent artwork impresses Lindsay, who thinks he’ll drum up some great business because of it. Evangeline is glad to know that he is back in the creative swing and heads to the studio to see what he’s working on next. When they arrive at the studio, they are shocked to see the place has been plundered and his paintings destroyed.

THIS WEEK: Bo gets a 911 call from Cristian’s studio. Tate’s father, Kirk, arrives in Llanview.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan learns that the bigamy charges filed against him have been dropped and his marriage to Annie is legal if he gets a fast divorce from Greenlee. A disappointed Greenlee opens up to Jack, saying that she had hoped when she returned to Pine Valley and Ryan saw her, he’d fall instantly back in love with her. Greenlee starts some trouble at Fusion when she claims her stake of the business, thanks to owning Simone’s share of the company. Babe isn’t about ready to turn against Kendall and ally herself with Greenlee, which catches Greenlee totally by surprise. Annie arrives at work and doesn’t allow herself to be affected when Greenlee tries to push her buttons.

THIS WEEK: Kendall feels somewhat guilty that she has a great personal life. Ava puts the moves on Aidan at the Yacht Club.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Devastated Sam overhears about Jason and Liz’s cover-up about the baby and heads to a bar, where she gets smashed and fills Amelia in on everything. Jason tells Liz he’ll have to keep his distance and later comes really close to telling Carly the whole truth. Amelia later calls Jason to pick up a drunken Sam, whom he asks what’s wrong. A looped Sam almost blurts that she knows about Jason and Liz’s baby but doesn’t get it out before passing out. She later spies on Jason and Spinelli and overhears the entire story about why Jason and Liz did what they did. Liz asks for privacy with Lucky then tells him she likes the name Jacob Martin, “Jake” for short.

THIS WEEK: Logan spies Alcazar paying Vinny to poison Sonny. Carly is torn about what to do about Jerry.

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