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Speeding car causes accident

Bach Court

Saturday night, Tammy Maulk and family were heading to Dairy Queen for some late night food. As they were attempting to drive through Whitesburg, in front of Summit City a red car came speeding through town headed straight toward Tammy’s truck. The car hit her bumper and tire and the car bounced off her truck and kept right on going.

Tammy went down to the jail and they told her to go to the sheriff ’s office. It was closed so she went back to the jail. She called 911 from there. Finally the city police showed so she moved her truck down to the Veterans Museum parking lot. The red car wasn’t seen anymore.

Tammy was wondering where were all the cops. This makes two times that I know of that speeding vehicles have gone through town and there wasn’t a cop around. Thank God no one was hurt either time. I suggest that the city should hire more officers.

I can’t believe this weather. I really hate that summer has passed. I really don’t like cold weather.

I am really glad to see Summit Church growing. Praise the Lord. There are just so many people. Glad to see something good happening.

I love my church at First Baptist Church of Whitesburg. I’ve been going there several years and we have a great pastor and the people are always willing to help you.

God bless everyone.

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